Novel Name : Geomancy couple

Geomancy couple - Chapter 58

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What’s fortunate was that Yuyoung’s groom was not available for an interview at the moment.
Arum told Yuyoung that as the feature project focused on the ‘bride’s gift’, her groom didn’t need to be here.
In one corner of the room, some staff from Sola Electronics and furniture servicemen were on standby. They decided to wait for a moment before they deliver the bed in a minute.
Yuyoung approached them and asked, “Do you want coffee?”
Everybody replied positively.
At that moment, they delivered her bed.
“Let me buy some coffee outside,” said Arum, taking their coffee orders. After telling them where they should place the bed, Hojoon followed her outside.
There were not many customers at the coffee shop in front of the apartment complex.
Arum paid for the coffee with a company card. While they were waiting for coffee, they sat down quietly at the table.
The vibration bell rang on the plastic card they were holding.
Arum and Hojoon carried the coffee together.
“Let’s go.”
Hojoon was about to open the glass door of the coffee shop. At that moment, he saw Konsu heading for Yuyoung’s apartment unit, carrying a flower basket full of roses.
‘Yuyoung has told me her groom went to a provincial place on a business trip.’
Hojoon smelled a rat.
‘Damn it. Why did the bastard bring a flower basket at this time?’
Hojoon was worried about what would happen.
He sat back at the table.
“What are you doing? You asked me to go back quickly, right?” Arum demanded, “They’re waiting for us.”
Looking at Konsu over the window, Hojoon felt agonized.
Should he come back to Yuyoung’s house with Arum and show her the harsh reality where she had to see Konsu and his fiancée Yuyoung together?
Or should he give Arum a chance to calm down her troubled heart?
“Shall we take a drive together?” Hojoon suggested to Arum all of a sudden.
“Are you crazy? We’re in the middle of work now.”
“Oh, I left a document in my office.”
“Unless it’s urgent, you can give it to her later. You told me you’re close to her.”
“Well, this has something to do with paying the balance. I have to give it to her today.”
“What about coffee?”
“Oh, we can use a quick delivery service.”
“No, let me carry the coffee quickly,” said Arum.
She then took away the coffee from him.
“Please stop by your office then.”
Hojoon held her by the shoulder, and said, “Please come with me. They’re still installing home appliances.”
“By the time we get there, they’ll be done. You’re acting really weird today, Chief. You have to go back and check the interior accessories and the interior of the living room.”
He couldn’t stop her anymore.
Carrying the coffee cup holders, the two arrived at the front door of Yuyoung. The door was open. Music was flowing from inside. It was the soundtrack ‘SHE’ from the movie Notting Hill.
And a guy was singing the song passionately from inside.
‘She may be the reason I survive.’
It was a sweet voice.
Arum got carried away with the guy’s singing.
It was a voice familiar to her.
It was the voice she used to hear often.
There was no time for Hojoon to intervene.
The voice belonged to none other than Konsu.
Kneeling before the bride, he was singing a serenade with pleading eyes. Deeply moved by his proposal, the bride’s eyes welled up with tears.
While singing the song ‘She may be the reason I survive’ with supplicating eyes, he caught her eyes.
He suddenly stopped singing as if he saw a ghost.
Though Konsu was shocked to see her, Arum didn’t avoid his eyes. Obviously, she saw a myriad of thoughts coming across his mind.
It was the very head-on collision situation that Arum wanted to avoid by all means.
Were all her senses paralyzed?
She wasn’t shocked more than he expected. Maybe she might not be able to feel it at that moment.
It was Konsu who avoided her eyes first. And he continued to sing the song. When he was done, he took out a wedding ring.
“Thanks for marrying me. I love you forever.”
He conveyed to the bride his prepared proposal message.
‘I love you forever.’
Hearing Konsu’s proposal to her with it, Arum, who endured it all up to now, collapsed. Her heart pounded loudly. Her hands trembled. It looked like she would drop the coffee carrier.
Hojoon quickly received it and put it on the table. Then he held her hand.
Without Hojoon, she would have collapsed.
Hojoon could feel her hand trembling subtly.
There was no crying over spilt milk.
This was a situation nobody expected. Konsu had to choose between the two women.
And his choice was Yuyoung.
As soon as Yuyoung put on her wedding ring, she hugged him. Today’s heroine was Yuyoung.
Over her shoulder, Konsu saw Arum’s face that turned white with shock. And he signaled to her with pleading eyes.
‘Arum, since you’re kind-hearted, you can understand me, right?
And he prayed that she could understand him.
At that moment, Hojoon turned Arum away and stared at Konsu. Coming to her senses, Arum tried to run away from the place.
“No, you have to stick it out.”
And he held her hand tightly.
“There is no more place you can run to,” he whispered.
Arum dropped her head, but she was too heartbroken.
‘What did I do wrong to you so much that I’m receiving this kind of treatment?’
The shooting staff, who were unaware of what’s going on, shouted, “Kiss! Kiss!”
Chief Photographer Yun kept clicking the shutter, arguing that Arum should describe this scene in her piece.
Konsu, who was hesitant at the moment, kissed her lips in the end. They shouted for joy.
But Arum closed her eyes.
Hojoon hid her from others for fear they might notice her unusual behavior. He even covered up her innermost feelings completely, who wanted to hide in his shade forever.
Once inside his shadow, Arum wanted to disappear forever.
The geomancy interior consultation event was over.
And they were done shooting the interior of Yuyoung’s house, and it’s time to go back.
Konsu, who was quite sociable, gave wedding invitation cards to the staff. He boasted that as the wedding invitation card came out today, he wanted to show it to the bride first and propose.
“Don’t bring any money gift. Just come for a meal. You have given us such a big gift. Thanks so much for your service today.”
Handing the card to the staff, he stood before Arum.
“Please come, reporter Arum,” he said casually without feeling sorry.
Arum was dumbfounded. She didn’t want to receive the card. If she had her way, she wanted to slap him on the back. But she couldn’t pretend to know Konsu because of Yuyoung.
“Please come to our wedding, reporter Arum.”
As Yuyoung gave her the card again, she received it. When Arum opened it out of courtesy, the wedding place was a luxurious hotel banquet hall. Obviously Yuyoung told her that she would have a little wedding ceremony. The staff smiled from ear to ear, saying they looked forward to enjoying high-end food. Konsu, who was sociable and outgoing, already exchanged business cards with the staff, even calling some of them ‘brother’ or ‘senior’, based on their alma maters or same birthplace.
But Arum was enraged to see that. ‘You, human scum!’
The wedding card had the same design that Arum kept in her house.
‘Is he trying to get even with me? Or doesn’t he still forget me? Or has he chosen this irritatingly?’
Arum was just aghast whatever it was.
Holding the card, she stared at Konsu, but he avoided her eyes.
Instead Yuyoung said, “You should really come, reporter Yu. Without you we would not have
met and got married like this. Your counsel in your column was fantastic.”
Yuyoung said the same thing when she first met Arum. At that time Arum thought she said that for pleasantries, but she now felt she could know why Yuyoung said so.
In fact, Arum wrote a regular column on love, based on her experiences with dating Konsu. Obviously she included Konsu’s dating style in many of her articles in the column. As it turned out, Yuyoung’s partner was Konsu. Namely, Arum was like serving as a one-on-one coach for her through her column.
“I’m flattered, Yuyoung. You get married because you have found a good boyfriend. He looks great. Let me attend your wedding ceremony, if I can.”
Clenching her molar, she answered with a smile.
“Really? He is the best as a lover, but I’m not sure if he can be the best husband,” said Yuyoung, holding Konsu’s hand charmingly.
‘As your husband, he is far from good. You’ve chosen the wrong man!’
Arum wanted to tell her so, but held back the urge.
The worst man.
Konsu, who toyed with two women at the same time, and a Casanova with an ugly face. It’s not accurate at all to call him a Casanova.
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