Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Crown Prince (5)
Inside the Front Lines Group’s Future Strategic Burea, the staff monitored Lee Jinwoo’s movements in real-time and quickly deleted everything that could damage his image negatively. 
As there were many staff members present and advanced programs at hand, they were able to manipulate public opinions and thoughts. The press media were already on Jinwoo’s side. Having the media portray Jinwoo as a decent man with many eccentric behaviors helped stabilize his image. Even the top blogging sites supported Jinwoo.
Jinwoo entered the building where the lecture room was. There was no need to mention the stunning grandness of the architecture.
“Then I shall quietly keep guard, master.”
Yoona erased her presence and hid from plain sight.
Though she stood right next to him, none would be able to notice her presence unless the person was a talent.
As the class was currently in the middle of a break, Jinwoo was able to enter the class quietly. The class was a three-hour-long session and half had long passed. 
Jinwoo looked at the lecture room. It was colossal and was similar to the size of a concert hall. To make sure it was the optimal environment to study at, the best systems were arranged. Even the tech kept the temperature and humidity at just the right perfect range. Jinwoo would feel comfortable sleeping in the lecture room with only a blanket. 
‘Wow… I’m amazed…’
There was a tablet placed in each seating area. Anyone was able to use it and the material for the lecture was already programmed in the tablet. There was no need to bring a book.
That the tablet had no self-locking feature proved the wealth of the students and the university.
Jinwoo sat at the corner in the back where he was least likely to be noticed… but… it was futile and impossible. The moment he stepped foot inside the room, all gazes turned towards him. 
At that moment, the professor entered the lecture room. He had gone to the office pantry first and grabbed a cup of coffee before returning. After noticing the eerily quiet air, he followed the gazes of his students and towards… Lee Jinwoo.
The professor coughed and spat out his coffee.
The lecture room was quiet… too quiet.
Soon after, the professor continued his lesson with quivering voice. He was extremely nervous. One word from Jinwoo would mean his doom. He’d be fired and his entire family’s lives would be put at stake. 
He was usually not a man to forgive and excuse tardiness even if the student was a celebrity, but it was Jinwoo… he had too much power in his grasp. The professor dared not chastise him.
‘…I guess it’ll be difficult for me to live a normal university life.’
Jinwoo sighed. There was not much he could do. After all, he had many things he needed to prepare for to avoid his death in the future. Actively participating as a student in the university was not viable for him at present. 
He thought it courteous at least to show his face in class every now and then, but he had no idea that it’d cause the people around him too much trouble and anxiety.
Though putting that aside, the lecture was interesting, to say the least. 
He understood the professor’s explanation of synergy between ancient martial arts and contemporary talents with abilities. It stood at logic fact. The talents of this world looked like they came out of a martial novel. 
It interested Jinwoo.
However, each time Jinwoo looked at the professor, he choked on his words nervously. 
Jinwoo felt sorry for him. 
Though there was still some time left in the lecture, the professor tried to end the class as quickly as he possibly can. The students applauded the professor’s brevity to be able to withstand Jinwoo’s pressure. He’d usually extend classes beyond its usual time due to his passion in regards to the subject, but today, he was out of it.
“༼ಢ_ಢ༽… If-if there’s no question… then today’s lesson will end…”
“Professor, excuse me.”
At that moment, a student raised her hand and asked a question.
Jinwoo turned his head slightly and caught a glimpse of her face. 
She was beautiful; she was of the same kindred as Yoona.
She had long hair and glasses that covered her beauty. One only needed a simple glimpse to notice her elegant beauty. 
Jinwoo knew that character like her with that appearance played an important part in the plot. 
This was true for female characters. The female student was no different. Her face screamed of high importance no matter how he looked at her.
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