Novel Name : Geomancy couple

Geomancy couple - Chapter 55

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Already dressed in a nightgown, she was watching an entertainment TV program on the sofa.
Standing before the front door, he expressed displeasure in a low voice, “What are you doing here?”
“Don’t make a big deal. I’m not here to ask you for something. I just can’t go to sleep. Do you want some drinks, too?” Soran poured carbonated water in a clear glass and mixed white wine with it. Just like what she used to drink in Paris. She enjoyed it for a change sometimes, or when she couldn’t go to sleep.
“Never mind if you don’t like it.” Though she said so, she poured some into the other glass.
She didn’t show any sign of getting up. Resigned to the situation, he went into the living room. She dragged a stool placed far in the corner and sat face to face with him.
“Won’t you lend this sofa to me, your old friend?”
Though he broke up with her long time ago, he could still figure out if she was sincere or not. It seemed that she really couldn’t go to sleep, and that she came to borrow his sofa. She looked as if she was here for her own selfish interests. But he couldn’t let a married woman like her sleep in his house. It was the best policy to snip any possible misunderstanding in the bud.
“Let me call a taxi for you.”
Soran said, “I just feel comfortable here more than anywhere else. When I’m alone here, I feel like it’s my own house.”
“That’s your delusion.”
“Seriously. Let me sleep here for just today.”
“Your husband will look for you.”
“Not at all. He’s going to bring his girlfriend to my bedroom tonight,” she said calmly, as if she was talking about a stranger. It was Hojoon who was more surprised.
“Hey, Soran!”
“Why? I like it. This is what I want. I had a CCTV installed in my house this morning. I think I can get divorced earlier than expected. I’m amazed at your father’s ability as a geomancy expert. In fact, I didn’t expect his prescription through geomancy would take effect. But it did!”
“You’re driving me nuts!” said Hojoon.
He was at a loss for words when she remained adamant upon spending the night.
The next morning, it began to rain.
Awakened by the sound of raindrops, Arum felt happy about the downpour of rain. She felt as if the whole world could see her miserable condition if bright sunshine actually came into her room.
She quickly prepared to go to her company when she heard someone ringing the bell.
‘Who could it be at this early hour?’
Wearing an earring in one of her ears, she opened the front door.
Hojoon was standing there.
“Oh, Hojoon! What brings you here?” Arum was really surprised. “How come you came here without calling me first?”
“But you didn’t answer my call?”
“What? Really?”
She ran back to the dining table where she put her smartphone. She missed as many as seven calls during her absence.
“Sorry, I didn’t know that since I was absentmindedly preparing to go to the company. What’s the matter?”
“Let’s go to work together.”
Come to think of it, he just stood there without taking off his shoes.
“I just stopped by to confirm if you’re okay. Since I’ve confirmed that you’re well and safe, let’s go to work. We’re supposed to take photographs of Yuyoung’s house this Friday, right?”
“You have to hang in there at that time, so be prepared to face the music.”
“Aha… You mean, I have to do my work under any circumstances, right?”
“Anyway, let’s go to work. If we start five minutes early, we could arrive at the office twenty minutes earlier. Don’t you know that?”
“Of course I do. Are you here to give me a lecture early in the morning? Wait a minute. Let me take my handbag.”
She took it and went out.
“Let’s go!” she said cheerfully.
Fortunately, there was no traffic congestion because they left early. They arrived at Arum’s company ahead of the regular office hours.
“Do you want to have coffee and a sandwich?” she asked because she wanted to treat him to breakfast for her free ride.
“No thanks. I’m fully booked today. I have to drive down to Daejon to escort someone.”
“My father’s sister lives in Mt. Keyryong.”
“I wonder if she’s actually a fairy there. Hoho.”
“She’s a Buddihist monk.”
“Oh, I see. By the way, isn’t Mt. Keyryong myongdang? I hear there are lots of geomancy gurus there.”
“Looks like you’re addicted to myongdang.”
While laughing away her remarks, he seemed to hit on some idea.
“Ah! Do you have an appointment in the evening?”
“I might work until late at night…”
It seemed that she felt she might get a call from Konsu this evening.
“Really? What should I do?”
“Well, my cousin invited me to dinner. I wish you could join me.”
“How come you suddenly brought it up?”
“Nope. I was invited there one week ago, but when you mentioned myongdang, I suddenly remembered it. He toured the whole country by driving a food truck and selected several menus at the Kongyu Jubang (Shared Kitchen).”
While talking about it, he tried to check her reaction.
“Sorry, you just said you would work until late today. Bye for now…”
Though he withdrew his remarks quickly, he still tried to read her mind.
“Wait a minute. What did you say? Kongyu Jubang? What is that?”
She took the bait immediately.
“Are you curious?”
“Then you can join me.”
“Where is the location?”
“Let me text you a message.”
Then he left without looking back.
“What the heck? He left me wondering like this…”
She walked up to her office, grumbling about him. As soon as she turned on the notebook, she googled on Kongyu Jubang right away.
Manager Kyong approached her, watching her computer monitor.
“What is this?”
“Kongyu Jubang. Have you heard about it?”
“Isn’t it Kondong Jubang? ‘Share House’ looks funny, doesn’t it?”
After looking up the definition of Kongyu Jubang briefly, she explained, “Kongyu Jubang literally means lending the kitchen alone. Namely ‘shared kitchen.’ They are available in areas such as Huamdong, Mangwondong and Itaewon. Like you, there are many such programs on TV these days. Kongyu Jubang are just for those who want to cook but can’t because their kitchens are too small or their houses are too small to fold even a dining table. So, they are borrowing only the kitchens.”
“What a good idea! Is it expensive?”
“Well, it’s less than 10,000 won per hour, but it’s a bit more expensive during the weekends. They have to buy food ingredients, so it costs much less than eating out. And those who want to treat their parents on their birthdays or lovers who don’t have their own houses can use Kongyu Jubang.”
“Wow, that’s great, followed by shared cars and shared bicycles. What a great item! The title is ‘How about Sharing?’ Give me a feature idea on this. I think we can go to the scene.”
“You bet! In fact, I was invited to such a place…”
“You should definitely go there. Trot outside as a reporter. How was your visit to that newlyweds’ house yesterday? You’re making photographs of that house Friday, right?”
“Oh my…”
Suddenly, Arum became gloomy.
“What’s wrong with you?”
“No, not really. The size of the house is good. I hear they will bring the furniture and home appliances by Friday.”
“Okay. Give me a briefing after you visit the scene of Kongyu Jubang.”
She got another assignment. But that was a happy workload for a reporter like Arum with a strong curiosity.
But there was no call from Hojoon late into the afternoon. She had no other choice but to call him first.
“Are you still in Daejon?”
“No, I’m on my way back.”
“Why didn’t you text me a message on the location of your cousin’s Kongyu Jubang display?”
“Why should I? I’m going to pick you up.”
Her heart was beating.
“If I drive to your company and then to my cousin’s place, I think we can get there right on time.”
She missed the chance to reply because she tried to control her pounding heartbeat.
“Are you listening to me?”
“Oh, yes. I’m going to see you then since I’m leaving work on time.”
Hojoon hung up the phone after he mentioned his point.
She hid her excited face for fear that others might see it.
“Arum Yang!”
At that moment, the editor called her.
“Come here, baby.”
Dressed stylishly and wearing sunglasses even in the office, the editor waved at her. As soon as Arum came into the office, the editor asked her with her curiosities, “Have you heard about the rumor about Soran Cho’s divorce?”
“Nope, did she get divorced?”
“Not yet.”
“I’m just asking you since you’re close to her.”
“Tell her to contact us first when she gets divorced finally. That’s an exclusive!”
“Got it.”
“You’re fired if you miss the interview with Soran. Got it?”
“Are you sure you didn’t hear anything?”
“Well, we’re not on intimate terms.”
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