Novel Name : Geomancy couple

Geomancy couple - Chapter 68

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“What did you do to her?”
“Why is everybody blaming me? Konsu, Yuyoung, and now you, too! What did I do?” Arum shouted at him, and then thought of the gift she gave to Yuyoung recently.
‘Yeah, I gave something to her. That gift…’
Arum’s face turned white instantly.
“I just don’t understand. What did I do?” she hedged, trying to read his mind.
She came to her senses suddenly because the picture she gave to Yuyoung came to her mind.
‘Did the effect of geomancy already pay off? Have all this happened because of that picture?’
Arum forgot for a moment that she met Konsu again because of geomancy.
‘Is the effect of geomancy this powerful?’
She couldn’t believe her ears.
In fact, she gave the abstract picture to Yuyoung to get even with Konsu.
What happened to Yuyoung anyway?
Hojoon bluntly talked to Arum, who was standing with a blank face, “I heard from Yuyoung that she was cancelling off the marriage.”
She felt dizzy instantly.
“Is this what you want?” Hojoon demanded.
Arum came to her senses suddenly. She openly told her friends that she wanted Konsu to break off the engagement with Yuyoung. She thought Konsu would easily cancel off the marriage as he already did the same thing to her.
But it actually happened!
Oh my god!
Arum wasn’t pleased at all.
She sat down with Hojoon because she wanted to hear the whole story from beginning to end.
“It was Yuyoung who called me when I met you a while ago. She told me she wanted to meet me as she was only available today because of her flight schedule.”
“Oh, that’s why you cancelled the dinner appointment with me.”
Arum felt dizzy. She couldn’t believe what was happening before her eyes.
“While I was having dinner with Yuyoung, I was surprised when she mentioned her breakup so calmly. She came to see me because she felt so sorry for you.”
“She was worried about your shooting of the house for your geomancy interior design special for newlyweds.”
Since she cancelled off the marriage, the special feature she had been working on in connection with geomancy interior design for newlyweds was certain to be cancelled.
Hojoon continued, “So, I asked her why she was worried about reporter Yu’s geomancy article when she was in a mess herself. But she told me several times that you went to the trouble of coming to her house to give her a gift. At that moment, I wondered what kind of gift it was.”
“That gift was…” said Arum, lowering her head.
Hojoon said, “I doubted it at first. Though I was a professional geomancy consultant, it was the first time that I experienced such an eerie thing. So, I went to Yuyoung’s house to confirm what your gift was. My foreboding was correct. How did you know you could abuse the method of geomancy like that?”
“Well, I just followed what’s said in your geomancy book. As you know, the couples don’t necessarily cancel off their marriages just because they followed your advice in the book, do they?”
“That’s correct. They don’t just because of my geomancy advice. As for Yuyoung’s breakup, it is very important to know who is earnestly standing in her way.”
“Standing in her way?”
Looking at Arum’s frightened face, he said worriedly, “Yes. God has granted the wishes of someone who has been wanting to separate Konsu and Yuyoung so earnestly.”
Arum freaked out at that moment.
Good heavens!
She regretted that her wishes for their disengagement came true so quickly when her other wishes were never realized.
“I know you’re a soft-hearted woman who can’t break the hearts of others. What the heck made you do that?”
“Because I hate Konsu.”
That was true.
“Anyway, I hear that it was Yuyoung who first asked to cancel off the marriage.”
“Not Konsu?”
“If you really hated Konsu, don’t you think Yuyoung did the right thing? It’s Konsu, not Yuyoung, who would have to suffer the pain of separation.”
“Why do you think she decided to break off their engagement?”
“According to Yuyoung, Konsu’s mother told her to quit from her company in order to get pregnant. But Yuyoung resisted strongly, explaining to her that she could not give up her job so easily when she made so much effort to become an airline stewardess.”
Arum nodded.
“But there was another crucial reason for her decision,” he said rather hesitantly. “Konsu allegedly told her that he couldn’t forget his ex-girlfriend.”
Arum was speechless.
“Are you sure? Did that stupid guy really say that to her?”
“Why? Wasn’t it what you wanted to hear? Yuyoung got more upset because she had never heard about that woman. Reproaching herself, Yuyoung thought he must have missed his ex-girlfriend so much that he couldn’t forget about her.”
“In fact, Konsu had forgotten me.”
“What did you say?”
Hojoon was surprised at Arum’s unexpected confession.
She continued, “What I mean is Konsu didn’t tell Yuyoung about me because he had forgotten me, not because he couldn’t forget me. He began to remember me when he met me again, and when he was about to get married, he must have freaked out. And that’s why he named me as a convenient excuse. After all, Konsu was no more than a groom suffering from runaway bride syndrome.”
It was her cool analysis of Konsu’s problem.
“What is runaway bride syndrome?”
“You can notice it easily in foreign movies. The scene of a bride in a wedding dress running away from the wedding hall because of too much stress right before marriage. That’s the case revolving around Konsu.”
The more Arum thought about Konsu, the more upset she became with him. In the end, she unveiled to the whole world the fact that the man she chose was like human scum.
“What a stupid guy!” Arun continued, “After all, Yuyoung and I were totally deceived by him. He didn’t change his bad habits. When I said I was cancelling off the marriage, my seniors told me to wait. They comforted me by saying Konsu would come back, adding that men feel uneasy and wanted to be free from a sense of commitment before their marriage. They reassured me that Konsu would feel better again even though he deviated for now. Never, ever did he change. And my life was ruined because of him. I think Yuyoung is wise enough. You told me she first asked to cancel off the marriage, right?”
“Yes. In fact, Yuyoung said she expected Konsu would beg her to hold him.”
“Didn’t he hold her?”
Hojoon shook his head.
“What a bad bastard!” Arum cursed at Konsu.
But she couldn’t become free from a sense of guilt because it was she who gave her geomancy advice.
“What should I do now?” asked Arum.
“Obviously, you have a conscience. Why did you do so?”
“Isn’t this what you have wanted so far?”
“No, this is not my wishes. Are they really getting disengaged?”
“Yes,” he said resolutely.
Arum became impatient.
“I hope she won’t get disengaged. Konsu is very indecisive. If she holds him first, he will certainly change his mind. What did Yuyoung say? Does she really want to cancel off the marriage or is she just so upset about him that she wants to split up?”
When the situation got worse than she thought, Arum couldn’t sit idle.
When he heard it, Hojoon said ruefully, “I wish you were heartless back then.”
“You don’t remember? When you intruded into my house at that time, you should have cut off your relationship with me clearly. If you had done so, we would not have seen all this ugly stuff happening like now.”
“Yeah, you’re right. I wouldn’t have known about geomancy.”
“So, do you regret meeting me?”
“Yes, I do. If I had not met you, I would not have met Konsu.”
Hojoon nodded, hearing that, and shouted, “Bingo!”
“Are you kidding me now?”
“I don’t regret it at all.”
“You’re lying. You regret that you didn’t receive settlement money from me at that time, don’t you?
“Oh, I do have some regrets about that. Sometimes I feel regret that I didn’t get paid for the cleaning work in my house. But I think it was fortunate that you came to my house. What if you met a hooligan while drunk?”
Arum got goosebumps upon hearing that.
What if she broke into a sex criminal or a serial killer’s house?
That could have been the most terrible thing in her life.
She freaked out at Hojoon’s reminder.
“I’ve never thought about it. I’m so scared.”
“I was kidding. You wouldn’t have experienced such a bad thing because you and I have one thing in common, which was the house.”
Arum nodded at that. In fact, the house she broke into that day was her former house. In that respect, her encounter with Hojoon was the meeting between its previous owner and its current owner.
“You were fortunate enough to have come to my house instead of your ex-boyfriend’s.”
“Why do you think so?”
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