Novel Name : Geomancy couple

Geomancy couple - Chapter 35

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She said in an excited voice, “You look good, too. What a coincidence that I saw you there that day!”
Konsu said, “Well, I always thought about you a lot whenever I went to Kwanghwamoon. I felt like I could see you there. I had a hunch that I might see you there. You know, we used to walk together there a lot. I followed you quite often since you said that you liked buying books there, though I don’t like bookstores that much.”
“Really? You thought about me?”
That was new to her.
“Oh, I didn’t know you don’t like bookstores,” she said.
“Well, I liked it since I went with you there,” he said, grinning. He added, “I purchased all the textbooks related to my major because of you.”
“Truthfully, I was impressed by the way you purchased those new books. When my other friends went around to search for used textbooks, you purchased new ones. I thought you were out of their league,” she said.
“I have a secret that you don’t know about..”
“What is it?”
“I sold them all to my classmates with a 1,000 won discount.”
“Sold them?”
“Yeah, the main reason I purchased those books was not to study, but to impress you,” he said, laughing awkwardly.
At that time, both were faithful to each other. And they felt that the center of the world was the other.
It felt as if they went back to their college days through their reunion. All the memories they had at that time felt happy, and not painful.
‘Yeah, this is the very moment I was looking for. The moment of going back to the me of the past, not denying myself, but recognizing myself as I am.’
She felt that her past would disappear if she broke up with him. She felt that way for the past three years.
‘I would like to rediscover my time with him.’
So, she plucked up the courage and asked him, “Are you dating anyone now?”
“You took the words out of my mouth. You didn’t get married yet, right?” asked Konsu.
“What? Marriage? Do you think I got married?”
“Well, I have no idea. You could have. You’re not going to bring your husband later, are you?” he asked, and then laughed like a naughty boy.
“It’s me who vowed never to get married again after our breakup,” she said.
In the end, she mentioned their ‘breakup.’
“Sorry,” said Konsu, lowering his head a bit. He didn’t want to hear it from her.
She also felt sorry for him.
She asked him a moment ago if he had a girlfriend.
Without hearing his reply, she thought, she had to change the topic.
They had curry, chatting about irrelevant topics like politics, the economy, and movies.
‘When could we become close enough to laugh over our breakup? Can we laugh if we date again?’
She didn’t know yet.
“How about your work? Are you still working as an editor?”
“Wow, I’m jealous! You stuck to the job that you love. Are you with the same company? I don’t remember what it is. It looks like the name of your company has changed…”
“Yeah, I’m still with the same company.”
“What’s its name?”
While responding to his question, she was worried that he might look up her articles in the magazine. Many of her articles in her regular love counselling section was based on her love affair with Konsu. She wanted to hide them from Konsu, but he was pretty curious to know.
She quickly changed the topic.
“Why don’t we have coffee? Because you were late, you pay the check.”
“No problem. Let’s move.”
While he footed the bill, she looked for a nice coffee shop with a cozy atmosphere. There was one with a pretty terrace nearby.
Without asking her, however, Konsu went to an empty coffee shop in the arcade.
Arum was offended. It looked like he wanted to have coffee quickly upon her request.
When she went into the coffee shop, it smelled something stale, and the light inside was dim. She didn’t even want to see Konsu carrying a cup of coffee. At that moment, a drunken executive of a company came in with his subordinates, making a big ruckus. It was not a coffee shop, but a convenience bar that sold alcohol.
This was the worst moment for her.
Without sensing her offended feelings, he gave her a coffee mug, saying, “Enjoy.”
She knew he was pretty insensitive to the atmosphere, but this was too much for her to endure.
However, she decided to put up with it as a token of her newly gained status as an ‘adult’ through geomancy.
A strong taste of curry was still in her mouth, so she sipped on the coffee to wash it down. But it seemed as if the coffee beans were so old that she felt her mouth became doused by a moldy odor.
When she frowned, Konsu asked, “Are you still living in the same villa?”
He didn’t notice the stale smell of the coffee. Without caring even the slightest bit, he sipped the coffee casually.
Though she felt bad, she tried to put on a bright expression so as not to be caught.
“No, I moved out because of the location of my company. Let me tell you something. The prices of that villa went up by 10 million won.”
“Really? I told you so. The site of that villa is good.”
Konsu mentioned ‘site’ without knowing how she really thought about that villa.
“Well, I really liked that villa. I’m sorry you sold it.”
“I can buy it again.”
He was making an expression that was full of regret.
“I can buy it when the current owner lists it for sale. He’s going to move sooner or later.”
“Do you know that owner? Did you sell it to your acquaintance?”
“Nope. I came to know him by chance. He is a good guy.”
She mentioned Hojoon before her brain caught up to her mouth. She saw Konsu making a frown.
It was Arum who was surprised at that.
When she mentioned ‘a good guy,’ obviously, she referred to Hojoon.
Why did she mention it before Konsu?
She blushed all of a sudden.
At that moment, Konsu’s phone buzzed.
“Wait a moment. Sorry.”
As if it was an urgent call, he went outside and didn’t come back.
He didn’t come back for 30 minutes after he went out.
She couldn’t stand it this time.
She stood up immediately and left the place.
Most of the shops in the arcade were closing their shutters as their business hours were over. While walking up the stairs, she shed tears.
‘What the heck did I do here?’
She felt excitement alone, waited alone, and left alone again.
What if Konsu called her now? She could probably forgive him.
But he didn’t.
“Thanks so much for your treat!”
Jina, who was as cheerful as usual, bowed to Hojoon before leaving.
Hojoon felt comfortable drinking with her because they were close in age.
He rarely had a drink in a comfortable mood as he usually mingled with those at academic seminars or his company men at business dinners.
Jina’s cell phone buzzed.
“Oh, it’s a call from Arum. Can I ask her to come here?”
“She won’t come if you tell her I’m here because she would that it’s an extension of her work.”
“No, you don’t have to feel like that. Let me ask her to join us. Hey, where are you? I’m here near Hongik Univ.”
Arum said that she was at Yaksu Station.
“Why did you go there? Got it. Talk to me when you get here. Come to the coffee shop right away.”
Jina hung up and went to the coffee bar where she met Arum before, taking Hojoon with her.
The coffee bar was a simple edifice made in bricks.
Though Hojoon’s company was located near Hongik University, it was the first time he visited this place.
“How about this place? This place is pretty popular these days,” Jina boasted, as if she were introducing her own house to him.
“Wow, this is a nice coffee bar.”
Hojoon looked at the menu, which showed a variety of beverages such as coffee, beer and cocktails.
Ordering an iced Americano coffee, Jina and Hojoon went upstairs and sat at the table beside the window. Though it was an early spring night, the alleys in Hongik University were crowded with sleepless young people.
“This coffee bar’s business is really doing well. I can hardly find a table at this time. We’re lucky today. It looks like sites like these where business is really going well are exceptional.”
“Nope, I don’t think so,” said Hojoon resolutely.
“Really? I hear Arum is crazy about geomancy these days.”
“How the owner makes use of the site is also important.”
At that moment, Jina received a call from somebody.
“Hmm? Wait a moment.” Excusing herself, she answered the phone, “Mom, it’s me. Already? You told me her due date was ten days away. Got it. Wait for me.”
She hung up the phone urgently and explained her situation, “Sorry, I have to go now. My sister has just given birth to a baby.”
“I was worried because she was delivering a baby in her old age. I’m going to see her with my parents now.”
“Is it okay to see her? You drank alcohol.”
“No worries. I can go home and change clothes. Please take care of Arum well.”
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