Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Strange People
When Lee Min-Woo looked at the files in Jin-Woo’s hands with curiosity, he sweated cold sweat on his back.
Lee Min-Woo stepped forward and held out his hand. Jin-Woo had no choice but to hand over the papers nervously.
He looked through the papers quickly then at Jin-Woo with a face asking why he had such a thing.
‘Can’t you just leave me alone?’
How Jin-Woo really wanted to get away from all these strange people. He turned his head around finding it quite difficult to breathe.
“There must have been something you need to take care of.”
Lee Min-Woo’s low-pitched voice was stuck in his ears and he immediately set his eyes on Lee Min-Woo and saw his wicked smile.
This really is too much. Even if he’s threatened to hand over the position as successor to Lee Min-Woo….
‘Argh, what a frustrating development!’
“You don’t need to worry.”
Lee Min-Woo nodded and once again smiled wickedly while tapping on Jin-Woo’s shoulder. It was a gruesome and intense interaction that would have only appeared in a movie.
And it went without saying that Jin-Woo’s face turned ashen white.
Lee Min-Woo organized the papers, packed it up, and went out.
Outside the door, Yoona stared at Lee Min-Woo with sharp eyes.
‘Yes, I’ll do as I please. I don’t need to worry.’
What would one do if they regretted what had already happened? Let’s think… Lee Min-Woo arrived early on surely with plans to catch him in the act and to spill the beans of his wrongdoings.
Surely that was his plans.
That had to be.
Well, Jin-Woo was a man who was quick to act.
‘Let’s figure out what to do first. Now where’s the watch…’
Jin-Woo pressed a button and the cabinet rotated, showcasing all the watch.
Starting with Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin… various luxury watches could be seen.
Jin-Woo looked up and stared at the door. Lee Min-Woo and Yoona was nowhere to be seen.
Jin-Woo quickly took everything while his other luggage was packed by the staff of the mansion.
If not for this, he’d have to return to the life of stress and finding a job. No way would he go through that. And besides, there was no mention of Lee Jin-Woo’s life prior to his appearance in the novel, so he’s left to navigate all on his own.
The only information he had so far was that Lee Jin-Woo was a freshman in university. He hadn’t attended the first semester yet, though he should attend the second semester.
In that sense and based on the current information he had, wouldn’t he have to wait two years before the novel starts its plot?
‘I’ll have to think through this slowly.’
Jin-Woo nodded.
Jin-Woo stayed another day in the mansion before leaving.
He thought Lee Hee-Jin, the chairman, was intent on kicking him out butt naked but it would seem that it was not the case.
What was waiting for him was a chauffeur and a luxurious vehicle and Yoona following him as his personal bodyguard. And like she had done before, she tidied up his appearance before indicating that he steps foot inside the vehicle.
Embarrassed, he hurriedly got inside the vehicle, ashamed that he thought he’d need to find his own home and figure out a means to live for himself. He needed to really adjust to this world.
Jin-Woo glanced at Yoona sitting next to him. He was a little bit scared but somehow, he could feel at ease and relaxed next to her.
“Is there anything uncomfortable?”
Yoona, whose eyes met Jin-Woo’s, spoke.
“You must be hungry.”
“No, it’s alright.”
His replies was rather blunt, but it was much better than the first time he came to this world where he was full of nervousness and anxiety.
Anyways, having a conversation like this a good and steady development.
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