Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Kim Saeyeon (1)
Though it had never been explicitly mentioned in the original novel, everything was Park Jeongho’s fault—it was all because of him. All the troubles Jinwoo would face in the future had much to do with Park Jeongho.
‘Is it really okay for me to be involved with this?’
Jinwoo wondered. 
The main character of the novel—the protagonist—quit his education because of his sister, Kim Saeyeon. He’d go through many hardships and his talent and character growth developing throughout the story.   
Should Jinwoo involve himself, the troubles and problems the main character will face would change as well, dramatically affecting the future and storyline. 
In the future, the main character would end up teaching Park Jeongho, the cannon fodder, his place and end up meeting Jinwoo’s brother, Lee Minwoo who would then fall in love with the protagonist’s sister, Kim Saeyeon. It was the beginning of the main character’s happiness, but that was very far into the future.
Jinwoo wondered if it was the right thing to simply stand by and watch or intervene, thus changing what he knew of the future.
‘Well…. a lot of things had already changed,’ Jinwoo thought.
One of them was his relationship with Yoona. Their once strained relationship had been fixed and slowly, they were becoming closer. 
But before this, he only had one thought: that was to prepare himself for the danger he’d soon face as the novel’s villain in the near future.
‘Though it wouldn’t affect me if I simply ignored what’s happening… but…’
Hmm… perhaps this could be his chance? Jinwoo didn’t quite like the novel’s development where the characters kept dragging their feet to the ground only to make a move when a serious problem occurred, causing the death of the Lee Jinwoo, the novel’s villain. 
And before he realized it, Jinwoo had found himself desperately trying to find a reason to involve himself with the troubles Saeyeon was facing and Park Jeongho, the cause of the problem.
‘Yeah… there’s no need to find a reason. I’m Lee Jinwoo.’
Of course. 
Did Lee Jinwoo ever need a reason or excuse to act upon his decision? Of course not. He was Lee Jinwoo, the crown prince as deemed by the public. He could live any way he liked without needing from others all because he was Lee Jinwoo.
Besides, his life was on the line and if he wasn’t willing to make and put in an effort to survive, he might as well prepare himself a casket and die. 
‘Alright. Fine. Let’s do whatever I want. Who cares what happens. This is for my own benefit. I’m Lee Jinwoo,’ he thought, finally coming to a decision. 
After coming to a conclusion, he felt a load of heavy weight had been taken off his chest. 
Then, the light in his eyes changed. 
“Is Park Jeongho inside the school?” Jinwoo asked.
“We’ve bound him up tight with a rope. Currently, our specialized bodyguards are extracting info from him.”
Surprised, Jinwoo looked at Yoona’s calm eyes.
“Yes. You asked me to investigate thoroughly, did you not? You even said specifically to get as many details as I can,” Yoona said calmly. It was as if this was a normal occurrence. 
Jinwoo cleared his throat. “Ah, right. I did.”
He certainly remembered saying something like that… but… it seems that there was a drastic difference in what he meant by the world ‘thoroughly’ and Yoona’s interpretation of ‘thoroughly.’ 
He’ll have to be more specific next time
But since it had already come to this point and Yoona was able to figure out the current situation quickly using this method, Jinwoo was fine with it at the end. 
There’s no need to worry about what would become of Park Jeongho. It was his fault, after all. He brought this upon himself. He’s only getting back what he deserves.
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