Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Wicked Plan (4)
Jinwoo intentionally picked up another piece of the spicy cutlet and ate it in front of her to make sure she saw him. Yoona watched for a second and followed suit after trying to reorganize her expression to look calm.
Though her ears were completely red, as if ready to explode, her face remained expressionless. 
Jinwoo looked at her. She had an amazing amount of endurance. As expected of a person possessing talent. Jinwoo smirked and ordered some milk on the side.
“Looks like I have something I can win over you.”
“I have not lost, but I’ll yield to you this time.”
“All right.”
Jinwoo watched as Yoona chugged down the milk as much as she could and shook his head in amusement.
‘It’s fine to go out like this from time to time.’
It had been a long time since he had such an enjoyable and comfortable meal. Maybe he’ll make this a habit.
Just as he finished his meal, Yoona wiped the milk stain on her mouth and glanced at Jinwoo. She kept licking her lips slightly as if the spicy feeling from before was a bit too much to handle.
“The information you requested has arrived.”
“Oh? That was fast. I’ll listen to it in the car.”
He had a strong feeling that what he would learn would be quite depressing to hear. However, he was in a good mood right and he didn’t want to ruin it.
Yoona was able to deduct from his expression. She nodded her head.
“…Thank you very much.”
“Yeah. It was pretty good,” Jinwoo said.
“It was, yes. Please put all those to take home as well.” 
“Huh? All of it?”
“If it’s too much trouble, then…”
“Not at all! Haha! Wait a moment.”
He proceeded to purchase the rest of the spicy fried rice cake and seaweed rolls. 
Seeing the owner smile happily, Jinwoo smiled as well. He shared some with the bodyguards. Yoona received plenty too. Her little siblings were at the age of needing plenty to eat while growing up.
Since the meals would be delivered by the bodyguards, there was no need to worry wondering if it’ll go cold before they head back home.
‘Having a lot of money sure is useful.’
It was the only good thing Jinwoo had going for him and it was the only thing he could do to cover up all the horrid things Lee Jinwoo had done. 
“Alright. Now go ahead and tell me what you know.”
Yoona summarized the information the intel gathered about Kim Saeyeon in the car to Jinwoo. 
The more he heard about her story, Jinwoo’s face grew concerned.
Her story was something that came straight out of a dream. 
Just as he thought… reality was stranger than fiction.
To summarize, she faced stereotypical bullying.
The problem was Park Jeongho and his wicked plan. 
Park Jeongho, who had a close relationship with the principal, was interested in Saeyeon. It was said that after the freshman welcoming party, the perverted guy followed her around like a stalker. 
When Sayeon rejected him, it was then that the physical and psychological bullying she faced began. Then again, what Park Jeongho did to her was tame compared to Jinwoo who had psychic talents to instigate public opinion about him. 
What Park Jeongho did was have the university intentionally omit her out of the scholarship list where she’d need to pay much more for student union fees than anyone else. On top of that, he sent multiple of his underlings to harass her in a variety of ways—even in her workplace.  
His plan was to make her suffer slowly and fall to the depths of hell till she gives up and submits herself to him.
It was a cruel and wicked plan. 
“I checked the messages Park Jeongho sent to her. He said that he’ll raise her like his own pet. From the looks of it, every time she refused, the bullying only got worse. Miss Saeyeon even took out a loan recently.”
“…Is that so…”
He was finally able to understand the reason why Saeyeon left school and worked throughout her life with much suffering and difficulties.
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