Novel Name : Geomancy couple

Geomancy couple - Chapter 64

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“Hey, boy, study hard instead of working part-time. Looking back, I think I studied the hardest at that time, with excellent results.”
The student didn’t reply.
“Study hard and go to a good college. That’s your duty.”
“But my parents are more important to me than studying now. I see my grades falling because of my concern for my parents. I don’t want to go home.”
“See! Your grades are falling.”
“Yes, that’s right,” he said, lowering his head.
“Then, get back to work and study hard. Be the top student in your school! They can give up their divorce because of you, right?”
“Not my parents.”
“All the parents are the same in this respect. They can do anything for the sake of their children. In particular, if you are the top student in your school.”
“I’m already the top student, sir.”
While giving him consultation in a playful mood, Hojoon suddenly felt embarrassed.
“You told me your grades fell!”
“Yes, I was pushed out of the top ten students’ list for the first time.”
“Yes, you can do it again. Try to be the top student in your school.”
“Nope, I mean among all the high school students in the country.”
Hojoon swallowed dryly.
“How do you make money? And how do you work?”
“Well, I occasionally post on the Internet videos about how to study, which generated lots of money. I hear my income is as much as that of ordinary salaried men. Are they receiving such meager income for their work?”
Hojoon was speechless at that moment.
But he couldn’t accept the money of a minor.
“Even if it’s your money, I can’t accept it in the interest of my business principle.”
“Then, please give me advice when I do it.”
“Let me show you my house through a video call. And let me do just as you instruct.”
“Video call? That sounds good. I can help you with that.”
“How much do you charge for this?”
“I can’t take your money. Let me check out your house first.”
“Thanks so much, sir.”
“I’m available even in the evening. So, call me when it’s convenient for you and show me your room through a video call, Or you can shoot it and send me a video clip.”
Thank you, sir!”
Only then did the boy smile brightly and stood up.
Arum now has to get down to the second project. She had to write a piece on the remodelling process of the Sola House, the exhibition room of the new products of Solar Electronics. She was supposed to focus her article on the concept of the ‘smart geomancy interior for newly weds.’ The planning team of Solar Electronics and the staff of Hojoon’s company should work together for this. Sola Electronics staff should present an idea that makes Solar products stand out while Hojoon’s staff should offer an idea that best fits the geomancy interior of the Sola House.
Arum arrived at a cafe near the Sola House one hour earlier than the scheduled appointment.
Jina already got there, waiting for her.
“I’m here!”
With a bright smile she waved at Arum.
It was the first time they met since they met at the wine bar recently.
Jina took pains to smile. Her face looked haggard.
“What happened?”
Arum sat down beside her, expressing concern about her health.
“How about you?” asked Jina, beating around the bush.
Though they had a lot to talk to each other, it seemed they just wanted to keep it to themselves for now.
“I received Konsu’s wedding invitation card,” Jina said, changing the topic.
“Did you receive it?”
Arum just kept fidgeting napkins without replying.
“O my…are you still meeting him?”
“Well, he came to my house on Sun. He told me he wanted to date me again.”
“Good heavens!”
Jina was just speechless.
“Never meet him again,” Jina said.
“He hasn’t gotten married yet. Don’t make a fuss out of it.”
“Oh, don’t be taken in again like me.”
Jina’s response was something unexpected.
Actually, she always boasted to Arum proudly about her dating the married guy, calling it “love.” When others including Arum told her, ‘You’re now being abused!,’ she strongly resisted.
“Now I know it clearly. It was not love.”
Jina said she met that guy again that night.
“So, did you open the door for him?”
“Nope, I reported to the police.”
“So what?”
“Dang it. Do you know what he said at the police station? Turning to his wife, that guy argued that I first tempted him to meet again. He even argued falsely that I was already aware of his plan to come to Korea…”
“You saw that guy first on that night, right?” asked Arum, enraged about him as if it were her own matter.
“He clearly told me he didn’t love his wife.”
Jina recalled what he had told her a long time ago.
Jina’s words strongly echoed in Arum’s mind, touching her heart. Konsu told Arum that though he was getting married to Yuyoung, he didn’t love her.
Jina continued, “I trusted him. I even felt sorry for him. I felt this guy, who lived with a woman that he didn’t love, was so pitiable.”
She said it so calmly that Arum couldn’t believe that it happened to her only a few days ago.
“Then I could confirm his true colors at the police station. He was totally attached to his wife. I was just an easy prey to him. He could discard me anytime he didn’t need me. Do you think Konsu is different?”
Arum couldn’t raise her head at Jina’s cool-headed assessment.
“No, Konsu is different,” Arum answered, but she wasn’t sure.
“He’s the same guy. If he really loves you, he should cancel off the marriage with Yuyoung right away.”
“How can he do it all of a sudden?” Arum asked back.
Arum took side with Konsu because she could justify her argument.
“If Konsu is a human, he shouldn’t do that. Wake up, Arum!”
“Let me take care of this, Jina.”
“You can’t solve this if you keep it. Just break up once and for all. Don’t give him any further chance to meet you.”
“Jina, you know how much I loved this guy…..”
“I know. That’s why I’m telling you. You break up with him first,” said Jina emphatically.
She continued, “Don’t let yourself be totally ignored like me. Look at the swindlers! They are using all the same tricks, but there are still lots of people who are deceived. Why are they deceived when they’re all smart? It is the suckers who are to blame.”
Then Jina added one more thing.
“You know humans have not yet developed pills that you can take three times a day after a meal for one week to forget the pain of separation. I know how much you will feel hurt once you break up with Konsu. But why do you think they haven’t yet developed such pills?”
“If we can obtain such pills, how wonderful! The next day after we split up, we can take one pill and then our pain disappears. Why can’t we have such pills then?”
Arum has never given any thought to it.
“It’s because you can take care of your pain on your own,” said Jina.
She then stressed, “It’s because you need such a pain by all means. Only when you go through it can you appreciate how sweet it is to meet your next lover.”
The moment Jina gave her advice like this, she was obviously acting like an adult supervisor. Arum was surprised Jina had such a deep contemplation of the matter of love.
‘Compared with her, I feel I am always the same.’
Though Jina gave her a clear-cut solution, Arum still felt he couldn’t think straight. Arum turned her eyes to the outside of the window. She saw Hojoon parking at the garage and entering the Sola House.
Suddenly Hojoon turned back and looked at the coffee shop, catching her eyes.
Folding his arms, he came into the coffee shop.
When Arum didn’t move, he walked up to her.
“Can you buy me a cup of coffee?” he asked.
Sitting beside Arum slyly, he asked her to treat him. At that moment Jina briskly stood up, holding her wallet and said, “Which coffee do you want?”
“Why are you buying coffee for me, Jina? You already treated me to drinks last time. I’m going to ask Arum to buy coffee for me today.”
“Who told you I’m going to buy coffee for you?”
“Hey, I think I should have asked you for more settlement money back then.”
“Gee, are you going to remind me of that old story?”
Looking at Hojoon and Arum alternately, Jina stood up with a smile.
“You guys have a lovers’ quarrel later, okay? Let me just order iced Americano coffee for you. I have to order some more coffee for our staff anyway.”
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