Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Strange People
T/N: Highly recommended to re-read from the beginning. New contents were added and would lead to confusion if not re-read. Novel will also be regularly updating beginning from this date on. Previous translator suddenly disappeared without notice but it’s now been taken up.
“If Jin-Woo were to be kicked out, would it not be fair punishment for keeping his activities secret? The Choi Family won’t be able to say anything.”
Chairman Lee Hee-Jin grinned and tapped his finger.
The tree outside the window disappeared and a panoramic view of the city appeared.
“The only thing that drives people in this chaotic age is capital and ability. If abilities are above the law and capital isn’t constrained…”
“If that happens, then there’s nothing more to be afraid of.”
“No.” Chairman Lee Hee-Jin smiled grimly. “Not only would there be nothing to fear, but everyone would be afraid.”
In this world, what the world needed was not a hero but a demon.
Lee Min-Woo nodded quietly.
The tower, the one that was piled up with countless blood, flesh, and wealth was no place for heroes.
Upon returning to the mansion, Jin-Woo got ready to move out in earnest.
The nominal reason the chairman told the workers was because of his health, but in truth, many knew he was being kicked out.
Jin-Woo grinned.
‘You seem to be enjoying this.’
The staff and the maids included who looked at him with contempt were smiling freely and Jin-Woo was by no means offended because he had risked a lot so far. He no longer needed to worry. He’ll live in the shadows. The protagonist be damned. Besides, even without his existence, the main character should be able to find another worthy opponent and protect the world, right?
There should be a correction.
“Hmm, I wonder what I can take.”
Many of the things he owned were luxurious and expensive and the ones in the cabinets were delicately packed and arranged in order. Most of his stuff there was made of pure gold or expensive materials…
So it was decided.
He had no choice but to take it. He was the owner of it to begin with.
“This should be enough to make a living wherever I go.”
Since the chairman said he’d cut off all support, he’ll have to earn his own money and live through his own means.
‘Is that why Lee Jin-Woo was so crooked? Things had always been handed down to him? I’m glad I came here before things went down.’
Regardless, he had enough to raise his own fortune and live comfortably for the upcoming year. He’d not need to work so hard. And besides, he attends one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and he could go the army if needed.
He was in great conditions if he thought about it.
Jin-Woo found a bundle of papers while searching the desk. He tilted his head and opened the documents. The document was full of information with pictures of people that looked familiar.
The pictures was the face of maids working in the mansion.
‘Lee Mi-Hee, 23 years old. Mother is in the hospital. Terminal stage in cancer… hospital bills…”
It was written in full details. Jin-Woo could see why Lee Jin-Woo had this information with him. Though not explicitly written, it was clearly used for intimidation.
‘Wow, this is rubbish…’
It was fortunate that he found the note before it fell into someone else’s hand, otherwise…
Jin-Woo quickly threw the threatening information in the chimney and burned it. It may seem strange to burn a document in the chimney during the summertime, but it was better than to leave a trail.
‘In the novels and dramas, this would be incrimination information if I just leave it behind.’
Jin-Woo looked back at the other documents he had yet to burn. Upon closer look, he saw Yoona’s file. He became curious and was about to read it when…
“Have you finished packing?”
Jin-Woo trembled with great surprise hearing the voice behind him. He looked over his shoulder and saw Lee Min-Woo standing with a soft smile.
Yes, that’s right.
Now that the mansion belonged to Lee Min-Woo, it was natural for him to be here.
If Jin-Woo remembered correctly, Lee Min-Woo was a man adept in controlling flames. If he wanted to, he could wipe out his life in quick seconds.
‘You must want to kick me out quickly.’
Jin-Woo smiled grimly.
“What about it?”
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