Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Prince
Jinwoo arrived at the main building. It was large and colorful, enough to fit a regular-sized campus. He thought it more fitting to call it a castle than a main building.
Daeseon University reminded him of Hogwarts.
The main building was built with resources collected from the Gates. Stones of varying hues whose colors changed when light penetrated through the walls. Previously, when passing tourists picked up the stones and never to be returned, access to the main building was restricted from the tourists indefinitely.
The bodyguards escorted Jinwoo to the garage near the main building.
There were no other vehicles in plain sight. No one was allowed access to the garage. No one used it. No one but Jinwoo. Not even the Dean nor the faculty staff were allowed access to use the garage.
It was made strictly for Jinwoo.
The garage took up a large site, something Jinwoo thought was an outrageous waste of space. He had a feeling Lee Jinwoo purchased the site for convenience rather than a necessity.
“That guy sure loves to flaunt his wealth wherever he goes. Crazy guy…”
Jinwoo did not know that he was in for a surprise.
There were several planes, motorcycles, and yachts. Behind the garage was a long helicopter landing site and a runway. It was indistinguishable and Jinwoo wondered whether he was at an airport or at school.
“Is it okay to use the university in private like this?”
For Lee Jinwoo, it would be.
After parking the vehicle, Jinwoo and Yoona walked to a certain place.
An old man waited for them.
The old man’s bright, free smile grossed him out somewhat.
“He is…?” Jinwoo wondered.
“Master, this is President Kim Myungsoo. I know you’ve met a few times before, but…”
“Ah, I see,” Jinwoo replied bluntly.
Kim Myungsoo was the current running president of Daeseon University. The old man ran to Jinwoo as he wiped his sweat with a plain, white handkerchief. Though his glasses with gold frames and that pot belly of his were impressive.
He knew he should just a person based on appearance, but maybe living inside the body of a villain had slowly corrupted his thoughts…
“Good morning, Sir Jinwoo! It’s such a hot day but I’m so happy and honored to meet you, the future of Korea! Haha…” the old man laughed wholeheartedly.
“Yes. It’s nice to meet you. Let’s go inside… you’ve waited in the heat for too long…” Jinwoo trailed off.
“Ah! I was filled with elation that I’d lost track of time. Thank you for worrying about me, Sir!”
This old man, President Kim Myungsoo was currying favors that could almost penetrate the earth’s inner core. He played the part well too, his face moved to tears that a droplet fell. He should be an actor… even staggering back slightly.
Jinwoo stared stupefied and reached out to balance the president. The president hurriedly held onto Jinwoo’s hand while lowering his head slightly and emitting an expression of honor.
“This man’s thick skin…”
Jinwoo forgot the words stuck at the tip of his tongue.
Kim Myungsoo laughed merrily. “Sir, let’s go!”
Jinwoo nodded. “…Yes.”
When the party of three arrived at the front entrance of the main building, the university staff stood at standby to greet the man, the legend that is Jinwoo.
“This is too burdensome.”
Jinwoo did not know how to act. He looked at the president’s face but that look the old man had on disgusted him.
“Don’t have them greet me next time,” Jinwoo said.
“Huh? How can it be so? Sir, you deserve all the greetings and blessings of this world!” the president praised Jinwoo highly.
The staff members donned a mask full of smiles, but their eyes showed irritation and indignation.
It was uncomfortable.
He saw the trauma Lee Jinwoo placed on them in their eyes.
“Please take good care of them.”
“Of course. It’s a given!”
“Don’t just talk. Do it. Take good care of them.” Jinwoo shifted his steps and looked into the president’s face.
The president, startled, nodded wildly looking at that man’s eyes. “Ye-yes!”
“They’ve worked hard. They should have a nice get-together…” Jinwoo’s eyes softened and he looked at the Yoona.
Yoona took out the envelope in her purse, placing it in Jinwoo’s hands. He handed it to Kim Myungsoo.
“Ah! Sir, you’re a true saint. Ha-ha!”
“I can’t stand this guy,” Jinwoo thought.
Kim Myungsoo’s skill as a people-pleaser reached the heavens. He handed the envelope to his secretary and whispered unknown words in the secretary’s ear.
Meanwhile, a cheer outside rang as Jinwoo and the two others entered the main building.
Yoona smiled slightly, but as soon as she made eye contact with Jinwoo, her face returned to its original emotionlessly cold stare. “They’ll be taken good care of. There’ll be no complaints.”
“Thank you,” Jinwoo smiled, “good job.”
Yoona nodded.
The layout of the main building was… neat.
It was akin to a museum. Paintings and item pieces containing the history of the Gates laid in display. There were even exhibits that would not be found in a regular, well-known, and reputable museums.
President Kim Myungsoo bent his back over backward and guided Jinwoo to the drawing-room that looked similar to a medieval royal palace. The furniture and decorations resting glaringly stated its luxury.
Gold fittings… jewels… antique pieces… famous classical paintings…
It should have fascinated him.
But Jinwoo had seen far too many things.
Those things failed to garner him much impression.
The president himself served Jinwoo tea with refreshments.
“The scent is pretty good.”
Jinwoo looked at the teacup in his hand. Yoona came to Jinwoo’s side, her head lowered slightly. She pulled out an iron rod and brought it close to the teacup.
“You can drink it,” she said.
Jinwoo smiled.
“Overprotective girl.”
Jinwoo took a sip.
It was okay. He liked the taste of coke better. Yeah… he wanted hamburgers and coke… and tteokbokki… sundae too… that would be good.
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