Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.15

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Chapter 35: Mana of Information (1)
After the Gates appeared out of thin air, the antiquated books that history accumulated over the passing years began to exhibit magical powers.
It was the reason the men and women of this world with talents were able to increase their abilities to such an extent. It had also increased in power dramatically when the twelve kings invaded.
Among them were the fields that had been completely researched in and out thanks to the great minds of the Front Lines Group and the ones who held exclusive rights to.
As the objects inside the Gates were still too early for research, they started to sweep the performances of the objects found.
Jinwoo had ordered the Front Lines Group materials for him. He left the small trivial books behind and only took in the thick and big ones.
There was no need for Jinwoo to personally set out to collect them. He only needed to request the Front Lines Group and the nation’s best ranger guild for acquisition to which the guild packaged it up nicely and delivered it with the utmost safety to him.
Whether it was inside the France Louvre museum or in the personal collection of an extremely wealthy person, it mattered not to Jinwoo. As soon as they were offered an adequate amount of compensation and given Jinwoo’s reputation throughout the world, many were willing to offer the items to him with no problems.
‘Usually in movies or comics… the main character or the supporting role would steal them outright, but this…’
However, those were fictional stories and movies in the end.
Well, he was in one but what kind of a crazy man would dare lay their hands on an object that Lee Jinwoo desired?
Even if they were left without a choice but to go up against Lee Jinwoo, there was a still huge problem facing them. Behind Lee Jinwoo was the all-powerful Front Lines Group and the chairman, Lee Heejin.
Not only that, but Chairman Lee Heejin also had absolute support from many talent associations around the world.
It was akin to saying that if you make an enemy out of Lee Jinwoo, you make an enemy out of the world.
No sane person would dare go against a powerful entity such as Lee Jinwoo himself.
‘In any case, destroying the possible seeds that’ll grow and become the villains later on in the future will make things much easier for me.’
Jinwoo made a satisfied smile as he looked at his collection.
It seemed like this was possibly the reason why villains had a thing for collecting numerous things.
Right now, there was nearly no one in the world who realized the true value of these objects for its true value and what they held was completely unknown to them.
As soon as his Mana of Information awakened to its full power, Jinwoo knew that the true value of the objects would soon reveal itself.
‘Gee… the setting of this world sounds way too complicated sometimes, yet it’s quite full of loopholes as well.’
When Jinwoo thought about it again, the worldbuilding was pretty pathetic.
The author had tried his best to make sure it came out as something deep and well thought out, yet it only made everything complicated and unable to process easily.
Jinwoo thought that it’d just feel more comfortable to ignore all the intricacies of everything and just go with the flow.
Jinwoo looked around the numerous ancient tomes and relics in the room, then quickly sat down on his chair and focused training his Mana of Information right away.
Though it was similar to training, the process was in no way grand. The only thing he needed to do was constantly send his mana towards his eye.
And like usual, he’d drink extremely pricey concentrated mana juices in the meantime. Now that he was able to absorb and control the mana in his body with ease, the mana inside him moved wherever he so desired.
Since there was no possibility of him accidentally losing some or all of his mana out of control, all went straight to his eye without effort.
‘Yeah. This is good.’
People who had dry eyes or were constantly in front of monitors for an extended period of time in the offices would understand the feeling of wanting to pull out one’s own eyes, washing it, and wanting to pull it out again in pain.
This was the case for Jinwoo. He felt like he was washing his eyes with cool, refreshing water.
Gradually, all the problems inside his eyes started to fade away into oblivion and the man he had consumed were all concentrated directly to his eye.
There was no explosion effect or a sudden eye-opening moment, but the effect was clear and quick to reveal itself.
“Oh, I can see clearly now!”
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