Novel Name : Geomancy couple

Geomancy couple - Chapter 97

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“You didn’t do anything wrong, Arum.”
“I know. But you know, it was me in the video, and my ugly act was videotaped.”
“What about the plane?”
“I’ve made a reservation. I’m flying tomorrow evening.”
“You’re going to stay here until then, right?”
“No, I think I have to stop by someplace.”
“Where is it?”
“Well, the very place where my fate went amiss.”
“Where is it? Can I go with you?” Arum shook her head. “Are you okay if you go there alone?”
“I’ve got the mask and a hat you brought me.”
“Let me stay here with you for the night.”
“No, you don’t have to. I’m going to say goodnight to you now.”
“Got it. Just give me a call when you arrive in Tokyo.”
Though she felt sorry for her, Jina stood up to let her have a full rest.
“Jina, if you happen to have a call from Hojoon…”
“I know. Just count on me. Let me take care of him.”
Jina hugged her once again and left the hotel.
Early in the morning the following day, Jina was going into the headquarters of Sola when somebody called her from behind, “Jina!”
She turned and found Hojoon standing there.
“Oh, how long have you been waiting for me?”
“As I don’t know when you report to work, I’ve been here for some time.”
When she looked at him, his face had become haggard in just one day.
“Where is Arum right now?”
“Sorry, I’ve promised Arum not to tell you.”
“Please, Jina!”
Hojoon stopped her. Other employees reporting to work looked at them.
“Please just let me know where she is now. I’ve been waiting for her in front of her house all through the night.”
“Of course, you can’t meet her there. She is staying at a hotel now. Why did you do that? Why did you tape such a video?”
“Do you think I posted that video? Even Arum thinks so?”
“I don’t know.”
“Does she really think I posted it?”
“I don’t think you did, but there is only one who can upload it. It’s you, Hojoon.”
“Well, Soran did it.”
Startled at that, Jina closed her mouth hastily, “Really? Arum already reported it to the police.”
“has taken measures to make it impossible for the police to find the truth. Most likely she used a foreign server to upload it.”
“Arum stayed at the hotel until yesterday, but I am not sure where she is now. She told me she would fly to Tokyo. Before that, she told me she would stop by a place where her fate went amiss.”
Hojoon thought of one place. ven before Jina finished saying, Hojoon raced to that place.
“What the heck? Does he know that place?”
Tilting her head, Jina went into the building.
“Arum Yang!”
Sitting at the table on the 2nd floor of the coffee shop in Kwanhwamoon, Arum turned her head in surprise.
Hojoon was coming toward her.
Gasping for breath, he walked up to her with an angry look.
“Did you think I couldn’t find you if you left like this?”
She had nowhere to hide now.
“How did you know I would be here?”
“The place where your fate went amiss.”
Arum instantly sensed that Jina tipped him off on this place. Jina probably thought that Hojoon could not find this place.
“How did you find this place?”
“Do you think that matters now? Was I the wrong fate to you?”
She couldn’t reply when he asked.
What if the meeting place for them had not been this coffee shop?
In that case, she would not have met Konsu on that day.
What if she had not met Konsu?
She would not probably have been entangled with Hojoon like this. After all, both of them were destined not to meet in such a scenario.
“Yes,” she said finally, biting her lip.
“Wasn’t it you who just looked at your ex-boyfriend on the pretext of geomancy love?”
“What did you say? Shame on you! Who is the man who dated and caused a scandal with a woman known to everyone in Korea?”
“Why didn’t you ask me first? Why didn’t you ask me why I met her again, whether I still loved her or whether I would meet her again?” he pressed.
Arum was dumbfounded.
“You met her without telling me in advance, right? Do you know how scared I was after the video was leaked on the internet? Why did you tell me to forget about Konsu when you couldn’t stay with me? Why did you do so when you wouldn’t be with me?”
“That video was leaked by Soran Cho. And the Paris scandal was also fabricated by her.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“Why are you leaving? What makes you so scared?”
“I was scared because I had to endure it all. I couldn’t stand it.”
“You should have contacted me. Are you ready to have a jolly bad time of it as Soran planned?”
“Then, why do you like a foolish woman like me?”
“Because it’s our destiny; it’s our geomancy. You have made me love you through geomancy.”
Arum couldn’t understand what he was talking about.
“Did I?”
She couldn’t believe she brought about all this wrong destiny.
“It’s all because of geomancy. You’ve brought it about. It’s a tragic destiny that you have made.”
“Don’t blame me! It’s you who walked back to Soran by yourself,” said Arum, glaring at him sharply.
“Arum, did you use the geomancy method I taught you?”
“Yes, at that time,” she said feebly.
Some time ago, she changed the interior of her house according to his advice. He said the changed interior would increase her luck of love.
Based on his advice that she had to buy things by even numbers, she purchase everything by two.
Two cushions, two sleepers, two mugs, and two pillows, but as her relationship with Konsu didn’t go well, she suspected Hojoon might be a swindler.
“At that time, what did I tell you? Did I tell you your relations with Konsu would go smoothly? Or did I tell you that your luck of love would be better?”
“My luck of love…”
“Then, why did you keep pushing me aside when I love you? Am I a wrong fate to you? You were so generous to Konsu who already deserted you, but why did you move back ten steps when I moved to you just one step?”
“I’m sorry that I suggested to you a one-month cohabitation.”
Her heart broke. She fought back hot tears welled in her eyes.
Dang it. Why do I feel happy when I’m heartbroken?
She felt her pent-up feelings of love towards him burst out into the open instantly.
“Would you want to live with me all my life instead of one month? I’m going to make you a myongdang anywhere you go.”
“You told me there was no myongdang, didn’t you?”
“I’ve found that myongdang. It’s you, Arum.”
Hojoon came closer to her and said, “You’re myongdang to me, and I’m going to be myongdang to you. I love you, Arum.”
He hugged her.
The people in the coffee shop clapped.
They felt as if the whole world were cheering them on.
One month later, they skipped their wedding ceremony and registered their marriage with a local administrative office.
“Now, I’m legally your patron.”
“Hojoon, you are my husband from now on!”
They held hands and went to the parking lot. There was parked a camping car there. On its side was inscribed a phrase in calligraphy, ‘This is myongdang.’
“Are you ready?”
“Yes. Today is the first day of our honeymoon days. Let’s get out of here quickly, Hojoon!”
They got in the camping car and left Seoul.
Their honeymoon travelog was run on the internet under the title of ‘Geomancy Lovers.’ It was a camping trip that took them to every famous geomancy myongdang place scattered across the country.
The biggest question that the readers of that travelog asked most was ‘Where is myongdang?’
Then, Arum posted her reply, “When you are together, that’s your myongdang.”
After posting the reply, Arum kissed Hojoon’s cheeks as he slept beside her.
“What are you doing now? Did you kiss me secretly?” he asked, hugging her.
“Well, I’m going to mark my area here so other women can’t approach you.”
“Sounds good. Yeah, you have to make sure you do it clearly.”
He hugged her tighter, which made her burst into laughter.
‘If I hadn’t met this man, if I had not left the past behind, I would never have been able to enjoy such a happy love again. Thanks, geomancy!’
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