Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Prince
The price per bottle was over 100 million won. It was expensive because of its purpose and its raw material. To extract this much would have cost a considerable amount of resources.
But not for Jinwoo. He was loaded.
Jinwoo drank the mana concentrate.
After a huge gulp, he took out a huge barrel of mana concentrate next to the display case and poured the liquid into the bath.
“Don’t you dare…”
Such a word from his lips came out of nowhere.
And then… hundreds of millions of won disappeared at once.
Jinwoo was deadpanned.
He entered the bath and activated the Mana of Information and saw a surge of information spread through his body.
He could not see the information clearly at first but after a while, the text grew thicker and clearer as the mana concentrate mixed with the bath water.
This happened to the main character. He had an unfortunate accident and accidentally found this method. The main character saved a little money to purchase a low-level artifact and while taking a bath accidentally dropped the mana in the bath.
But it was different for Jinwoo.
Money came naturally to him. He had rotten money left and right.
Though, actually, if he lived frugally, others around him would find it strange. He had hundreds of assets worth billions he could sell right away. For Jinwoo to live a frugal lifestyle was unrealistic.
If Chairman Lee Heejin chose to give him support, there would be no limit to the amount of financial support he would receive. But this was enough. Given the luxury Lee Jinwoo often drowned himself in, this was a bit on the quiet side.
Feeling the flow of mana, Jinwoo concentrated and allowed his body to absorb the mana fully.
The amount being consumed was slow and steady. There was a lot of liquid mana around him, a considerable amount spread out as he intended. If it had not been for the Mana of Jnformation, he would not have been able to read the flow and direction of the mana.
‘Writer cubs.’
It was a novel saying that one should overwork one’s body to move the mana effectively with the least bit of obstruction.
A chill came as mana began to spread to his bones, muscles, blood vessels, and skin. He was absorbing the mana effectively, feeling his body freeze and his limbs like it would fall off.
The pain he experienced looked like a portrayal of the main character raising his talent to the highest grade with great difficulty.
‘What if I get strong easily?’ a sudden thought came to mind.
He endured the excruciating pain an hour more.
When the timer rang, Jinwoo jumped out of the bath.
After he had absorbed the mana in such crude manner, he found his fatigue was no longer and that his body felt refreshed and energized.
Jinwoo looked in the mirror.
It had only been three weeks since he began his training, but he noticed his appearance had changed quite a bit. His symmetrical face became a perfect ratio and his skin cleaner. His muscles were also shaping up well.
The activation of the mana truly boosted his talent.
To think it was this effective. It was described perfectly in the novel too. The main character who was ordinary looking and average became extremely handsome and pleasing to the eye in the latter half of the novel.
Jinwoo’s ego and confidence soared. He nodded in content before heading to the bed where his clothes were laid out.
He had a personal designer from the Future Strategy Office in charge of setting up and handling his everyday outfit.
It was of great fortune that Lee Jinwoo despised others changing his clothes directly, otherwise, Jinwoo would have to put up with it.
He put on the clothes and pulled his hair back.
The watch, he thought it burdensome, but decided to wear it. He could see the sincerity his personal designer put into preparing his clothes.
When he walked down the first floor, Yoona was on standby waiting for him. She wore a nice suit. She looked more like a secretary than a bodyguard.
Well… her original purpose was to monitor him.
“You have morning class. The subject is: A Combination of Ancient Martial Arts With Modern Skills,” Yoona said.
“That sounds pretty interesting.”
“The one teaching is Professor Lee Jinsoo. He’s famous.”
Jinwoo’s major was Gate Research and Ability Presentation.
As the most popular major, the competition was astounding.
In particular, the university he attended was where the world’s top students congregated to study the Gates and Ability.
There were faculty members who made many achievements and contributions in the field of gates, and renowned professors from abroad who often visited and held research sessions.
Many elites from around the world also sought to study abroad in the university Jinwoo attended.
Although Jinwoo took a full semester off, he remained a top student mainly because of his skill and prowess. His grades were all A+, and there was no professor at the university who could give Jinwoo less than an A. In fact, they dared not to. Their biggest sponsor was his father. But he had the skills to back up his talenr.
And though the university, Daeseon University, was a private institution, the tuition fees was cheap and cost of living was affordable despite the staggering competition and difficulty entering the university.
It was an odd university.
“Can I go alone?” Jinwoo asked.
“Be aware of your position, young master,” Yoona replied.
“What about when I’m in class?” His eyes turned innocent. “Will you be…”
“I will be hiding.”
Yoona’s figure blurred and she disappeared, nowhere to be found.
He stood there, a good minute wondering where she went.
And then he heard her voice.
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