Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.9

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Chapter 29: The Villain’s Kindness (1)
Kim Sayeon continued to cry, her words incoherent and unable to speak properly.
After a while passed, she finally stopped, and slowly, her lips parted.
“Thank… you…” she said, mumbling.
“There’s no need, I’m truly sorry for what happened,” the principal said, voice sounding akin to urgency.
The principal gave a sigh of relief, bowing deeply once more to Kim Sayeon and giving his utmost sincere apology.
“It seems that your body is feeling a little unwell. You’re free to leave the hospital and get a regular check-up from here whenever you like should you find something wrong with your body. The medical bills… you don’t need to worry about it as it’ll be paid for by the school. All of it. Then… I’ll be taking my leave. Have a good rest, Miss Saeyeon.”
The principal cautiously stepped out of the patient’s room and silently closed the door. He could hear the student’s silent sob inside the room as she slowly calmed down, his heart pounding erratically.
Wiping her tears, Saeyeon saw her smartphone laying on top of the table next to the bed. Her mind began to move and she started to worry about her little brother who was probably wondering where she was at this time, so she sent him a small message that she would be staying overnight at a friend’s house and not to worry.
‘Ah! My part-time job…’
Her mind spun quickly, worrying about her work at the convenience store as she had fainted. She’s sure no one was there to take care of the store and customers at this time.
Sayeon looked up at the big clock. Six long hours had passed. Guilt corroded her heart and mind. The store owner was kind, always giving her words of encouragement with a smile.
She went to her contacts list and called the store owner.
「Sayeon! Are you all right? I heard you collapsed?!」 
There was a sound of relief from the other side of the phone.
「Thank goodness. I was very worried… you almost gave me a heart attack…!」
“I’m sorry…”
「No, I should’ve taken care of you better…」 
“Um… what about the shop…?” Sayeon asked cautiously.
She then heard the store owner’s hearty laugh loud and clear.
「Don’t worry about it!」
「Everything in the store had been sold. Can you believe it?!」 
“Everything? Sold?”
「Yep! Some people came in and immediately bought everything in the store, including the products in the storage room in one transaction without batting an eye! I almost passed out! Anyway, because we don’t have anything to sell tomorrow, we’ll have to close for the day and restock.」 
She couldn’t understand what was happening. Her worldview seemed to have gone a dramatic change from the moment she fainted to waking up.
Was she dreaming? 
The fleeting thought came to mind but she pushed it away. Everything… everything that was too real yet it seemed like a fantasy…
「Hoo! Saeyeon, I can’t quite wrap my head around it either… to think that you share the same class as Lee Jinwoo in that first-class university! My God! Right! I think he purchased the whole building as well. Are you close to him or something? You sure are hugging his thighs well, Saeyeon.」 
Sayeon and the store owner talked for a little while longer before ending the call.
She couldn’t follow what was happening and how the situation was unfolding.
“Lee… Jinwoo…?”
That particular name rang in her mind. 
Her dazed expression lasted for a while longer.
The principal hurriedly exited the hospital, a sense of nervousness washing over him as he saw someone standing in front of his car. 
It was Lee Jinwoo’s bodyguard and his secretary… Kim Yoona.
Cold sweat immediately formed on his temples for her expression was cold enough to freeze water, to freeze him. A simple stare at her made one feel like they’d be sent to icy-cold oblivion.
“I… I’ve done everything you’ve ordered me to,” the principal said cautiously.
“I see. Did you apologize properly as well?” Yoona said coolly.
“Y-yes… o-of course,” the principal stuttered, much like Park Jeongho. “Um… uh… please tell him that I sincerely apologize for the sins I’ve caused unknowingly… I-I swear… I didn’t know what was happening to her…!”
Yoona was silent and didn’t care to reply to the principal whose eyes kept shaking and trembling in fear of what might happen to him. As soon as Lee Jinwoo chose not to look at him favorably… everything… everything would be over and he’d be obliterated from society!
“Those goddamn sons of a b*tches! I’ll tear you all apart when I get my hands on you!” the principal cursed inwardly.
The only reason the whole incident began in the first place was that someone had informed him that the student body members had quite a strong backing in terms of wealth and political power… therefore… he allowed them to have some authority under his belt.
However, he, the vice-principal, and even the administration would never imagine what horrible ostracity would end up coming their way because of their whimsical ignorance.
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