Novel Name : Careful When Choosing A Husband

Careful When Choosing A Husband - Chapter 8

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As the mercenaries looked at them to see if they should do something, the merchants hesitated and shook their hands. The mercenaries then quickly hid their weapons in their clothes.
“Come on, let go of them!”
As the merchants shouted that, the mercenaries hurriedly retreated from Elrose and Lakshan. There was tension on their faces. If Elrose accused them and said what was happening here in front of the Imperial guards…
“You guys better behave yourself.”
Feeling a change again, Camila threatened the servants who all had their heads down. She didn’t know why people from the palace came, but she had to put Elrose underground as a madman somehow.
Meanwhile, an elderly man got out of the biggest carriage. One of the merchants who saw him then shouted in surprise.
“It’s Chancellor Lexion!”
Chancellor Lexion frowned when he heard his name being called. Even though he was old, he was a person who always gave sharp impressions and made others feel overwhelmed.
“Why is the Chancellor here?”
The merchants and Camila looked at him in disbelief. He was one of the emperor’s most trusted subjects and a powerful man. He was also famous for avoiding personal interactions with other nobles because of his position.
But he suddenly showed up here at this hour? With the Imperial Palace staff?
No matter how hard they look at the situation, they didn’t think he came to pay a belated tribute.
The Chancellor looked around. After seeing Camila and the merchants, his eyes soon moved to Elrose, and then Lakshan who was next to her.
His expression then became stiff. But, it was a fleeting moment, so the only one who noticed it was Lakshan, who made eye contact with him. Lexion then said to Elrose with a blank look.
“There are more guests here than I thought. Do I have to wait?”
Elrose then replied with a smile.
“It’s okay. They’re all uninvited, so I’m about to see them out. Thank you for coming here.”
At Elrose’s greeting, Lexion bowed slightly towards her, seemingly unconvinced.
“What do you mean thank you? That’s what I was about to say.”
The Chancellor’s attitude was very polite, so the merchants and Camila couldn’t understand. He was the Treasury’s Secretary and a Marquis, but why was such a person so polite to a young woman who had just returned from the monastery and succeeded the count?
The Chancellor then continued as if to answer their questions.
“You are willing to donate all your land and property to the country, including this mansion. It’s the first time in history that such a donation of this magnitude has caused us trouble at this time.”
“Wait, what!”
“What does that mean?!”
At Lexion’s words, everyone’s faces were astonished. They were all suspicious of their ears. Donation? Not just the mansion, but all the land and property?
No matter how much money the former count wasted, the amount of property Elrose’s mother owned was enormous. There was still a lot of territory left in the province along with numerous jewels and artworks in the mansion.
But she was donating everything to the country?
It was certainly the biggest donation that had been made since the Empire was founded.
Elrose bit her lips as she felt the pouring gaze on her. In fact, she was expecting this since the time she left the monastery. Even if she takes over the title, the house will still be full of Camila’s people, and in such a place, it will not be easy for the servants to follow her as the new Count.
It was a good thing she didn’t die while being trapped somewhere.
So, Elrose had to think of how to keep the place safe from Camila since she didn’t have the power to protect what was in her hands yet.
There was one answer.
Giving it all away to someone Camila wouldn’t dare to deal with.
The strongest man Elrose had thought of was also the emperor.
“I’m very grateful that you prepared right away. I’ll then leave everything to the chancellor. Please take good care of the terms and conditions that I have mentioned.”
Lexion replied with a slight bow at Elrose’s comment.
“Of course, the terms will be met.”
There was only one thing Elrose had asked for.
She would donate everything.
However, on the condition that this mansion and garden will remain intact.
Among the merchants, Camila could be seen slumping down with a pale look on her face. From that, Elrose smiled.
Her mother’s promise to protect the garden will be kept.
“I’m sorry, have you been waiting for a long time?”
From Elrose’s words, Lakshan shook his head.
“Okay. You seem busy, can you still do this?”
“No matter how busy I am, I still have time to take care of my benefactor. Here, take this.”
Elrose then put something in Lakshan’s hands.
“I searched through Camila’s room and found it. There are gold coins and jewelry. Chancellor Lexion has agreed to turn a blind eye to this, so you can sell it.”
At those words, Lakshan opened up the bag that was in his hands. It was quite heavy, and it was filled with gold coins and jewelry.
“It’s the price for your help today. Of course, you don’t have to give back 50 gold.”
“It’s too generous.”
“Well, all this wouldn’t have been possible without you today. It’s rather too little if you think about it. And…”
Elrose hesitated for a moment before continuing.
“…Thank you.”
“You said you’d help. Honestly, I was a little scared back there, but when you said you could knock them all down by yourself, I almost started laughing without realizing it. It helped me relax a little bit.”
“Anyway, thank you very much. Let’s meet in front of the government office at 3 o’clock on Monday. Don’t tell me you forgot about the divorce?”
Lakshan, who was listening to Elrose, then asked.
“What will you do? You’ve lost everything now.”
At his words, Elrose crossed her arms and sighed.
“Everyone thinks I lost it, but I think I’ve kept it the safest.”
“As long as the empire exists, this mansion and garden will be maintained forever.”
“Don’t you think it’s a bit of a waste to donate it to the country? It’s all yours.”
“I’d be lying if I say that I wasn’t greedy, but if I had all of it, I wouldn’t have been able to stay this safe. And I didn’t lose everything. I can still take care of myself.”
She didn’t like the darkening of the atmosphere. When he recognized Elrose’s attitude to answer more cheerfully, Lakshan turned around.
“What are you going to do from now on?”
“Well, I’m thinking of leaving the capital for now.”
At that time, he was getting ready to leave.
“You’re leaving. Then go home safely! Don’t forget to come on the appointed day!”
Elrose said while waving to Lakshan and then hurried back to the mansion.
He didn’t turn around until Elrose had entered the mansion after a while.
Every step that he took, a crackling sound of the gold coins in his heavy pocket could be heard. After walking for quite a distance, he came to the western section of the capital. Then, as he entered an alley, neat inns with bright lights appeared.
Lakshan headed for an inn at the very end. As soon as he tried to enter the building, someone appeared from the alley next to the inn.
“You’re back now.”
Lakshan looked at the man unsurprised as he appeared out from the dark.
“I didn’t know you were still waiting. Did the gambling house finish well?”
“Of course. With your help, we were able to collect all the evidence. Thank you very much.”
Those words reminded Lakshan of what he did at the gambling house earlier. He deliberately borrowed money from a gambling house and made a big fuss about not being able to pay it back. In addition, he had to approach women and seduce them by saying things he didn’t want.
‘It wasn’t really planned.’
It was something that he had to do in order to desperately get them out. He had to go around without being detected, and as if doing it on purpose, he also made the guards get on their nerves.
Thanks to that, when he was dragged out, most of the security guards were not inside and were outside with him instead.
That was exactly what Lakshan wanted. While the guards neglected their duty inside for a moment, his people then looked inside the gambling house.
“I didn’t think the mercenary king would do all this…”
When the term ‘mercenary king’ came out, Lakshan sighed briefly. The man then realized his mistake and closed his mouth.
“My bad.”
“Did you report to my brother that I wasn’t coming back?”
“You did.”
“I’m sorry, but I’m strictly ordered to report everything.”
As the man slurred his words, Lakshan pressed his finger against his forehead and said.
“Anyways, I’m safe, and I’ve done everything that was asked.”
“Okay, sir.”
“And there’s no need to guard the perimeter. It’s just a small matter. I’ll report it to you tomorrow, so you can go home.”
The man hesitated and the smile faded from Lakshan’s face.
“This is not a suggestion.”
It was meant as an order.
Recognizing Lakshan’s meaning, the man bowed and disappeared into the darkness. When the guy’s presence was completely gone, Lakshan entered the inn and went to his room.
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