Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.10

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Chapter 30: The Villain’s Kindness (2) 
The principal had really regretted his whimsical decision to support the student body and choosing to give them authority on the campus. If he could, he’d love to puke out all his bitter regrets, but unfortunately, the damage was done. 
Even the vice-principal protested against Lee Jinwoo. He was haughty, pointing fingers and declaring that the kid was simply attempting to seize power in the campus and instill deep fears in others, but some time ago, the vice-principal had long stopped responding to his calls and messages.
He even found the vice-principal’s office completely wiped out.
The principal wondered if he’ll ever see his face again.
“The young master thinks that you could be a useful person to him,” Yoona looked down and said softly, yet her voice sent daggers to his heart.
“Heh… hehe… Th-thank you for the kind words…”
“He hopes that this kind of mistake won’t ever happen again. This sort of thing, he doesn’t like it. Do you understand?”
The principal gulped, cold sweat dripping from his body in endless pools.
“O-of course! I’ll see to it that this won’t ever happen again…!” the principal gave a strong and loud reply.
Yoona nodded her head.
“Any worse and the Front Lines Group’s public image would have been damaged extremely so due to your wanton carelessness. For someone like you, I’m sure that you care highly about your image, isn’t that right?”
The principal nodded vigorously as if his head couldn’t wait to fall off. 
“Yes! Yes!” the principal mouthed words in agreement in a hurry. 
This woman before him… her voice was calm and she didn’t look the least bit threatening, yet… yet… everything about her screamed danger—that if need be, she’ll send him to the depths of an icy-cold frozen hell.
He wanted to run, to escape, but he didn’t dare make a move without her permission. 
“Fix the damage you caused. And the chairman’s constantly looking over the young master who’s next in line to inherit many wealth and possessions. It was thanks to the young master’s benevolence and generosity that you’re not…” 
Yoona didn’t say the last words. 
She didn’t need to.
However, the principal understood what she meant and perfectly so.
The principal sank to the floor in heavy tears.
It mattered not to Yoona whether his tears were genuine or that he cried crocodile tears. She was only satisfied with the outcome that went according to Jinwoo’s orders and vision.
Yoona stared at the tearful principal for a moment before turning around and slinking into the shadows.
She was aware that what she had done today wasn’t lawfully legal. However, a sense of happiness and satisfaction filled her core.
Yoona went home directly afterwards. 
Just as she arrived at the main building to deliver the report, she saw children swiftly rushing out of the garden.
“Huh? Noona! You’re back!”
“Noona! I miss you, Noona!”
They were Yoona’s little sister and brother who were currently in primary school and middle school.
Yoona’s father was a patient in the hospital due to a severe illness. The same could be said for her mother as well.
They had been admitted there immediately due to an industrial accident occurring in the surrounding areas of the Gates. 
Because her parents’ medical insurance wasn’t enough to pay the accumulated bills while in the hospital, she didn’t have much choice but to take care of the family. 
Left with nothing, she gave up her desired career and set her eyes to the Front Lines Group where annual income was high.
However, even though she’s being paid well, it wasn’t enough to pay for her parents’ medical bill. 
Still, she didn’t need to worry about it now.
Originally, Chairman Lee Heejin took her parents as hostage and used it as a means of blackmail to use her however he pleased. 
Lee Jinwoo was different.
It was during the time when Lee Jinwoo left the household did the chairman stop keeping her family hostage.
Yoona furrowed her eyes slightly, glaring at her little siblings.
“I told you not to come out of the garden.”
“Jinwoo oppa said that it’s alright! He even said that we could bring friends here anytime to play!”
Yoona was surprised.
“The young master did?”
Her siblings beamed a wide smile.
“That’s right, that’s right! He even said that we’ll have a deliciously cooked beef for oppa’s birthday!”
Yoona couldn’t help but smile a little seeing the bright, innocent smile on her little brother and sister’s face.
Seeing them so happy made her heart feel warm and fuzzy.
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