Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Female Student (2)
“Ugh… why the hell…”
“…That bum as* girl again…”
“I bet the b*tch works at a pub. Looks like the type to bed professors for extra marks too.”
“Heh. She looks the type who’d do it. Should I hit her up and see if I can score well in that area?’
Jinwoo heard many whispering voices directed towards the girl loudly and without care. This, he thought, was a common development often found in fictional stories. The strong reaction he saw looked unrealistic to him.
Jinwoo scoffed and looked at the female student.
She was beautiful and smart… but she was poor. She excelled in her studies… but her character aroused the jealousy of others around her. She was the archetype of an important character playing a vital role in the fictional world.
‘Hmph. You act like children.’
There was a good number of both male and female delinquents and snobbish students in the classroom full of themselves due to their small bit of wealth backing them. They looked pathetic. No. They are pathetic. 
Jinwoo scoffed in disdain.
Jinwoo was a chaebol son, the rich of the rich. Lee Jinwoo’s thoughts and feelings somehow passed down to him and the feelings he felt were strong towards the pathetic and lowly rich.
He frowned in disgust and rolled his lips together.
A second later, the blabbering students gossiping loudly quickly shivered in fear. Yoona had let out a cold aura of death that permeated in the air, an indication that they stop their silly tirades. 
‘Perhaps it’s my imagination?’
He couldn’t recall any important female characters attending Daeseon University.
Jinwoo blinked his eyes and studied the female student using Mana of Information.
He’d not been drinking mana potions costing several hundred of thousands daily without reason. The main factor to growing his Mana of Information had much to do with mana use, and he’d been spending endless amounts each and every day making sure he gets his daily mana protein. 
Though it was not the most efficient method, he cared not. 
He was the only person he knew who drank mana every day as if it was regular water.
And thanks to his hard work and efforts practicing his ability, he was now able to read brief information of any man and woman.
「-」Level 1.
Name: Kim Saeyeon
Age: Twenty-One
Unawakened Ability: A-Rank
Current Status: Fatigue… sickness
《Large amount of accumulated fatigue, stress, pressure, depression, strong denial, and despair.》     
Jinwoo’s eyes widened.
He knew the name Kim Saeyeon. 
She was an important character, more so than others. She was the protagonist’s older sister and would soon marry Jinwoo’s brother, Lee Minwoo.
‘Why is sister-in-law here…?’
He enjoyed reading the story between Lee Minwoo and Kim Saeyeon. They got along well and their compatibility was good. Though their love was sickeningly sweet sometimes, it provided a slight relief to the story when everything going on had been frustrating. 
Whenever a chapter featured the two couples, the comments section wasn’t filled with raging hates and flurries of fire. Their love story had been well-received.
Kim Saeyeon was sincere and kind, but foolish sometimes. Her character was unrealistic that it seemed like the author was creating his dream girl.
But why was she in Daeseon University of all places? 
Jinwoo rested his chin on his palm, his brows furrowed while lost in thought. He remembered most of the contents from the novel. Though Sayeon’s past hadn’t been described in detail, it was said that she had an unhappy and unfortunate life.
‘Yeah… that’s right… she’d do part-time job… to support the main character…’
If she was attending Daeseon University, she need not worry about affording daily expenses. She’d receive full scholarship should her marks score at a certain level. And for the top-ranking students, they’d receive stipulations equivalent to a businessman’s average salary for regular living expenses. 
Kim Saeyeon was a beautifully smart model student, but she looked to be in a horridly terrible state than when she first appeared in the novel.
The main character’s misfortune began when his sister, Kim Saeyeon, had been admitted to the hospital. It was a living nightmare for the two siblings. They had accumulated a high amount of medical expenses as well as a rising debt they needed to settle.
‘A-Rank unawakened ability…’
If her unawakened ability was A-Ranked, then her high-level ability would allow her to become one of the top 1% in the ranking talent. Daeseon University wouldn’t dare pass up a valuable asset like her. 
So… why was her health like that?
Why wasn’t she attending university when the story began?
The unanswered questions lead to Jinwoo growing more and more curious.
The questions she asked were acute to the topic and high level that the professor had forgotten Jinwoo’s existence for a moment and joyfully answered her question in full delight. 
The lesson hadn’t ended earlier than intended. There was no reason to complain, yet he saw several of the students openly making derisive comments. 
Jinwoo never expected these sort of people in Daeseon University. It was an elite university so he had some expectations, and because it was rare for students to act like what he’s seeing now.
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