Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Strange People
It was refreshing, like a good night’s sleep. He liked the feel of the blanket, giving him a false sense of comfort and security. He turned over to the side, wanting to lie in bed all day. Breathing in, a sweet and subtle fragrance permeated the air and turned his mood to sweet delight. Will he feel this way if he were in heaven? Sighing, his whole body melts away in pleasant languor. His skin finds warmth as he had troubles opening his eyes for all he wanted was to sleep… forever…
He pulled the fluffy blanket over his face and sighed. Then he sits up, blanket covering his lower body. He had no other company but his own. It was a lonely life, truly. Though speaking of which, the alarm did not go off, so here he was, sitting still and lethargic. He knows he’s late for work as the director’s image enters his mind, seeing that abusive mouth of his nagging one after another.
“Sigh…” Rubbing his eyes, the haziness disappeared and his vision returned to normal.
He finds his mouth widening as he saw a luxurious bed that he was on top off. It knocked him off guard and he paused for a moment of breath.
The room was spacious, decor full of luxury. Even it’s mere sight alone made him tremble. Looking up, he saw a gourd of a mysterious creature hanging on the wall. The window between the curtains was huge like he’s looking at a big cathedral gate in from Medieval Europe. Across the bed stood a giant TV set made of luxury materials. He only knows because he’s read about it once in a news article. If he’s not wrong, the price should be around 40 million won.
This… This was not his studio apartment. It was not his five–pyeon studio he owned that was filled with mold and moist dampness.
“Where am I…?” He could not understand what was going on, but then, he suddenly remembered the last memory he had. “Kidnapped…? A hidden camera…? What the hell…?” 
His mind ached. The memory pained him… Flames… It covered the place whole. It was a memory, his memory, but it felt like a dream.
“I was covered in fire… but I’m not wounded. No scars, no burnt flesh. Thank goodness. But… that pain was too vivid for a dream…”
He leaned back and sighed relievingly only to find his back damp with cold sweat. If he were to dream of that dream again, he never wanted to fall asleep.
“You’re not going to be able to work in this state, are you?” He laughed miserly. “Aren’t I a slave to that company? Was it because I fell into a state of comfort? Did I like it? Did I like being ordered around?”
It was ridiculous. He’ll get fired if he’s not there, but surprisingly, he had no fear. He looked up at the wall again. The antique clock showed the time. It’s past 2 P.M. He shook his head. The first thing was to grasp the situation around him. He quickly got out of bed and put on the slippers lying neatly on the floor. 
“Huh, even the indoor slippers are of a luxury item. They’re an expensive brand too.”
“My monthly salary is…”
He almost fainted to death recalling his salary. What happened that caused himself to behave like this? He’s sure he had spent all his entire life savings in one night!
Knock, knock!
He staggered back, slightly surprised by the sudden knock on the door. Not sure what to do, he stood still.
“I’m coming in.”
It was a voice of a lovely woman. It was soft and small but he could feel the power inside.
The door opened with a powerful sound and it felt like it could fall off at any moment.
A stunning beauty appears. She’s dressed in a black regal suit, but it seemed like he was looking at a soldier instead due to the cold, impassive look she wore. 
She looked at him with a slight surprise but quickly shook her head. “I’ve brought you food and clothes. I need you to leave in an hour. Get ready.”
With that, she placed the porridge, fruit, and an unidentified drink on the table. It’s a bizarre blue beverage. He had never seen anything like it.
And because he did not know how to react, he stood still.
“Well?” She cocked her brows. “If you’re going to stay like that, you better start moving fast.”
She knows him.
But he doesn’t know her.
Yet, she’s familiar. The kind of familiar where you haven’t seen your best friend for many years let alone meet him.
He nods carefully and speaks out, thinking it might be better to answer. “Ah… yes…”
“Um… yes… I see…”
Did he answer wrong?
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