Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Strange People
T/N: To those feeling slightly confused about everything, the author employs a technique, which I think is pretty refreshing, where not everything is revealed all at once. We don’t know everything about the specificity of the world, as of yet, because the MC hasn’t mentioned anything about it. The only thing he knows and “we” know is that he’s a villain in a novel. I think that’s nice, it being a third-person limited type of webnovel considering that we hardly know the thoughts of the other characters, only the MC’s.
They arrived earlier than expected.
Jin-Woo’s house was in Seoul and in an area notoriously known for its sky-rocketing high prices.
“We’re almost there.”
He could see a cozy two-story house from the window. It was far too big for him only. No mere commoner would be able to live in a house like this.
Even if he’d been kicked out, he was still a rich and wealthy young man, Jin-Woo thought. He quickly got out of his car and looked forward to his new home. He liked it much better than the insanely big mansion.
“My Lord.”
“This way.”
Yoona called Jin-Woo and pointed to the back.
Jin-Woo had no choice but to be in awe.
It was the front-lines groups that led the top men to the Gates and the best company known to earth and in the novel. Even companies like Google and Apple in the real world would fall short.
Will Lee Jin-Woo, heir to such company, stay in an ordinary place where the common rich live?
“Do you like it?” Yoona questioned.
Jin-Woo did not know how to reply.
What was in front of him was a 5-story building with a spacious garden that was smaller than the one in the mansion but still boasted a considerably colossal size.
In his eyes, both the mansion and his new place looked the same. The thought that he would live in a more realistic place fell down the drains and he could feel his mind spinning while staring blankly at the building.
‘Yeah, of course… it’s a novel.’
“My Lord.”
Yoona’s voice barely brought him back to his senses.
“Thank you for caring for me.”
When Yoona bowed deeply, Jin-Woo was surprised and took a step back, surprised by her sudden change of attitude, because only yesterday, she was like dry ice.
She somewhat terrified him.
“Well, still….”
Well, no matter. Even if he found her scary, she was still beautiful. She had a pretty smile. The top celebrities in his world was no match for her.
Obviously, the characters in the novel was made to look extremely appealing.
‘Maybe a bad guy doesn’t look like a bad guy?’
‘But strangely enough, most of the characters in the novel looks normal.’
Anyway, it was a good thing that his appearance was corrected and looked appealing to the eyes. He truly felt like a true third-generation chaebol.
Soon after, Jin-Woo entered his new home.
The garden was decorated traditionally and Jin-Woo found the strange looking red pine tree impressive.
There was annex far from the main building which was said to be used by Yoona’s family. It was the first Jin-Woo ever heard of it.
‘Didn’t you have two brothers? I thought I saw in the document with your personal information…’
So it seems that someone as young as her is the one taking care of the family, something that he could understand. He had a rough childhood growing up.
Jin-Woo began looking around the house.
All the amenities provided were top-notch. There was a training center with a state-of-the-art facilities, a theater, a swimming pool, and storage facility with all kinds of alcohol.
Everything one could ever want was in one building.
For Jin-Woo who had gone from a five-pyeong studio to this, it was like heaven.
‘Is this what it’s like being kicked out by mega-rich family?’
When Chairman Lee Hee-Jin said he would cut off support, Jin-Woo literally took it to heart. He really should get a better concept of how the rich live.
Shaking his head, he went to the garage in the basement. The space was huge and felt like Bruce Wayne’s garage. Ferraris, Lamborgini, Bentley, McLaren’s… it was a line of supercars that every man could dream of.
“Oh my…”
And among them was a car that caught Jin-Woo’ eyes that made all the other cars look mediocre. It was a beautiful glossy car made by First Sun in the front-lines.
【-】First Sun Zeus
Supercar made by First Sun Group. A rare metal-plated vehicle mined from the Gates where the front-line group has managerial rights. The frame is made of mana steel and boasts a great deal of strength and had been ranked as the best vehicle for 18 years with a limited production of only 10 cars.
Price: 12.395 billion won.
Only a few certain people could ride this sort of vehicle in this world.
“…..I can’t believe I have one.”
Well, the company he “would” inherit almost monopolized the important part of the Gates so it was natural for the Front-Line Group to make huge profits.
Jin-Woo was like the crown prince that’d soon ascend the throne.
‘Well, of course the villain in a novel would have that sort of role.’
And it was a fact that he’d soon attain more power that even the U.S President was watching closely.
And after Lee Min-Woo married the main character’s sister, well, that part became a little bit… well… it was a brilliant set up to kill him off in the second volume.
Jin-Woo let out a small sigh and went back upstairs. His luggage had been unpacked. The one that had his personal privacy laid unopened.
He then noticed that there was a cell phone on the desk –– one for public use and one for private use. When he looked through it, he found that he was well-liked.
Most were looking and soliciting for work and the many others were political and business partners and celebrities who know of his name.
‘Daewon Ilbo?’
Daewon Ilbo was a media company that owns Daewon TV. The majority shareholder was Kim Il-Tae, who was often embroiled in gossip.
– Kim Il-Tae: I’m so sorry. All the related articles have been dropped and corrections have been posted along with the reposts. It was a slap in the face for me too. The intern reporter is deeply repentant and remorseful. I’m calling with the hopes that you’ll accept this apology. If you give me another chance…
The message was very long.
Kim Il-Tae, who Jin-Woo knows, was an arrogant man and very quickly gained public indignation.
“That Kim Il-Tae…”
It was a rare chance to see Kim Il-Tae be so… polite. But Jin-Woo had no plans to reply. Only thoughts he had was figure out what Lee Jin-Woo would usually do by reading the texts of others.
But most of the replies were obsequious and Lee Jin-Woo rarely replied to them, believing it to be troublesome. In fact, he had thousands of unread messages.
Jin-Woo: “…..”
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