Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Prince
“We have a car ready,” Yoona said flatly.
“It’s that tank-like vehicle from before, isn’t it?”
The tank-like vehicle had specs that could deflect missiles. Forget a man attempting to commit assassination, only a high-grade talent could break in. The vehicle truly stood out. But… it was Jinwoo’s first day of school and he did not want to make a scene.
‘Why not use public transportation…’ he thought.
Wait… if that was the case, Jinwoo would end up on the 9 o’clock news if he used public transportation, right? Then he might as well buy the subway station and ride it alone.
“I think another car would be better.” Jinwoo coughed and cleared his throat. “Wouldn’t it be inconvenient for security if we stand out?”
“I see, I see. You have a point.”
The two walked to the garage and picked out a modest car, at best. Jinwoo wore a poker-face, his eyes blank upon learning that it was a 600 million won vehicle.
“I will drive,” Yoona declared.
Jinwoo swiftly snapped out from his reverie and shook his head. He wanted to drive. Up until a month ago, Jinwoo drove a beat-down rusty car that looked like it would break at any moment.
“Ah…” When he grabbed the steering wheel, Jinwoo was shook. The grip was good. He could tell it was no ordinary material.
Yoona looked at him strangely.
Jinwoo coughed in vain and started the engine.
With the sound of the engine humming, he gently pulled the car out of the garage.
His heart was racing.
“…start, get in position…”
“Huh?” Jinwoo looked at Yoona.
Yoona places her hand to her ear and muttered, “Daeseon University…”
Jinwoo did not want to ask. Her eyes looked sharp… like it could kill. Instead, he drove right away looking while looking at the navigation. While on the road, he could feel the people’s eyes. His car was far too ostentatious.
He understood why.
The car was a whopping 600 million vehicle. If he accidentally makes contact with another car, no doubt the other party’s life would be sent to the abyss. His car, it was a moving weapon that could destroy the future.
Chuf, chuf, chuf, chuf!
He heard the sound of a helicopter. It was strange. There was so many of them the moment he got on the road.
“There’s so many helicopters today,” Jinwoo blurred out.
“It’s less than usual.”
“Eh?” Jinwoo blinked at Yoona’s reply and soon understood what she meant. The helicopters was for him. A true helicopter escort…
‘Is life like this everyday?’ Jinwoo sighed.
Lee Jinwoo’s absence from school was understandable. That would have made such a fuss too.
Jinwoo tried to pay no mind to the helicopters and drove to the university carefully. He drove at the maximum speed legally allowed. He didn’t mind going slow too. The car was fast enough already as it is.
Driving, it felt like this was his reward for the mental and physical pain he had been through since coming to this world. He thought about doing this sometimes for a change of mood. It felt nice.
‘I’ll buy a normal looking car next time.’
A while later, the university could be seen from a distance. The front gate entrance of the university looked… amazing. Future-oriented sculptures and school symbols hung as mere decorations. It was a work of fine art. This is the university Jinwoo would attend, a university littered with multiple talents from different fields and walk of life.
The prestigious university was usually closed off to the public but they sometimes open the campus for touring during the weekends.
‘There’s a lot of tourists.’
Many of them were taking pictures of the front entrance. Jinwoo guessed that the front gate was a tourist attraction of its own.
‘The world’s prestigious university isreally something,’ Jinwoo thought.
He drove to the front gate and was able to enter without any troubles. No one blocked Jinwoo’s car. Meanwhile, men in black suits jumped down from the helicopter and safely escorted the car from the entrance. They did not look like an average bodyguard but an able-bodied talent.
The situation, of course, drew the attention of the masses. Many students and tourists stopped to take pictures of Jinwoo’s car with their cell phone. A vehicle like that and a bodyguard like that certainly wasn’t a common occurrence. They wondered who the person was inside the car.
“The helicopter… let’s send it back…”
“Alright. I hope nothing goes wrong today.”
Yoona turned down the window slightly and drew a circle with her finger. A big man nodded and pulled on his sleeve, lips moving.
Chuf, chuf, chuf!
The helicopters circling the sky quickly disappeared.
Jinwoo sighed relievingly. He’ll have to get used to that.
“Where are we going now?” Jinwoo asked Yoona.
“Let’s go to the main building for now. Did I not tell you yesterday? We have a meeting with the president.”
“But the class…”
“You can put it on hold for now. The meeting will only take an hour,” Yoona said naturally. “I’ll inform the class.”
Jinwoo stopped her when she tried to make a phone call. Calling to create an excuse would only be a nuisance.
“…I’ll just go during break.”
Thereafter, Jinwoo and Yoona headed to the main building.
The campus itself was so large that walking to their final destination took some time.
At least the journey to wasn’t boring.
There was a huge lake with crystal clear water. Jinwoo even saw groups of dolphins making its appearance. Dumbfounded, he laughed. To think he’d find a dolphin in a lake. How marvelous.
No, actually… it was no lake…
He suddenly saw a big cruise ship… and an artificial white sand. He could see students running and frolicking around and a dormitory located behind the artificial beach. Some people were water skiing.
Jinwoo would rather believe that it was a theme park.
‘Who planned this?’ he could not help wondering.
The students he passed by wore a bright, carefree smile. That was a given. A graduate from Daeseon University would not need to worry about their future for it was already set. Companies would hire them in a heartbeat.
Even students who showed greater aptitude and talent would have the chance to be recruited by the Front Lines Group.
Daeseon University was a dream university that guaranteed employment. To succeed in life was to enter the university.
‘It’s a fantasy within a fantasy…’
Jinwoo shook his head in shock.
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