Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Kim Saeyeon (4)
For Saeyeon, the whispered insults that were thrown at her from time to time were like a noise in the background that hadn’t affected her at all at this moment. If anything, the heavy burden on her back ceased to exist and all her nearby surroundings blurred. 
She didn’t even realize that she’d been focusing so intently on her studies that she had forgotten the intense pain she was feeling. 
“Look at the wh*re focusing so much. Makes you wonder what she’s really studying. Do you think it’s my d*ck?”
“How much do you think she sells her body? Do you?”
After the class ended, she had no choice but to run. It was because she had a part-time job at the convenience store. Because her parents recently stopped working, she needed money to fund herself and her family. 
She wondered whether to apply for another part-time job for the night. 
Running frantically, she had nearly missed the bus. Fortunately, she made it on time and headed to the convenience store.
Though she was sweating heavily and her body filled with so much fatigue, she endured. It took her so long to find a job where she could work normally without being constantly harassed by Park Jeongho and his followers.
‘….Should I just drop out?’
Saeyeon sighed. She was too tired from all this. 
She needed a rest, a big one.
She had no place nor someone she could tell her problems to and she could hardly head home and her family her weakness. She also didn’t know what her brother would do. He lacked an understanding of society and was too enthusiastic about serving proper justice.
Her coming back home and showing her weakness would only affect him.
She didn’t want that. 
Saeyeon sighed and stared at the screen of her smartphone.
It was a smartphone the university provided her, but as this was included in the support fund, she had no choice but to keep paying for it every month. The only way to cancel it was through the university. 
Though she had kept trying to cancel the contract, her requests kept getting delayed.
‘Looks like Lee Jinwoo… is number one.’
She looked at the real-time search rankings and saw that Lee Jinwoo was first on the list.
There were multiple amounts of articles after articles written about him. She even saw a photo, a simple basic street shot photo, of Lee Jinwoo that looked like it came out of a pictorial magazine article.
It was a high definition photo that looked like no average person had taken it… but it was.
《Title: Lee Jinwoo Appointed As the Hottest Star Yet Again?》  
Lee Jinwoo’s fashion became the hottest fashion trend. His clothing, watches, rings, and even his shoes that had been designed by a famous designer from Italy rose dramatically in the number of searches online, thus selling out its products in exponential numbers.
《Photo: Onnuri Department Store… In Front of G.J Store》   
In particular, the G.J ring that Lee Jinwoo wore on the photo was exclusively available only in the ‘Whole World’  department store located in Gangnam which saw hordes of people lined up.
The ‘Golden Emperor’ that he also wore was a limited edition item. It was an exaggeration to say that it carried the essence of G.J in it. The Golden Emperor was constructed using rare jewels and materials inside the Gates and had the retail price of 782,421,250 WON (650K USD).
Because it was limited, G.J presented a more affordable product, the Silver King series to the customers and…
She smirked, shaking her head.
Sayeon thought that the Lee Jinwoo she saw in real life looked much better than in the photo.
Then, a message came.
「Lil Bro: Noona, wanna have chicken at home? (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ」  
「Saeyeon: You order it first.」
「Lil Bro: K (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)」    
He doesn’t know what’s happening to her… 
Seeing the message from her little brother, she couldn’t help but sigh frailly. 
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