Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Strange People
‘Should I check out Lee Jin-Woo’s phone?’ Jin-Woo pondered. His curiosity got the best of him. He flipped the phone and scoured through Lee Jin-Woo’s contacts.
「Front Groups: I’ll book a hotel room for the night.」
「Modern Crown Prince, Jin-Woo: Acquiring EPL First Division League Club.」
「Mansour: Neural warfare.」
Jin-Woo read Lee Jin-Woo’s reply to one contact.
「You should go die. Soon.」
His eyes widened. Was that a death threat or a joke? Jin-Woo doesn’t know. How can he learn to differentiate? Again, he’s not sure. Sighing, he scrolled down and looked through the phone.
He learned Lee Jin-Woo had been trying to take over a soccer club out of mere boredom and after attending a local event, he immediately purchased ownership of a luxurious hotel because he did not want to sleep at his own home. The same could be said of an upscale restaurant he immediately took over after learning he’d need to make a reservation.
Lee Jin-Woo was loaded – a walking bank and rich beyond the dreams of avarice.
Jin-Woo then went to a community site Lee Jin-Woo often visited based on his search history.
Title: I Want To Be Lee Jin-Woo For Just One Day
He’s rich and capable.
If he doesn’t like anything, he’ll create it to his own liking.
Once you become his enemy, your life’s over.
「Anonymous: Cheer up, Ji-Rim.」
「Kkkkkkk: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I bet lmaoooo. He once told off Kim Ju-Pyo, the Kim Ju-Pyo, that he’d get fat and die tragically! No one but Lee Jin-Woo could say that and get away with it! The next day he went to a hospital for a check-up! Ha-ha! Probably scared for his life.”
「Sibal: Must be crazy to live like him.」
「Gojatang: But what’s more impressive was how Kim Ju-Pyo suddenly became a national headline. Did you hear about how he’s being investigated by the prosecution team?」
「Basic: Yeah. I heard about that.」
「Niko-chan: Feelz bad for the man.」
Even Jin-Woo felt sorry for Kim Ju-Pyo. Poor guy. Just because he crossed paths with Lee Jin-Woo, his life turned out like this. Poor guy.
The public’s thoughts of Lee Jin-Woo, the villain, was not as bad as he thought. The life of the villain seemed like the daily routine of the mega-rich, according to the public.
If this was the case, Jin-Woo felt relieved. So far, it seems he has yet to cause a drastic action that’d cause his death. But… who’d have thought he was highly well known. Even the media was crawling to capture a shot of him. There is even a media team dedicated to highlighting the life of Lee Jin-Woo.
‘This is a bit similar to celebrities being followed everywhere by paparazzi in my world. I’d call them stalkers.’
So far, Lee Jin-Woo lived a pretty normal life, aside from being rich. He played mobile games in his spare time and drowned himself in movies and dramas when not working. He had even promoted Hollywood Star John Cruise’s movie in Korea when he came to visit.
The world setting of the novel was similar to his world.
Hollywood movies, western cartoons, anime, and the likes exist. Many talents from different walks of life exists. And Korea? They were a cultural powerhouse.
‘Oh… we’re also the best league in the world…’
And then there’s a side that did not exist in his world.
It involved the gates.
Korea ExtremeLeague (K.E.L) was the world’s highest level of talent. The league was like archery, but the difference was that people actually lose their lives. Though there were rules for domestic competitions to minimize that, things were different in the international competition scene. An international competition held over 24 official gates, otherwise they’d rent an owner-less gate.
The number of gates a country possessed spoke highly of their national power and such the competition turned into a battle of power. Though it was an international sport, in reality it was disguised as war.
‘It’s a real subtle war, all right.’
The shift from modern warfare to this was far too great.
Guilds qualified to compete in the international competition were called ‘knights’.
Each guild in Korea was keen on producing talents. If a talent arose from their guild, honor and power would be granted. They’d be above the law similar to the Front Lines.
The Front Lines Group owned three of the world’s largest gates.
And such, in this world, citizens would give multitudes of support to talents who risked their lives to participate in the international competitions for their country’s national interests.
‘…wow, I can see why people would go crazy over that.’
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