Novel Name : Geomancy couple

Geomancy couple - Chapter 43

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Hojoon was just dumbfounded by her nonsensical reaction.
But she said, “It’s all my fault. It looks like the effect of your geomancy of love is really powerful.”
“I think you incorrectly understood it. This is neither geomancy nor love.”
“Why not? I met Konsu when I did just as you instructed me.”
“So, are you happy?” he asked sharply.
“Yes, I am,” she answered without any hesitation.
“Do you still like this man who left you?”
“Of course,” she said stubbornly.
“Let me ask you one more question, then.”
Arum was ready to field any question now, even one hundred or ten thousand questions from him.
“Is this the kind of love that you have longed for?”
She couldn’t answer easily.
‘The kind of love that I’ve been longing for?’
It was definitely not. Who would want this kind of love?
She got angry because she thought he was treating her like a fool.
But it was Arum who made herself into a fool a moment ago.
Her pride was offended.
“Yes, it is,” said Arum emphatically. But she felt empty in her heart. She tried to justify herself by saying, “Are they any lovers who don’t quarrel? They get closer to each other after quarreling.”
“But there are lovers who really fight like hell. Have you heard of dating violence? You know what? They say they fought because they loved. Does it make any sense? Can you understand the attacker?” said Hojoon sarcastically.
Aurm couldn’t reply because she felt his remarks didn’t make any sense.
Dating violence was definitely a crime. She didn’t like the way Hojoon spoke to her, as if he was comparing her quarreling with Konsu to dating violence.
“That’s enough. It looks like you’re pretty interested in other people’s matters.”
“Well, I’m not interested in others at all, but I’m very much interested in my client’s matters, whether my consultation is free or not.”
“You don’t have to pay attention to my matter. I met Konsu, and I realized that you’re a very good geomancy consultant. I’m not going to consult you about my private affairs in the future. I’ll see you at the company tomorrow.”
“Oh, that’s what I want,” said Hojoon.
He said goodbye to her first, then headed for the parking lot. While he was driving his car out of the parking lot, she couldn’t move even one step because of pain in her legs.
“Huh? Where’s my phone?”
Since she hastily came out to see Hojoon off, she left her phone in the house.
‘What if Konsu called me in the meantime?’
She quickly walked up the stairs.
Every time she went up the stairs, she felt a dull pain in her ankles. But she got so impatient because Konsu might have called her.
She threw the front door open.
“Jina, I’m back. Didn’t you get any call from him?”
Taking off her shoes, she raised her head.
She was surprised to see an unexpected woman standing before her.
She was none other than Soran Cho.
“Sorry for coming here without any notice, Arum.”
Looking askance at her, Arum looked for Jina. She was brewing coffee at the kitchen.
“She just came in,” said Jina.
Jina was treating Soran politely as Soran was her boss.
In fact, Jina was the only guest who visited Arum’s house until Hojoon stopped by. As Jina knew the password of her lock, she couldn’t be called a guest. Today, her house was like a meeting place for unexpected visitors.
“What business has brought you here?” asked Arum, approaching Soran.
“Oh, I heard that you were injured.”
“Oh, I see.”
Only then did she limp as if she were ill.
“I’m alright now.”
Arum didn’t notice it a moment ago, but now saw a big fruit basket on the table. Given the department store tag on it, it seemed the fruit basket cost more than 300,000 won.
Why did Soran bring such an expensive basket?
“It hurts a lot, doesn’t it?”
Soran showed that she was genuinely concerned about her pain, but obviously she didn’t act naturally. It was as if she recited lines for a play.
“I went to the party for designer Song with your editor yesterday evening. Wouldn’t it be strange if I didn’t come here when you’re sick like this?”
“I’m alright.”
Arum had nothing to say. She was not familiar with Soran, and had no common topic to share with her.
Jina came back with coffee.
“Thanks, Jina.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Who knew Arum’s friend was working for my company? Jina, how is your work at the company? Is it hard?”
“Not at all. I’m working happily.”
At that moment, Arum almost burst into laughter.
Whenever Arum had a drink with Jina, Jina threw dirt at her company. She could understand Jina, because she found the articles of their rival magazine more interesting than ‘s.
Sipping coffee, she examined every nook and corner of Arum’s living room.
Even though Soran didn’t check her body, Arum felt ashamed. Plates were cluttered up in the kitchen, the door of her main bedroom was open, and the washer running in the bathroom was making noise.
They said that if you look at someone’s house, you could see their character.
That’s exactly the case with Arum.
“This house feels pretty cozy. And I get a feel for humanity here,” said Soran.
Was it last year? Soran’s study was featured in an interior magazine. Though they didn’t introduce her whole house because of her privacy, the readers could imagine it, based on the size of her study. Her study was almost the same as Arum’s house.
There was a sculpture about the same size of an adult woman installed in her study. A large chandelier found in a department store was also set up there. Besides, she set up a table larger than the conference table at ‘s building.
And the best of her furniture was a recliner sofa for one person. There were four such sofas in various colors for various purposes, such as reading, music, movies and siesta.
The sofa was allegedly made by German master craftsmen using the best quality Italian cowhide. It cost 2.5 million won per sofa.
The reason Arum remembered the price of the sofa was she received a bonus at the time when she read the article. She wanted to buy it if it was less than one million won. She felt comfortable and cozy by looking at its photos.
But she changed her mind when she found out the price was 2.5 million won. No matter how comfortable she could feel on that sofa, she couldn’t be persuaded that she could spend her hard-earned money on such a luxury.
Obviously she would feel very uncomfortable about it.
Right at that moment Arum recalled Soran’s room equipped with four luxurious sofas.
From Soran’s point of view, she would definitely feel Arum’s house was very cozy.
“I think I made a lot of mistakes when I saw you first here recently. Let me apologize to you. At that time I was so embarrassed to see you with Hojoon. He said he was done with me, but I’m not done yet,” said Soran.
Soran frankly told what she wanted to say, which Arum liked.
Soran continued, “I know. You think Hojoon is so ordinary as a guy Soran loves so much. That’s why I like him. Something ordinary means very special to me.”
Arum has never imagined the life of the upper classes because she never saw it. But Arum felt there was nothing special when she looked at Soran’s life.
‘I wonder how an upper echelon figure like Soran can think an ordinary house like mine looks special.’
Soran giggled as if she thought she was funny about herself.
“Arum, I think you are a very good match with Hojoon. I’m such a dull woman. Even my husband said the same thing. So, I would like to…”
Soran wanted to ask Arum a favor. The expensive fruit basket she brought was not a get-well gift but kind of bribe to ask a favor of her.
“Go ahead,” said Arum.
“Hojoon never does me a favor. I wonder if you can ask him a favor on my behalf; he might grant it.”
“What is that?”
“Sorry, it’s my private affair. So, he will instantly figure out what it is if you tell him it’s my request.”
“Are you going to meet him again?”
Why did Arum mention it suddenly?
She didn’t intend to stand in the way of Soran and Hojoon meeting again for a romantic relationship.
But Arum felt like she couldn’t covey her request to him with her conscience. She couldn’t reconnect their private feelings toward each other, let alone forcibly tie them together.
Indeed, Arum wasn’t wary of her because she had a good feeling about Hojoon. But Soran was pretty quick to read Arum’s mind.
“You know I have decided to make friends with you, Arum. You don’t think I’m going to take away Hojoon from you, do you?”
“Not at all,” said Arum.
In fact, she and Hojoon had never had a romantic relationship up to now.
“That’s why I came here, Arum. Please do me a favor. Please. You’re the only one I can turn to for this kind of help,” said Soran.
When Soran said that, she looked so lonely. She owned such a large house and worked for a big company, with nothing to envy in the world. However, she looked so lonesome because of a man, namely Hojoon.
“Okay, I look forward to your cooperation, Arum. Thanks for the coffee, Jina. Have a good weekend, Arum!”
Then Soran left her house.
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