Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Kim Saeyeon (3)
She had thought about reporting to the police, but she was afraid of the retaliation she would face and the danger that would come to her family, so she kept it all to herself. 
Park Jeongho had a strong background and powerful backings… and she was a nobody… someone like her would never be able to cause a ripple of change.
She had even heard rumors that one of her elder classmates completely disappeared in the face of the earth after catching Park Jeongho’s eyes. 
Knowing what she knew, what Park Jeongho was capable of doing was no mere imagination.
‘…Let’s just do my best…”
The fellow students whom she once thought as a friend or acquaintances were now jeering at her, pointing fingers and calling her a sl*t who would willingly spread her legs open to any man… a wh*re who could do many guys at once.
Even her own personal belongings began to disappear.
What she was facing was explicitly bullying. They were persistent and never left out any obvious traces to be found behind. 
Sayeon had kept a strong face, acting as if none of it affected her, but inside… inside she was suffering and all she wanted to do was escape. 
There was no way out for her, no way she could ever live a normal life while suffering through all those traumas.
But… somehow… today was quieter than normal.
“Oh, look! It’s Lee Jinwoo!”
Saeyeon turned her head.
“Oh my god… he’s so f*cking handsome!”
“I.. I can see the light shining on him…”
There were many rumors from the mouths of the students that Lee Jinwoo attended university today. For this reason alone, the whole university turned upside down in chaotic excitement the day before. 
They were eager to see his face. 
The university immediately employed a company to swiftly clean up the entirety of the campus just a few days ago, as well as tending the landscape of the grounds. 
She had even heard several helicopters flying in and out, as well as the principal running around like a crazy madman. 
From what she saw, Lee Jinwoo sounded like a person from another world that she would never mingle with. 
At that moment, she saw Lee Jinwoo walk down the hallway. From then on, she could understand right away what they meant when they said that his presence overwhelms the existence of others into dust just from existing.
He had cynical eyes that seemed like the whole world was his playground, that everything to him was boring. He looked like some kind of emperor straight out of a movie. 
Even the ones with powerful backing, the ones with me didn’t dare to look into his eyes. To him Lee Jinwoo, it was as if they were mere stepping ants. No, even ants were more worthy of his attention. All they could do was admire him from afar. 
His presence was completely different from others that it overwhelmed those near him. Even his strides were graceful. 
The hallways that seemed plain looked akin to a glittering royal palace with Lee Jinwoo gracing it with his presence. 
The luxury clothes and watches the others couldn’t compare to Jinwoo. They were plain, disgustingly so. 
For a while, Saeyeon kept her eyes glued on him, trying to take in as much of him as possible. It felt like the unrealistic and majestic existence of Lee Jinwoo helped her forget the many worries of her life and all the pains and sufferings she went through for a moment.
‘…Looks like I’ve gone crazy as well…’
Was it because she was too tired? 
Saeyeon smiled sourly.
After Lee Jinwoo went inside the lecture hall and took a seat, she was then able to sit back down.
Many students sighed in relief.
Today, the class lessons was more peaceful than usual. 
To Saeyeon, his presence was enough to make him look like a savior.
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