Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Wicked Plan (2)
After hearing about the university league team, Jinwoo decided to cancel his schedule. 
Though he couldn’t remember the details, it was probably the granddaughter of Gum Son who was sponsoring it. 
Jinwoo didn’t want to go there and possibly cause more ruckus than he wanted. And since his potential ability hasn’t fully developed, it was too early to associate himself with the talents of this world.
As this was to prepare him for what will happen in the future, he needed to make sure that his ability and rate of survival was at its optimal best.
‘I have to raise my unawakened potential to at least S-Rank.’
At the least, his unawakened potential was making an exponential increase. In the novel, only the main characters and important players like Gum Son would have an S-Rank ability.
However, for Jinwoo, he aimed at a higher level than that. He had nothing but money, time, and ownership of the gates. He also had important information and knowledge of this world.
Jinwoo tried to push away the heavy thoughts in his mind and tilted his head down, smiling lightly. 
“Let’s go out first and get something to eat.”
“Understood.” Yoona nodded.
“Oh! Yoona, there’s a really nice place a bit out from here. I’m pretty sure it’s still there.” 
“If you tell me the restaurant’s name, I’ll immediately put on a reservation.”
Jinwoo shook his head. “There’s no need.”
It wasn’t a place where he needed to reserve a spot to enter. After Daeseon University was created, the address of the restaurant changed, somewhat, but he was sure it was in the surrounding area.
Confused, Yoona furrowed her brows. Jinwoo looked at her and smiled lightly as he stepped out of the university grounds.
“Just follow me,” he said.
Instead of taking the car, he drove to the university, he got inside a black sedan the bodyguards used to pick him up.
Meanwhile, the bodyguards followed him closely. Strangely enough, Jinwoo was growing accustomed to what was happening. Even he thought that it’d be better if he had even more guards.
‘Only a month has passed and I’m getting used to this life…’
He saw a familiar underground train station and buildings pass him by. The place was filled with memories he didn’t want to think about. Even the bad memories had a sense of nostalgia washing over him.
The place he arrived at was a block of restaurant buildings all lined up in a row. It was a place close to the university and there were many good delicacies to eat.
He could still remember passing this street and clutching his hungry stomach in the past. 
As they arrived at the place, the bodyguards tilted their heads in confusion, Yoona included. 
“Is this really the right place?”
“Yes. It’s the right one.” 
“There doesn’t seem to be any place good enough to enter. I don’t think any of this is befitting of you, master, and…”
“You’re overthinking too much. Just follow me,” Jinwoo smiled. 
Jinwoo walked towards a restaurant located on the corner. It looked as if they didn’t see much customers these days. 
It was a restaurant run by middle-aged couples—a kind of hot food snack restaurant. Back when Jinwoo was in high school and when he had no money during lunchtime, the manager would call him in and give him free meals to eat.  
The kind owners were helpful, safely guiding him and cheering him on to graduate while he suffered from bullying because of how poor he was. 
‘Though this is a different world…’
He just wanted to satisfy his own desire.
“You all haven’t eaten yet, right? Let’s go eat together.”
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