Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Female Student (3) 
“Look at her trying so hard.”
“Heh. Those are the same clothes she wore yesterday, right?”
“Oh God, the pungent smell!”
Jinwoo was dumbfounded at their childish behavior. He shook his head, sighing. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Daeseon University was an elite university—the best of the best who came to learn and work. 
What happened to the staff? Were they drunk admitting students here and there willy nilly?
Well… he, Lee Jinwoo, did have a personal landing strip allocated just for him on the school grounds… illicit admission wasn’t far from reality either.
‘Looks like I should investigate.’
It would be hard for him to ignore someone who played an important role in the novel, especially a character like Saeyeon.
Soon, the class ended and it was time for lunch. He thought that it’d be difficult to attend school, so he decided that it’d be better to change his free allotted time to the afternoon class. Though, actually, it’d be more beneficial to stay at home and develop his unawakened abilities. 
As soon as the lesson ended, Jinwoo saw Saeyeon leave class quickly. 
“Are you interested in her?” Yoona asked.
“Not really,” Jinwoo lied, “but… in any case, can you look into her? From when she was admitted to now. I want you to investigate thoroughly. Give me every detail you can.”
“Every detail… and thoroughly investigate her. I see…” Yoona nodded. “Understood, master.”
“And get her a bodyguard,” Jinwoo added.
“Yes, master.”
From the information he gained using his Mana of Information, her status was unusual.
As he stepped out of the lecture hall, people stood to the side waiting for him in the hallway. He could hear them talking rudely about Sayeon. 
A slightly tubby man chucked a friendly smile and bowed his head. He had the appearance of a nasty and underhanded underling.
“It’s a pleasure meeting you, Jinwoo-nim. I’m the 32nd student body president, Park Jeongho. And this is the department…”
As Park Jeongho stepped closer to Jinwoo, Yoona appeared beside him and prevented Park Jeongho from getting any closer. 
As Park Jeong Ho tried to walk towards Jin Woo, Yoona appeared from beside him and stopped him from getting any closer.
Jinwoo looked down at Park Jeongho. He started sweating and kept his mouth shut.
Park Jeongho appeared several times in the original novel. He was the stereotypical villain extra who’d often ignore or mock the main character only to end up being taught a regretful lesson in the end.
In the original novel, Park Jeongho was Lee Jinwoo’s second-hand man. If his memory was correct, the point where Lee Jinwoo became the protagonist’s antagonist villain was because of Park Jeongho.
‘Hmm… looks like their relationship began in this university.’
Since Lee Jinwoo attended the university every once in a while, he was bound to meet Park Jeongho.
Jinwoo felt himself growing tired. He saw not one but two characters playing a role in the novel in the span of one day.
His head hurt a bit.
Even though he came to Daeseon University with a light heart to improve his mood, he ended up walking out with a heavy heart.
“How about having lunch together? In the student council restaurant—” 
“Is it a different place than the school ground restaurant?” Jinwoo cut him off.
“Yes! Of course. It’s a VIP restaurant available only to the student bodies and elites. Today’s menu is especially air delivered…”
“I see.”
Though they only spoke for a short moment, Jinwoo received a strong impression that it was no proper student body but more like a private organization.
It looked like they were all from the same clique of people who entered the university not from talent or skill but because of their company, household, or wealthy connections. They were likely similar in all ways… probably had power around the school grounds, too.
“Let’s go together! We promise to treat you well!”
“We’ve always admired you, Jinwoo-nim!”
“We’ll bring freshmen as well…”
As the people circled around him, Park Jeongho included was one of the many few who insulted Sayeon, he didn’t feel any particular goodwill toward them.
If he was the main character, wouldn’t he fume with anger and let out a blood-curling punch to their ugly faces?
There was nothing Jinwoo could gain from them even if they were to get along. It’d only bring him endless troubles. 
He didn’t want to waste his time.
And why bother with idiots like them? 
The thought of going home and feel the refreshing breeze of the air conditioner while drinking beer and relaxing came to mind.
Jinwoo looked at the people around him; he shook his head side to side before turning around.
“We also have things we want to talk to you about and… huh? W-wait a minute! Jinwoo-nim!”
As Jinwoo ignored the group and the leader, Park Jeongho immediately followed after him.
He was just about to grab Jinwoo’s shoulder.
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