Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.12

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Chapter 32: The Villain’s Kindness (4)
Yoona studied Lee Jinwoo’s expression.
He seemed completely disinterested, his face expressionless. From the looks of it, he had no care for the world. She couldn’t read any emotion emanating from him.
Seeing him show earnest generosity one day then complete coldness and uncaring for the world the next made her unable to tell which side of Lee Jinwoo was real and which side was a facade.
Lee Jinwoo seemed to sense what Yoona was thinking, but he paid it no mind.
He smiled warmly and said, “Hm, should we go watch a movie tomorrow? I hear that John Cruise’s coming over to visit Korea.”
“It would seem so. I think the movie was about an A-Rank talent becoming a secret spy. If you wish to watch it, then I’ll order a cinema to be emptied. Though I think it’ll be better to purchase one as well at this point.”
“Oh? Aren’t cinemas usually affiliated with major companies?”
“Is that a problem?”
Lee Jinwoo blinked in surprise for a moment after hearing what Yoona said before letting out a smirk.
Jinwoo’s daily schedule was simple.
He would wake up early in the middle of the night and train arduously until afternoon. Each workout session was extreme and intense.
Jinwoo was training his physical strength and ability, his unawaked potential rank as well as putting his time and effort towards Mana of Information, causing him to increase his training time until it preoccupied his whole morning.
Every fiber of his muscle that was filled with mana brought his body to a higher dimension of power each time he trained.
The mana had even traveled into his bones, marrow, and even his organs, bringing his once low-level of unawakened potential to continuously increase without stopping.
His unawaked potential ranking was a direct measure of how much his body could hold and handle mana, and how effective its body could use said mana.
The novel’s main character was able to reach S-Ranking by simply changing his bones and sinews, as well as adapting to the mana inside his body, but Jinwoo wasn’t satisfied with just that.
He sought to have the same level of mana one of the twelve kings lying dormant that would be released from their seal inside the Gates.
The main character had barely managed to reach that physique at the latter half of the original plot.
It sounded like something the author threw in because he was careless, because he felt like it, because it was easier, but truth be told, it was the pinnacle of human physique man sought to reach. It was a sort of knowledge where one would be able to master any martial arts from merely watching a simple move.
The settings from many books were similar in the end anyways. The point of difference was its uniqueness and how it was portrayed.
In any case, in order for Jinwoo to reach that pinnacle, he needed to set a clear goal and that goal was enormous—he needed to pour in huge amounts of mana into his body. Had another person in question tried to do what Jinwoo had done, they’d never dream of being able to achieve it. After all, compared to Jinwoo they weren’t drowning in pools of riches.
After finishing up his backbreaking morning training, Jinwoo would spend the rest of his time consuming massive amounts of food and medicine to make his body healthier.
Whether he was full or not, he’d keep consuming it.
He’d consume things like extremely precious golden medicine that could only be found in China, or potions that were highly refined from America or Europe. All of these things that the world wouldn’t dare put a price tag on because of its extreme rarity went inside Jinwoo’s digestive system.
As for the remaining time he had left, he’d concentrate his Mana of Information.
Just like how he remembered it from the original novel, the Mana of Information was similar to a cheat you’d use in a video game. This was how the main character was able to dominate the national league in less than a year and go on to become a world champion the next.
Though the biggest strength that Lee Jinwoo had behind him was his ability to completely annihilate whoever and whatever he wished whether it was a major or mid-sized corporation.
Seeing as how Lee Jinwoo had much power in his hands already, it was hard to imagine the amount of strength running inside Chairman Lee Heejin’s hand. God knows what talent the chairman possesses.
And so, Jinwoo—who was thirsting for growth—used his greatest power of infinite wealth to reach his goal.
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