Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.2

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Chapter 22: Wicked Plan (3)
The bodyguards made an awkward expression at his words. Nevertheless, they followed his orders instinctually. Their master’s words were absolute
Though it was lunchtime, the hot food restaurant was quiet. The kind owner lady smiled at Jinwoo and Yoona—two beautiful faces—as they entered the restaurant. Then she donned a surprised look when she saw huge numbers of bodyguards pouring in. 
Jinwoo smiled a little seeing her surprised face.   
Though he had changed and he was inside a novel, the author didn’t change many things and kept some events from the real world realistic. The interior appearance and the owner were still the same. Even the scribbles on the walls were there.
“P-please come in! How many people?”
“There’s seventeen of us,” Yoona said.
The once quiet and empty restaurant quickly bustled with liveliness. The site of the big, burly bodyguards sitting squished together looked funny.
Jinwoo and Yoona sat next to each other as well. Though they’ve seen each other’s face nearly every day, this was the first time they’ve ever gotten so close together. 
He quite liked this refreshing feeling.
“Let’s see, first of all…”
Jinwoo started ordering skillfully.
The place had the best spicy pork cutlets. Though it was a bit spicy, the taste was good enough and made him think about it after going home. The spicy fried rice cake, Korean sausage, and the spicy cold noodles were great as well.
Since he’d been eating full-course meals every day at home, he had desired this kind of food quite a lot.
Though the high-quality full course meal was delicious, he still didn’t feel comfortable. It would take a while till he could finally adjust.
The husband inside the kitchen looked out as the restaurant was completely full, which surprised him greatly.
“Goodness! There’s so many of you!”
“Honey! Quickly prepare the…”
“Haha! Yes, dear!”
Jinwoo smiled as he watched them.
He ate the side dish that was presented to him and nodded his head.
It tasted exactly like how he remembered.
Even though the world had changed, the taste was exactly the same. This feeling stirred his heart, bringing him close to tearing up.
He ate the seaweed rolls and spicy fried rice cake that came out after. 
For Jinwoo, this sort of food was more his preference than high quality expensive full course meals.
Yoona stared at him in astonishment as Jinwoo kept eating. The bodyguards did the same as well. As Jinwoo lifted his head back up, everyone except Yoona turned their head back away from him.
“What? Is the food not to your taste?”
“It’s quite delicious… but…”
“It’s just… I didn’t think that you’d know a small restaurant like this.”
Yoona kept her gaze locked at Jinwoo. She couldn’t believe how he knew this place. Even her pupils shook lightly.
Jinwoo could understand why felt that way.
The original Lee Jinwoo would find this hot food restaurant unbecoming. He was someone that could never be seen at ordinary places like this, and he’d often insist on drinking only the highest quality water that would cost several hundred dollars.
“I thought you wouldn’t even bring yourself to order a burger…”
“Well, Grandma’s Touch has the best burgers. And french fries too. Burger Queen’s also good.”
“Th-that’s amazing…”
This was the first time he saw Yoona’s surprised look on her pretty face.
Even the bodyguards’ body shook, surprised by their master’s words. Many coughed violently and choked on their food.
It took a while for them to return back to normal. It truly did leave them delirious.
Thereafter, Yoona followed Jinwoo and ate the spicy pork cutlet as he did.
Her face became instantly red.
“Is it spicy? I guess you’re weak to stuff like this?”
“…It’s not spicy at all.”
“Is that so?”
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