Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 796

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&#lt;p&#gt;At this time, Vincent couldn’t be in a lousy mood alone. He also had to drag Gareth down as a sign of
true friendship.Upon seeing Gareth drink indifferently in silence, Vincent continued, “I think Elisa has
completely let you go.” Gareth’s eyes flashed slightly.Vincent was in high spirits when he saw it. “To be
accurate, by appearing at the banquet with Will and requesting a divorce in public, she has truly given
up on you.” Gareth drank and didn’t say anything.Vincent clinked glasses with him. “After that, she did
a series of things and didn’t need you, nor did she approach you. If not for the fact that you took the
initiative to look for her, I’m afraid she might have vanished on her own accord.”Gareth was calm and
collected, but Vincent felt that the glass in Gareth’s hand was about to be crushed.“Ah. You’re like this.
Won’t you admit that you’ve fallen in love with her?”Gareth immediately scoffed. “Is she worthy of my
love?”“Is she not? Otherwise, why are you so eager to bring her out? Is it really for work?”“What else
could it be?” Gareth’s cold eyes swept to him.“That’s nonsense. You clearly want to spend time alone
with her! Even though your grandma forced you to personally pick roses for her, with your personality,
did you really do it because your grandma forced you to? Who can force you to do anything you don’t
want to?”Gareth furrowed his brows, and Vincent continued. “But you still did it for her personally to
prove it to her. The next day, everyone at the company saw your confession to her. You even let the
media report it recklessly to defeat your rival in love. You’re so devious, Mr. Wickam.”“Nothing good
comes out of a scoundrel’s mouth.” Gareth drank again. He couldn’t be bothered to say anymore. But
Vincent was overjoyed. “You even prepared a surprise for her after that. You took the trouble to give
her such an exquisite pair of heels, Mr. Wickam. Can’t I even joke about it?”When the heels were
mentioned, Gareth’s expression darkened instantly. This time, he didn’t try to hide it. The air around
him grew like a cold winter wind. The pit of his stomach grew cold as well.Vincent noticed it, and his
curiosity was piqued by Gareth again. He looked at Gareth and asked, “Can you tell me what
happened that day? Why couldn’t Elisa restrain herself in front of your grandma?”Gareth didn’t say
anything. He finished his one drink in one go and poured himself another before doing the
same.Vincent could clearly feel that he was in a bad mood. Otherwise, he wouldn’t drink in such a&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;manner.Vincent knew that he couldn’t agitate Gareth any more. He asked differently, “Do you want to
talk about it? I don’t think it’s good to hold it in alone. Moreover, don’t you want to get married again?
Even if no feelings are involved, isn’t Elisa the most suitable person? You can tell me about it, and I can
help you look into redeeming the relationship.”Gareth pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.Vincent
continued, “I know you don’t want to talk about it, but if you continue dealing with it in this manner, you
will miss the opportunity with Elisa entirely. Is this what you want?”Gareth looked at him indifferently.
“Are you done?”“No!” Vincent knew that Gareth couldn’t be convinced, so he went on. “Elisa is now
miles away from you. The matter with Rene Caovilla definitely wasn’t something minor. Do you know
what happened? If you do, you can tell me about it. If you don’t want to explain it to her, I can look for a
way to let her know that you didn’t do it on purpose.”
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