Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Crown Prince (4)
“Thank goodness. I’m glad it matches your taste palette. Um… forgive me for being presumptuous, but I heard you’ve left the main house and…”
“Yes,” Jinwoo cut off Myungsoo, “that’s what happened.”
“Ah! It seems like the chairman’s preparing you for succession in earnest. To send his son out into the open world… how heartbreaking it must be!”
Kim Myungsoo praised Jinwoo highly. Putting that aside, his skill in management was quite the feat. Under his leadership, Daeson University veered off the path to prosperity that it garnered much attention around the world.
‘When I searched him up on Daver, it was only praises.’
Even Myungsoo’s profile picture resembled that of a friendly-next-door-neighbor. Some rumors circulated in the internet forum that after his presidential term in the university ended, he planned to enter politics.
Jinwoo and Myungsoo talked for a while. 
It was mostly high praises passed around here in there, but time passed by relatively well. Perhaps this was the true reason Jinwoo preferred to keep those who praised him often by his side. It elevated his ego, though too much flatter would ruin his mood.
At that moment, Myungsoo studied Jinwoo’s expression for a moment before carefully parting his lips open. “About the construction of the tourist city around Anyang Gate…”
‘Anyang Gate…’
Several pieces of information immediately invaded his mind.
After Jinwoo had retired, during the city’s construction, several secret agents overseas touched something they should not have and awakened one of the twelve kings lying dormant in the inner part of the city.
The main character would immediately play an active role in the case, the catalyst, and the beginning of his heroic career. Afterwards, the eleven dormant kings awakened one after another and threw the world in frenzy.
‘It would be great if it was only a frenzy.’
In the latter half of the novel, the world went through a state of chaos. It was like adding every little ingredient known to the meal till it became an absolute mess.
“It passed safety inspection not long ago,” Yoona whispered to Jinwoo.
Jinwoo nodded. “That seems to be the case.”
“Um… how about choosing Lee Chung-Ik for designing the central building? He’s the pride of our country and he’s a professor at our university as well. The company he was in previously is…”
Lee Jinwoo had a large number of shares in Anyang Gate. He was required to as he’d been pampered to become the chairman’s successor. It means that he owned seventy percent of shares on his own, making him the absolute owner of the gate.
Compared to Jinwoo, Lee Minwoo did not inherit the gate through means of blood connections, but through his pure effort and ability. Jinwoo earnestly wished for Minwoo to become Anyang Gate’s successor, but the probability was low. Chairman Lee Heejin had grand plans to make Jinwoo his successor. 
‘Regardless, he’s not a good person.’
The chairman was Lee Jinwoo’s grandfather, but based on his knowledge, the chairman was neither a good man nor a loving grandfather. However, after Lee Jinwoo’s death, he went on a rampage like a madman. At least he had some familial affection left.
‘…It’s Lee Minwoo who’s colder than him.’
It was Minwoo who stopped Lee Heejin’s rampage.
Jinwoo looked up and saw Myungsoo explain things to him enthusiastically. Among the Front Lines Group were the ‘Front Lines Construction’ company and from Myungsoo’s mouth came names of different sub-contractors.
The collapse of the Anyang Gate happened due to poor security. Jinwoo could understand this occurrence and why it happened in the original plot for Jinwoo had provided numerous reasons as he was interfering with many things. However the construction moved, Jinwoo used it to increase his influence and power.
Simply put, the collapse happened because of the man-made disaster Jinwoo played part in. Had they not disturb the dormant king, the plot would never flow according to the original play.
‘Twelve kings…’
This was the first incident revealing that the gates did not belong to the blue planet.
Jinwoo sighed. He did not have much understanding of business or management, but he decided to give a proper and formal answer.
“Whatever methods you use, make sure it’s done fairly.”
“Ah… yes! Of course! You’re right!”
“If they’re able to prove their ability, they can beat their competition.”
“Yes! Amazing answer!”
Myungsoo gave a thumbs up.
As Jinwoo thought, Myungsoo was good at kissing as*
He did not want to continue the talk any further. He stood up from his seat and said, “I’ll be taking my leave.”
Myungsoo nodded and bowed. “I apologize for taking your time like this. I would give you a tour personally but…”
“It’s fine,” Jinwoo raised his hand and continued, “You’re a busy person. I can’t take your time away like that.”
Myungsoo wore a disappointed face towards the very end. If Jinwoo allowed him to, he’d have followed him to the ends of the earth. It was understandable. A few simple words from him would gain Myungsoo massive profits and benefits.
Myungsoo offered to escort Jinwoo outside and prepare him a helicopter, but he declined. The main building in the lecture room was close enough to walk and Yoona was here. She knew the location well.
“They say that President Kim Myunsoo received a political seat offering not long ago,” Yoona said.
“I see. He’s doing well for himself. He has much ambition and greed.”
“I don’t think you should be saying that, master…”
Jinwoo chuckled softly. “You’re right.”
Yoona frightened him at first, but now, he was most comfortable around her presence. 
She guided Jinwoo to the lecture as they walked side by side. The bodyguards did not bother their privacy and lagged far behind.
“Is… is that Lee Jinwoo?”
“Wow… that’s crazy…”
“Oh my god!”
Though they did not come close, many onlookers stared at the Lee Jinwoo from afar. Many immediately flashed a photo and uploaded it on the internet forum and social networks.
「Kim JJ: Omg!! Lee Jinwoo is in our school!! He’s godlike lol and even more awesome IRL! Should I go and bow to him? He may hire me as his cleaner ٩(˘◡˘)۶ lmaooooo!!」
  「Kim Haksik: There was even a helicopter. The main road to the school had been blocked as well…」 
「David Lee: I even saw the president run out to greet him like a dog! ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)」
「Ray44: I heard he tossed a big fat cash bonus to the employees and left. The amount was so huge that everyone decided to go on an overseas holiday!」
「Barking Dog: I want to be Mr. Jinwoo’s pet dog! I bet the dog food would be much better than what I eat. He’s so rich that he called Mansour a petty beggar…」
It was no exaggeration to call Lee Jinwoo a celebrity among celebrities. There was no one that did not know of his name. The only one befitting of the title ‘Crown Prince’ was Lee Jinwoo himself.
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