Novel Name : Geomancy couple

Geomancy couple - Chapter 63

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Back at his office, Hojoon got upset. Was it because of his father’s geomancy advice that all this happened? Even now, Soran freely visited his house, and he really felt pressured. If she got divorced, she would openly try to meet him and visit his house more often. He just got frustrated and annoyed at that.
First of all, Hojoon had to talk to his father.
“It’s me, dad. Did you return the consultation fee to Soran?”
“Yep! I did right away on that day.”
“How about your geomancy advice?”
“For the first time in my life, I gave her such an advice because of you.”
“I hear she is getting divorced.”
“I guess she will.”
“What? Did you already know about it?”
“Dang it! We humans do what we want to do by using geomancy as excuses. Good things are not supposed to take place often in this world. On the other hand, misfortunes come along when you stop them. Luck? You have to keep praying for it if you really want it.”
“Do you think I gave her geomancy advice on divorce?”
“You told me she asked you for that?”
“That’s Soran’s wishful thinking. When I visited her house, I felt how cold it was. No matter how hot she runs the boiler in her house, she can’t do anything about the coldness of her house. Her house is not for humans. Nobody can’t embrace her in that house.”
“So, what did you do?”
“Well, I served a secret geomancy method that made her pregnant.”
“Oh my god…” Hojoon exclaimed. That was something he didn’t expect at all.
“That’s the essence of geomancy. Basically, geomancy is intended for humans. But you can’t go against nature. I told you this repeatedly. What’s the basics of geomancy? The fundamental thing?”
Suddenly, his father began to give him a lecture on geomancy.
There were so many things as far as the basics of geomancy was concerned. But his father was asking him about the most basic of the basics of geomancy . He couldn’t answer.
“It’s none other than nature. Houses looking like nature, houses that contain the flow of the four seasons are the basics of Korean houses. North European style? Given the long winter there, they build houses tailored to their own tastes, which is their style of geomancy. The basics of geomancy is the wind and water running underneath the earth.”
His lecture was clear.
“If that’s the case, why did Soran Cho…”
“That’s how humans react. We humans interpret nature as we please instead of taking care of it. What do you think nature expects from you?”
He was confused at his father’s unexpected question.
“Is my question difficult?”
“Kind of.”
“If you’re part of nature, what would you do?”
Hojoon found it very hard to answer.
Environmental protection? Saving resources?
“I don’t know.”
“The answer is reproduction.”
Hojoon barely held back his bursting laughter.
But his father was serious.
“Don’t go against nature.”
With that request, his father hung up the phone.
Hojoon had never thought that ‘reproduction’ was his duty.
Turning it over in his mind, though, he totally agreed with his father. He felt he had to reflect on himself for having neglected ‘reproduction.’
At that moment, Heemang knocked on the door and came in with a strange look.
“The client, who is supposed to come at 4PM, is here.”
“So what?”
“The client is a student.”
“What the heck?”
Hojoon double checked the client’s name in his diary. Obviously, he couldn’t figure out how old the client was by just looking at the name.
That was his mistake.
Given the nature of his job, Hojoon had never met any student client. Besides, it would be financially burdensome for a student to pay for his expensive geomancy consultation fee. And he was also puzzled by the fact that a high school student could believe in geomancy.
‘Let me meet the client first.’
At 4PM, he sat face to face with a student wearing a neat school uniform.
“My name is Hojoon Kim, the president of this company.”
He gave the boy his business card.
The boy sprang to his feet and received it. Though he received it, he was at a loss as to what to do with it. He put it in the small pocket of his uniform.
The boy was much taller than the average adult in Korea. Obviously, he was from a rich family.
“Did you make the reservation by yourself? Or your parents…”
“I did.”
Given the way he spoke in a straightforward manner, Hojoon felt he was most likely a smart student.
“What business has brought you here?” Hojoon got curious.
Looking around the office, the boy cautiously opened his mouth.
“I heard that you’re the expert on geomancy love.” Having said that, he lowered his head shyly.
Only now did Hojoon quench his curiosity.
‘Dang it! Do I have to advise even a high school student to make money?’
Suddenly, Hojoon felt ashamed of himself.
“As for love at your age, it has nothing to do with geomancy, boy. Even if you meet a geomancy guru, you can’t get the answer you want. How come you guys are talking about love when you’re so disobedient to your parents?” Hojoon said in a scolding tone.
How could a high school student rely on geomancy for his love?
But that student, who raised his head, was pretty serious.
“Can you recover a troubled married life?” he asked.
Obviously, this student must have caused some trouble.
‘This guy knows his moral duty, though. Does he want to get along well with his wife? Is his wife pregnant now?’
Lots of thoughts came to Hojoon’s mind at that moment.
“Well, you don’t have to think that it’s about me. It’s about my parents.”
“It’s about my parents’ matter, not mine,” he said in an annoyed tone.
How could he try to find the solution to his parents’ problem through geomancy?
Hojoon felt pretty delighted to know that a high school boy thought of geomancy as the solution for his parents’ troubles.
“Do your parents have any problems now?”
“Well, it looks like they’re going to get divorced. Sir, can you stop this?”
As Hojoon was done talking with his father about this kind of matter in the morning, he wasn’t confident. After all, Soran Cho got divorced.
“Well, I think you should leave it to them. It’s their problem anyway.”
“Dame it. What are you talking about?” the boy said angrily. And he continued to protest, “Was it a fake ad? You clearly said there you’re going to enhance the luck of marriage, didn’t you?”
“That’s true, but…”
The matter of divorce was different. Geomancy alone couldn’t change the minds of those who had already decided to get divorced.
“Was it all fake on the internet?” he protested.
Hojoon was hurt by his arrogant question.
“Who told you it’s fake?”
“Why can’t you solve the problem of my parents?”
“Basically, love is a private matter of the direct parties. You are not directly involved in this, are you?”
Though Hojoon usually used honorific language, he didn’t this time.
“No, I’m not. But I’m a family member. I just feel so ashamed if my parents really get divorced.”
“Well, I can’t tell you this…”
The body didn’t want to tell what’s going on inside his family. Children don’t like their parents’ divorce whatever their reason was.
Of course, Hojoon knew there was some way to stop the divorce.
“Though I can’t guarantee you 100% that I can stop your parents’ divorce, but I know some way to help them enhance the luck of their love.”
The boy’s eyes widened with pleasant surprise.
“Really? Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m positive.”
Folding his arms, Hojoon answered in a complacent manner. Actually, that was not that difficult. He was full of confidence now.
The boy took out his credit card without any hesitation.
“Please go ahead then. Let me pay at one time.”
Hojoon took the card, but reminded the boy that he, who was still a minor, couldn’t take it without his parents’ approval. And the consultation fee was at least over one million won.
“You can come back after your parents’ approval. Hopefully you can come with one of your parents.”
That student was very disappointed at that.
“Do you think my parents, who have decided to get divorced, can come here together?”
“I know that. Do you know how much my consultation fee is?”
“Yes, I googled this. I had a consultation with the receptionist over the phone, too,” said the boy confidently.
“You did that before I talked to you. I really appreciate your visit here, but my consultation fee is not cheap. And I also have to visit your house to give specific geomancy advice. I can’t do all this without your parents’ approval,” Hojoon replied and refused his consultation request politely.
“Are you refusing because of money?”
“Yes, if you use your mother’s credit card, I can’t.”
“I made the money by myself.”
“What did you say?”
“This is my debit card.”
“So, do you want to spend the money you earned through a part-time job?”
“Well, I’m making lots of money.”
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