Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.11

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Chapter 31: The Villain’s Kindness (3)
At first, Yoona thought Lee Jinwoo was a terrible man. What were the good points about him? She couldn’t see it. He was arrogant, flawed, and was prone to acting to his own will.
He never quite overstepped his line, but he’d come close to it every time.
That was just him keeping a low profile.
As soon as Chairman Lee Heejin erased every obstacle that blocked his path, Lee Jinwoo became a completely different person.
It was as if he had bided his time, waiting for that moment to come this whole time and changing to a completely different person the moment it happened.
Yoona was a B-Ranked talent and even she wasn’t able to see through Lee Jinwoo’s act.
Every time she reported Lee Jinwoo’s changes to the chairman, he’d simply laugh as if he already knew of this ahead of time.
From Yoona’s perspective, Lee Jinwoo was always in a bitter competition with the chairman about who would become the successor. And Lee Jinwoo didn’t back down either to surrender but fought with him neck to neck.
‘However, him showing so much affection towards people is…’
Was that simply his strength or weakness?
After Lee Jinwoo realized Yoona’s household situation, he paid every medical bills she had for her entire family and even provided her a house by building a place next to the main building.
She then thought of the documents Lee Minwoo showed her. Inside the documents was a list of things that every employee in the mansion was worrying about.
At first, the maids that worked in the mansion all glared at Lee Jinwoo with fervent hatred in their eyes, but in the end, they saw his true personality and cried in apology for their whimsical mistakes and for misunderstanding the young master when he ended up helping the troubles they faced in their personal lives.
It was to the point that when Lee Minwoo had been tasked with taking care of the mansion, he had been loathed for being too strict and making them work vigorously. They hoped and wished for Lee Jinwoo to come back so they could serve him instead.
A similar thing happened with Kim Saeyeon and the bullying incident she faced as well.
The principal and the order of the campus grounds came completely under Lee Jinwoo’s banner. It became his personal playground. He didn’t need to take the issue that far for Kim Saeyeon, yet he did.
When Chairman Lee Heejin read the report, he smiled, saying that it was nice to see his blood so spirited, that this is how he should be like.
The university was all people around Lee Jinwoo’s age. It’s normal to have many toys he could play with however he should so wish—was what the chairman thought.
‘…So a university filled with the top minds and talents is merely a toy and a playground to them… huh…’
Yoona bit her lips, her thoughts a little disorganized from what she was feeling. She took a deep breath and calmed down before heading towards the main building.
As Lee Jinwoo had a busy and tiring schedule, she had assumed that he’d be resting, but what she saw was far from the opposite. She found him doing extremely painful levels of intensive exercise, one that would make Yoona—the calmest person Jinwoo knew—to wince just by looking at it.
At this point, his exercise was closer to torture.
It was as if she was seeing a butterfly larvae escaping from its cocoon and spreading its newborn wings and flapping as hard it possibly could.
Moreover, his body was already close to becoming a warrior’s body.
“Master,” Yoona called out.
“Yoona, you’re here!” Jinwoo beamed. “How’s the situation?”
Yoona nodded.
“I believe that it’s not something you’ll need to worry about in the future. Once Kim Saeyeon receives regular medication, she’ll be fully recovered in no time.”
“That’s good. Make sure she’s treated well,” Jinwoo said.
Breathing heavily, Jinwoo stopped the intensive exercise and slumped his back on a chair comfortably.
Yoona brought him a drink and a towel; Jinwoo accepted it with thanks.
“Park Jeongho and all his associated and underlings have all been eliminated. Park Jeongho especially… he had a colorful background and he would surely shine brightly in the future, but now, he’ll no longer be able t walk around in public unless it’s under court orders. His place in society is no more and the people are better without him.”
Jinwoo nodded. “I see.”
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