Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Kim Saeyeon (2)
Yoona pulled out a PC tablet and showed the screen to him.
On the display was Park Jeongho and his fellow associates that followed him were all tied up horribly. They were drooling saliva after saliva as the hooded torturers held their electrified rods. They stood there ominously while awaiting the next signal.
The information Park Jeongho confessed to had all been recorded. 
Jinwoo watched in shock, lips parted slightly. He now understood why the investigation team was able to finish their task ever so quickly. 
It wouldn’t take so long to get the proper information using this… rough and callous method and have the person in question confess all that he had done wrong in front of a recorded camera. 
Now, Yoona and everyone else on standby patiently waited for Jinwoo’s final decision.
At that moment, Yoona’s phone rang. She took the call. Thereafter, she faced Jinwoo and coolly said, “I have reports that Miss Saeyeon fainted while working on-site in her part-time job. She’s being sent to the hospital by the bodyguards assigned to her.”
“Move her to our hospital,” Jinwoo declared.
As there was a possibility that she would become his sister-in-law in the future, Jinwo wanted to present himself in the best image to her as much as possible as if he was a ray bundle of sunshine lighting her dark world.
This was how he would extend his life even if for an extra few months. 
And even if she was simply a passing stranger, Jinwoo would’ve been angered. For that stranger, he would give her justice because he, too, had experienced systematic group bullying that would only seem to exist online and in the stories.
The bullying had even gotten physical too, affecting all areas of his life.
Just the thought of Saeyeon facing endless amounts of bullying caused him much anger and he knew stories like this never had a good ending for it would only scar the victim for life. There was even a chance that they would never recover from it. 
This was where proper justice and education needed to be put in place, and now, he, Lee Jinwoo, had the power to exact them out. He’ll become the face of justice to serve the victim.
“What will you do, master?”
“Well, I’ll have to make sure that this doesn’t happen anymore and that university life returns back to normal. Also, it’s the university’s fault in the end for allowing this to happen on school grounds, so they’ll need to pay back what they owe her. And punishments need to be given out accordingly.”
A long silence filled the air for a while.
Jinwoo gave a long sigh. He leaned back onto the car seat.
Yoona quietly waited for Jinwoo’s next command. 
After a long while… 
“Tell the principal to meet me,” Jinwoo ordered.
It was a simple order and the most basic command he could ever give compared to the vast amount of things that will happen in the near future. 
But… what he didn’t know was that this simple order of his would bring Park Jeongho and his associates to the depths of hell they could never escape from no matter how much they tried.
For Kim Saeyeon, she lived every day as if her life was full of hellish torture. Each time she thought of that man pervaded her mind, her throat tightened and she wanted to die, and badly so, but she didn’t have the guts to commit herself to that action.
If she did, she’ll become a burden to her family…
The large amounts of insults after insults and extremely lewd messages filling up her phone… that she was able to handle. However, losing her scholarship and support funds, the only means to better her and her family’s life pushed her further to the edge of despair.
She had argued with the school, even made complaints, but they all turned away from her, simply saying that it was a necessary procedure that had to be carried out.
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