Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 793

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth’s expression darkened. “Take a look for yourself and see if I’m really finding fault with you.”After
that, Gareth threw the notebook at her. Elisa furrowed her brows and looked at the screen in
silence.She had glanced at it just now. But after Gareth said such a thing, she could only look at it
earnestly.There was a Word file on the screen with ten pages. From the column on the left, it could be
seen that every page was filled with words.A bystander might have had a headache just by glancing at
it and may think that reading so many words was exhausting.But Elisa was fast. After reading two
pages, she understood that she had misjudged Gareth.She didn’t say a word and read all ten
pages.Now, Elisa had calmed down. Gareth hadn’t gone anywhere and stayed next to her.Elisa’s
expression was slightly complicated, but she wasn’t feeling guilty. Gareth had always been
temperamental and had nitpicked multiple times in the past. Elisa didn’t feel like she was in the wrong,
even if she had misjudged him this one time.After that, she cut to the chase. “I’ve read it all. If you want
to amend the proposal after the inspection, we can…”Elisa expressed her thoughts.Nothing she said
was fluff. She got straight to the point and was concise. Everything she said was essential yet
straightforward, and she talked for twenty minutes straight.At first, Gareth had a nasty expression
because of Elisa’s attitude. But when she spoke about work earnestly, he started to be attracted by her
plan. Elisa’s mind was also particularly nimble. They were reorganizing the project, but she could come
up with a proposal so quickly. At that moment, Gareth’s admiration for her could almost be seen.But
Elisa wasn’t looking at his expression. She was used to his cold demeanor.After everything was said,
Elisa looked at Gareth. “These are my initial thoughts. It has to be amended again in the future, but if
you feel like we can work with a preliminary draft, I can work on it now.”Elisa had never been careless
when it came to working and always had a good attitude. She wouldn’t feel that other people had to do
such things on her behalf just because she was a wealthy young lady.Gareth nodded indifferently.
“Let’s talk about which points should be added.”Elisa looked at Gareth and didn’t say a word, waiting
for him to go on.His magnetic and sweet-sounding voice rang in her ears after that.Elisa’s eyes flashed.
Although this person was stubborn and temperamental, she couldn’t help but admit that he was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;outstanding. Everything he said was forceful, and he could pinpoint the loopholes in her plan before
rectifying and adding on to them, improving the project.Her heart was full of praise for Gareth, but she
wouldn’t express a single word to him.But if Gareth knew what she was thinking of, he would also
admire her. If he didn’t point out the loopholes now, the flaws would have been detected after Elisa was
done with the current plan. He had just saved them some time and come up with a complete
proposal.After he brought up some points, Elisa felt they were lacking and started discussing them
further. As they continued their discussions, it was midnight.
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