Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Strange People
Let’s not get involved with you. Lee Jin Woo, you like a woman like that? It would be for the best that I stay as far away as possible.
“Do you need anything?”
“No, nothing at all,” Jin Woo said coldly.
This Lee Jin Woo’s insane sexual desire to humiliate such a scary woman was quite courageous, yet horrid. In the end, she too killed him off, and castrated his roots with a crazy smile.
She was sweet potato in the guise of a toxic plant.
Yoona’s stare gave Jin Woo goosebumps recalling the events of the story.
“…..Um… Is there an appointment today…?”
“…..You still blame me.” Yoona sighed. “Because of that accident, right?”
Jin Woo had not the guts to ask what the accident was.
As he stood still saying nothing, Yoona turned around and faced him, eyes locked on Jin Woo.
“Don’t blame me. I did what I had to do.”
“Yes,” Jin Woo nodded. “Of course.”
It seems Lee Jin Woo met an accident and Yoona briefed Chairman Lee Hee Jin. In that kind of scenario, did her fault lie in monitoring and reporting Lee Jin Woo’s deeds to the chairman?
“Sigh… It’s all because of that stupid Lee Jin Woo.” Soon as Jin Woo uttered such words softly, he felt a surge of regret. He quickly stood still. “Did Lee Jin Woo always have a bad conscience? Was there ever a time he was good?”
There was no such details written in the novel.
Jin Woo shook his head. It would be better to get over it. It’s not like he’d suddenly find out about such matters if he thought of it more.
Yoona’s brows wiggled. It was apparent she noticed something he did not like.
“Shall we go now?”
“….Well, it’s a little late. Let’s go.”
Jin Woo barely heaved a sigh of relief as she looked at Yoona’s back.
“Jin Woo, can you live like in paranoia like this?” Jin Woo thought.
It was easy to see the looks others gave him. He was an outsider of this world. The old Lee Jin Woo would have dismissed their looks and disgust, but not Jin Woo. He cared about his life. If possible, he wanted to avoid castration and death.
“Lee Jin Woo, you son of a bxtch! You deserve to be castrated!” Jin Woo inwardly cursed the villain for the sufferings he would have to face.
He then considered whether he should go into hiding. Whatever it is he chooses, it’s better than remaining idle and ignorant to what would happen to him in the future.
Jin Woo sighed and followed Yoona from behind.
* * *
Jin Woo drove out of the mansion in a luxurious vehicle. Such sight and view, it would have only been possible in a drama––a large mansion with a large garden would often show one’s vast wealth.
Was this really Seoul? Who can build such a mansion almost the size of the heart of Seoul? It was unrealistic and what was all the more surprising was that Lee Jin Woo lived alone in such a grand mansion except for those responsible for management, surveillance, and security living under his roof.
The vehicle soon arrived at a complex building located in the heart of Seoul.
Jin Woo remembered reading this in the novel.
A group of pioneer businessmen owned the building. It could be said that this building, Future Tower, was the tallest building in the world.
It was a landmark that represented the soul of Seoul, boasting its reputation that easily surpassed Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
Moreover, the materials used to create the Future Tower came from the monsters from the gate. It was a common ore used, but acquiring them was not cheap. There will always be such groups of people in the world that had the amount of money to splurge whenever they liked and wished.
That aside, Future Tower was famous for its top-notch hotels, aquariums, observatories, museums, wedding halls, and restaurants…
Top A-List star couples would often hold a wedding reception at Future Tower. Only the elites of the elites frequently gathered at such place. After all, they had the money to splurge.
“….This is…”
The height of the building was frighteningly huge.
As he looked up, Jin Woo took a deep breath.
It would seem like he needed to find a way to live a peaceful life. If he avoids the route from dying early on, he should be able to find some leeway.
He will set this as his goal for now.
“I need the ability to protect myself.”
He needed to survive.
If he looked at the circumstances of bringing him here, it was likely that Charman Lee Hee Jin or another family member summoned him.
Jin Woo breathed again deeply, anxiousness filling his body whole.
“It’s not like I’m going to die right now…” Jin Woo thought. He did not need to be so nervous. “Relax…”
Standing in front of the car, Yoona walked towards him. She shook her head and placed her hand on Jin Woo’s neck.
“I lied… I could die right now…”
His previous thoughts melted away.
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