Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Wicked Plan (1)
Park Jeongho was immediately caught by a group of black-suited bodyguards who suddenly rammed into him, making him fall flat on the ground. 
The muscular and burly bodyguards pressed his head down onto the floor and bounded him. Park Jeongho had tried to move, but the more he wiggled around, the more the pressure the guards put.
“Wh-what are you… ugh! J-Jinwoo-nim, y-you’ll be in trouble if you do this to me! I-I’m a powerful person you know! U-urgh..! No… wait… listen… y-you think I’ll j-just let this pa—”
“How funny,” Yoona said indifferently.
She quietly moved next to Park Jeongho. She looked down at him coldly and pulled an item out from her pocket.
It was a small, sharp blade.
“To try and assassinate the young master with this blade, how bold must you be. The audacity you have.”
“Wh-what are you saying… y-you pulled it out of your… ngh!”
Yoonha threw the sharp blade into Park Jeongho’s hands before he realized what was going on.
The bodyguards immediately moved and snapped a photo—countless of them.
As there were many large bodyguards surrounding Park Jeongho in a tight circle, the other students were unable to see what was happening.
“Your fingerprints are all over the blade,” Yoona said coolly. “We also have photographic evidence.”
“Th-this is a setup! You think you can get away with this?!” Park Jeongho roared, fist tightly clenched.
Yoona smiled lightly. She looked like an angel of death. “Oh? I wonder who will walk out of this disaster safe and sound?”
Park Jeongho’s face became deathly pale.
The result was obvious and painfully clear to see.
The entirety of South Korea was on Lee Jinwoo’s side. 
Political, financial, military, and even the judiciary organizations were under the Front Lines Group control. Even the talent association allied themselves with the Front Lines Group.
Park Jeongho was a respectable prospect that would one day inherit the business, wealth, properties, and assets from his parents, but in front of Jinwoo, Park Jeongho was nothing but a mere insect he could easily squash.
Even someone with the title of Daeseon University’s student body president was nothing but a mere toy to Lee Jinwoo’s eyes.
“I-I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I-I made… I made a big… I made a mistake… I… I… I… won’t ever… ever do it again…! I’m… I’m… sorry… ugh… sorry…” Park Jeongho stuttered fearfully.
“Let him go,” Jinwoo ordered as Park Jeongho cried loudly with snots after snots erupting like volcanic lava out of his nose.
He didn’t quite like Park Jeongho and his clique, but the punishment for what he did was quite extreme. Well, no matter. He’ll allow his people to do as they pleased so long as they don’t cross a line.
And Jinwoo didn’t really care what would become of Park Jeongho.
The bodyguards lifted Park Jeongho up. His cheeks were swollen to a large degree.
“Sorry,” Jinwoo said flatly, “Looks like my people made a mistake.”
“Ah… ah… there’s… there’s no need… I… I’m the one who… who should apologize… I mistakenly…”
“I’ll send you a bill for staining your clothes and the medical bills later separately. Then, I’ll be on my way,” Jinwoo said coolly.
As Jinwoo dusted off Park Jeongho’s shoulder, he bowed deeply as if it was an honor to his family name. 
Thereafter, Jinwoo sidestepped and walked away from him.
Park Jeongho collapsed onto the floor in shock; he sat there for a while in a daze. He was shocked at Jinwoo’s hospitable treatment, making his whole body shiver. For some reason, Jinwoo’s action caused him massive stress. His pants became moist and damp before he realized what was happening.
Jinwoo passed him by and walked out of the building.
There was no one willing to stop him in his tracks.
The large crowds of people in the school grounds parted wide like Moses did when parting the Red Sea as Jinwoo walked forward.
“I think it would be for the best to cancel the afternoon class,” Jinwoo said.
“Then what would you like to do with the remaining time? We will accommodate and reorganize your priorities,” Yoona replied.
Jinwoo looked at Yoona’s incandescent beauty.
“What is there to do?” he asked.
“Visiting the school grounds talent training school as well as delivering a pep talk to the university league team.”
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