Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Strange People
Jin Woo looked into Yoona’s eyes. From his viewpoint, it looked terrifying. His body shuddered, and he quickly shut his eyes, but there was no pain.
Yoona loosened his ties and arranged it neatly. “Let’s go, or you won’t be able to meet them.”
Jin Woo breathed deeply, deciding to think positively. He had almost died from bearing such enormous pressure. For his sake, it would be for the best to remain positive. He hasn’t done anything that would warrant him to be killed. He’s still in the early days of the novel. He has time to pave his path.
Shaking his head, Jin Woo followed Yoona inside Future Tower and went to a door locked off from tourists. Turning to a closed-off path, the two entered an elevator. It quickly reached Floor 201.
Floor 201 was a place where only the chairman’s family or those with exclusive access were permitted to enter. There was a headline made once in the news that a famous U.S. politician stating that he wanted to enter Floor 201 once in his lifetime.
Jin Woo stepped foot out of the elevator and walked in the dim-lit hallway. Relics were displayed in various places, but not quite common. There were bones, teeth, and ores, one whose identity was unknown. There were also swords and shields that glowed strangely.
Fantasy seemed to merge with reality at this moment.
“What a primitive weapon to use in the 21st Century….”
This may have been the case. Mana based weapons can cause a sharp drop in the power of modern weapons. Even a Low F-Level person can defend against a pistol to a certain degree.
Jin Woo was surprised to see such artifacts in person rather than reading it. He then stopped and touched a shield.
He felt something being sucked into his hands. His eyes flinched, hurting a little.
He soon recalled Lee Jin Woo’s awakening in the second volume of the novel. But… Why is the awakening of his ability present now as opposed to the second volume?
“Right… He drinks mana every day. My presence should have changed the timeline of the novel slightly. Maybe.”
Lee Jin Woo’s ability was 【Hypnosis】. He had optimized it for profane use and domination of the opposite sex. It was so well matched against Lee Jin Woo’s perverted ideals.
“It’s better than nothing, I guess… Huh…?”
He could see sets of letters rising above his hand.
Yoona looked at Jin Woo, who suddenly stopped, but she seemed to have no clue of the letters flashing.
A magnifying glass-shaped icon appeared next to the shield.
When Jin Woo looked at it, a window screen appeared.
E-Level: 【Strong Shield】
It was a black and white shield. It had no value except for its decorative purposes for its mana was exhausted to its fullest.
Latest Auction Price: 1.99 Billion Won (Korea’s First-Ranked Auction House)
“1.99 Billion Won…”
Jin Woo knew this ability. It was called Mana of Information. The author had attached this ability to the main character because he was a bit lazy to describe or explain the items at hand.
Originally, this was a great technique appearing in a game-based novel, but now its excitement had faded. It was overused, appearing in all kinds of novel. It didn’t matter if it wasn’t a gaming novel.
But that aside, Mana of Information was an ability that had never been introduced to the academic world of this novel. The main character had once by chance stumbled upon Mana of Information. It had helped him greatly with his growth.
Jin Woo’s face crumpled. Why has this ability manifested on himself?
This isn’t what I had expected, but…
Well, it should be a good thing. At any rate, it should prove itself useful.
“You know exactly its value.”
A voice from behind echoed, suddenly awakening Jin Woo from his thoughts. He looked over his shoulder and saw a face sculpted to its finest creation. It was perfect to the point that it should have never existed. The actor deemed as the most handsome man in the world in Jin Woo’s world couldn’t compare to the man standing before him.
‘This man….’
It was Lee Min Woo, Lee Jin Woo’s half-brother.
“Not many people know the exact value of the gated items. What’s more, if its a showpiece like this, many would undervalue its worth…”
Min Woo walked in front of Jin Woo and smiled sincerely.
He was a good man. He even joined the main character’s side. Having a brother like this would be great, but unfortunately, for Jin Woo, he would be a thorn on his side. Jin Woo had to remain vigilant. It had also been like that too before Jin Woo possessed Lee Jin Woo’s body. The two had always put each other at a length’s distance. They would put up a front to the world of how close they were, but that wasn’t the case.
“It’s been a long time,” Min Woo said.
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