Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Strange People
“Okay, calm down.”
It is now clear now that he is inside a novel, his reality now connected to it for odd reasons. It is urgent he figure out his current whereabouts. There should be hope before he goes off committing heinous evil acts that will affect the main character.
There is a good chance of increasing his chances of survival if he remains uninvolved with the main character and supporting characters in the novel as much as possible.
“But Lee Jin Woo is definitely the sort of character who draws in the attention of people and the protagonist…”
The world might face a terrible disaster if the main character’s hidden talent is not awakened.
It was a typical setup, but for him, it was not so.
“So it’s like that.”
If he intervenes, he dies. If he does not, he dies.
What a terrible reality.
Jin Woo felt upset of his current predicaments and because he so happened to hold the same name as the antagonist of the novel.
“Sigh…” Desperate, he grabbed a cigarette from the packet. “I should go out.”
He would be able to look at the situation clearly as he explores the world he is in now. And if the initial story line still remained as is, it would be for the best if he flees away quietly and disappear into the background, and better if he lives quietly in seclusion until the brink of the collapse of the world.
The main character’s awakening, it would not be right to sit by and allow himself to become a fodder.
Jin Woo had not the desire to die because of the main character.
He looked at the meal on the table.
In the first half of the novel, a secretary once attached to Jin Woo appeared.
Perhaps the woman who dropped by earlier on was more than likely her.
Kim Yoona.
She was at the peak of her career but turned back around due to an unexpected unsavory incident and thus went under the wings of Chairman Lee Hee Jin.
The reason she was here was because of an incident that kept her from reaching the top.
…It was because Lee Jin Woo committed an atrocious thing against Yoona. As she expressed her favor to the main character, she received numerous malicious insults and atrociou deeds from Lee Jin Woo out of ire.
“This Lee Hee Jin is quite the interesting figure.”
Chairman Lee Hee Jin placed a great deal of importance on bloodlines and image, but his grandson, Lee Jin Woo, disappointed him so, but nevertheless, Lee Hee Jin bent over backwards to protect the misdeeds of his grandson for the sake of image.
“A classic spoilt chaebol son.. A novelty plo indeed.”
Lee Hee Jin, the man able to cover up Lee Jin Woo’s misdeeds.
Ah, right, in the novel, Lee Jin Woo also had a half-brother, who in all aspects was much better than him.
“Handsome, athletic, high-leveled potential, and an IQ of over 170. What a ridiculous setup.”
It was a very careful setup the author created. The main character was destined to have a conflict with the large conglomerate.
Anyways, by comparison to his half-brother’s talent, Lee Jin Woo was mediocre and lagged far behind in every way. For this reason, Lee Jin Woo was lumped as a monster with a set of inferiority complex, thus why he turned towards those of lower status to feel better of himself. He never hesitated to openly treat others like a vulgar slave.
Sigh… Jin Woo wanted to give this Lee Jin Woo a slap in the face of ever he was of a separate entity.
“You fool, you got killed by your own brother too…”
Yes, Lee Jin Woo was shot by his own blood.
Jin Woo sighed once again and devoured the rest of his porridge. The taste, it was delicious. He never had anything like this. It could not compare to the foods he bought at the convenience store or cheap restaurants.
“Ah… the filthy rich really have it best.”
He did not know whether to laugh or cry.
Jin Woo shook his head and looked at the shimmering cup of glass beside him. It was a sort of drink he had never seen before.
The author’s creation, no doubt.
“It tastes like cider.”
When he drank the drink, a sense of softness overflowed his body. A sensual feeling of foreign energy coursed through his veins, and Jin Woo realized it was magic.
This Lee Jin Woo, he is indeed filthy rich. He had the money to down drinks with mana every day. Jin Woo wondered how expensive it cost Lee Jin Woo.
Shaking his head, Jin Woo looked at the clock resting on the wall.
An hour has passed, almost.
Hearing a voice, Jin Woo walked out of the room and towards the hallway. He saw women dressed in an alluring maid uniform. They bowed politely as soon as they saw Jin Woo.
“……This is…..”
He never expected this. It was a rare sight to see in Korea. However, anything and everything was possible in a fictional world.
Come to think of it, it did mention ‘that thing’ in the novel.’
“Was it home security and management?”
Perhaps so. Hiring a bodyguard required a great deal of money.
Jin Woo returned back from his train of thoughts and looked at the women. Their faces were cold, donning a slight feeling of contempt and disgust.
“Lee Jin Woo, what the hell did you?” Jin Woo muttered softly in disgust.
He remembered slight what had happened, but not too much. This moment had not registered to him yet because this scene had not been mentioned in great details in the novel.
Well, it is fortunate that he is able to remember the contents of the novel however detailed or vague parts of it may be.
Jin Woo smiled embarrassingly and passed them by.
“How big is this house?”
It would be right to describe it as a mansion.
Feeling an urge to go to the bathroom, he managed to find one in a different part of the house. He leaned over the sink, and washed his face lightly. Sighing, he looked at the reflection in the mirror, and washed his face in cold water. He was in a terrible condition—eyes bloodshot red and baggy eyes.
He then went back to his room. The dishes has been cleaned out and there were new sets of clothes neatly arranged on the bed.
After dressing up, the first woman he encountered entered the room and graced him with her presence.
“Ms. Kim Yoona?”
“……Yes, sir.”
He was right.
She was Kim Yoona.
Jin Woo was horrified.
It was the Kim Yoona who grew vindictive against Lee Jin Woo and plotted out his demise. The way it was described was so vivid that the writer had to revise his script.
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