Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.13

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Chapter 33: Lucky Protagonist (1)
3 short months passed.
Jinwoo breathed relaxingly and stepped into a pool overflowing with mana.
At first, he only needed mana the size of a bathtub, but as the mana capacity of his body increased, he expanded the size to an indoor pool.
The amount of concentrated mana Jinwoo used and imported to his place rivaled the amount of an average country.
‘Haa… it’s good to be rich. Who said money can’t buy happiness?’
Relaxing back and immersing himself in the pool, he led the mana to his overworked and strained muscles, becoming completely adapted to the freezing temperature rivaling the north pole weeks ago.
And what more, he had already passed the point of the physique the main character built on the first part of the novel. Jinwoo was paving the course to a whole new dimension of power.
Soon after, the cold temperature was nowhere to be felt. The mana flowing around the swimming pool in swirling motion passed through his body in a smooth fluid-like motion.
‘I did it!’
Since the original novel’s description of the feeling was too vague, Jinwoo wasn’t able to understand the process properly, but what he was feeling, he was sure that he had broken through his limits.
As the body naturally repelled the properties of mana, it was not easily possible for mana to pass through as if there was no wall blocking it.
For Jinwoo, this was possible. He had money, time, and a near cheat-like ability using Mana of Information as well as knowledge of the novel as his strategic guide.
‘It doesn’t seem like I’ll go through a sudden state of realization in both mind and body nor any drastic change in terms of physical appearance when achieving a breakthrough.’
He had no sudden realization of the new power that often occurred in fantasy novels. However, the terrible icy coldness that he felt from the mana now felt pleasurably ecstatic.
Jinwoo stretched out his elegant hand.
Following the movement of his hand, the mana inside the pool swirled and moved around however he so pleased.
“Looks like I can do this.”
If he was uncertain before, he was now confident in his attempts, but when he realized what he was able to do instantly and so easily, a surge feeling of emptiness washed over him.
Jinwoo’s body didn’t struggle and writhe in pain from the sudden gain of power nor the surge of many new information entering his mind and body that he had no choice but to vomit out of confusion.
There was nothing like that.
He even put the best medical staff in the world on standby just in case, but it turned out to be useless.
Sighing, Jinwoo thought that the background setting for this novel was pathetic, slack, and unfinished.
The sudden realization of that fact made him doubt things for a moment.
Jinwoo shook his head, putting the thoughts aside. He stepped out of the pool and looked at the mirror, lips curved to a wicked smile. His chubby stomach and weak body from the days he worked as a mere average office worker was gone and in place stood a chiseled, muscular body.
His arms and legs were long and powerful and his tall stature too overwhelming that he started enjoying wearing varieties of fashionable clothes.
‘I’m sure the reason why appearances improve in such growth was for the main character’s sole benefit.’
But thanks to that, Jinwoo was able to bear the fruits of the novel’s creation as well.
After having a full course meal, his heart happy and lighthearted, he fully concentrated on the research of the Mana of Information.
He was able to achieve perfect unification of his mana and body. Though the growth progress of Mana of Information seemed slow, he was sure the result was seeing a speedy growth. It just wasn’t visible.
“Have you had your meal, master?”
“Hm? It’s the holidays. Why are you here?”
Hearing Yoona’s beautiful voice, Jinwoo turned around.
As he had nothing to do and stayed indoors over the past few days, Jinwoo gave Yoona paid leave for the holidays.
“We came to the garden to have some summer fun. I’ve brought the car around as well.”
“Ah… so that’s why you’re in a swimsuit.”
Jinwoo admired Yoona’s beauty.
“Are you happy with how it looks?”
Smiling, Jinwoo said, “Yes, it looks good.”
Yoona wore a long-sleeved white shit on top of her swimsuit.
Jinwoo always found her wearing a long-sleeved top to hide away her scars. However, this time, it made her elegant body stand out more. Her slightly wet shirt clung to the shape of her body skin tight.
It was a wonderful scene.
The main character, he was no doubt a very lucky guy.
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