Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.14

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Chapter 34: Lucky Protagonist (2)
In the original novel, there were quite a number of heroines making their appearance, all head over heels for the main character because… well… he was the main character. But… just like all the main characters of most fantasy novels, the main character was too indecisive and never accepted any of the female leads’ advances either because he was dumb and didn’t notice their affection or that he did and didn’t want to choose.
It was no different than torturing the readers with the main character’s indecisive decisions, causing many to rage and throw the books against the wall in a fit of madness wanting to strangle the main character alive.
If Yoona somehow met the main character and runs off with him…
‘It would be a happy ending for Yoona.’
Jinwoo thought that it would be worth it. She could put her tragic past away and live a life full of happiness with him. Maybe she’ll find herself smiling more, and maybe she’d not be so ashamed of showing her scars.
But… of course… as a man himself, he’d be upset and sad to see her go. Jinwoo quite liked her company and he wondered what he would do without her. It’d probably be a bit boring not to be able to see her cold beauty.
The outdoor pool that was in the garden was quite large.
It wasn’t as large as the mansion, but it was huge enough. As the garden colossal in size, it was able to fit in an outdoor pool, the size akin to an olympic-sized pool.
Even a slide that looked like it came straight out of a water theme park had been installed in the pool under Jinwoo’s instructions for Yoona’s siblings to enjoy.
“My little brother and sister had fun in the pool,” she smiled lightly, “They said that they became famous in school among their friends. Their meals had been good, too.”
Jinwoo chuckled. “Of course they’d be popular. They get to visit the famous Lee Jinwoo’s house, after all. Tell them to be more boastful as they please. Let them have fun.”
Smiling, Yoona nodded brightly. “Understood.”
Jinwoo not only allowed Yoona’s little brother and siblings to have fun in his mansion, but he had also even encouraged them to invite their friends.
It was because the pool was so large that it would feel quite empty with only them. Jinwoo thought it’d be more fun and enjoyable with more people around.
It’d also be the perfect addition to bring in delicious foods available, so what Jinwoo did was order his top-of-the-line team of chefs to put in their painstaking effort and provide him and children buffet-style meals.
Jinwoo was aware that his character was growing further and further away from the original Lee Jinwoo, he paid it no mind. He had already decided to live how he wanted to.
“What’s that?” Jinwoo asked.
“It’s the friends of my little sister and brother’s gift to you as thanks for letting them visit…”
It was a toilet paper roll and a scented candle.
Jinwoo smiled. “Oh! That’s interesting. I’ll use it well.”
“Yes… then I’ll take my leave now.”
Jinwoo nodded. “Sure, that’s fine. Have a good rest, Yoona.”
Yoona gave a bow and left.
Jinwoo looked at the toilet paper roll and scented candles. Though it was clear that it was of cheap material, his heart blossomed with warmth.
After personally placing the toilet paper roll in the bathroom, he leaned back with a smile and went to his personal library room. He placed the scented candles on the table and lit it on fire. The dull atmosphere came to life a bit.
The library was completely soundproof. It was a place that no one but Jinwoo and those he allowed in could enter.
On the shelves were books lined neatly in order that Jinwoo brought over and read whenever he had free time. They were books related to the Gates and other titles such as old antiquated books that seemed like they came straight out of the museum.
These days, Jinwoo focused heavily on reading books he knew the antagonist villains of the novels had tried to steal in the future, as well as researching their foundations and the reasons why the villains sought to steal them.
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