Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 771

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&#lt;p&#gt;She knew her place.She was suitable for the position. But she was not worthy of it. Elisa was not
interested in having anything to do with Gareth any more.Vincent took a glance at Elisa and started
ruminating in his thoughts. He had always thought that he was pretty charismatic with women. But what
happened to him today…Vincent had forgotten that his skills had worked on those women because
they had feelings for him. Some were obsessed with his looks, some with his body, and some with his
money.So he had never been serious with women. Many new women would come with just a snap of
his fingers.“Don’t… don’t get upset. I know that you are unhappy right now. But I still think that you
should tell me what happened. That way, I’ll be able to help solve the misunderstanding between you
two.”“There is no need to solve our misunderstanding. Moreover, there has never been a
misunderstanding between us.”He had told her that she was not worthy. What else is there to
misunderstand?He was suddenly at a loss for words.Vincent was considered a charismatic person.
But… no matter how good one is, there is always someone better. And this someone better was the
woman beside him.He could not even come up with any frivolous joke in her presence.There was an
awkward silence in the air.Vincent stopped talking and concentrated on his driving.Elisa had no mood
to talk to him either.However, his phone rang not long after they drove past two streets.It was Old
Madam Wickam. Vincent turned on the loudspeaker and connected the call.“Grandma.” The car was
not Vincent’s, so it did not connect to Vincent’s phone Bluetooth.Julia’s voice was heard immediately.
“Vince, have you picked Elisa up yet?”Elisa pursed her lips quietly.Vincent laughed, “Yes, I’ve picked
her up. Grandma, I’m on loudspeaker now. You can talk to her if you want to.”Then he glanced at Elisa
and said, “Come on, talk to Grandma.”Gareth was beside Julia when the call came through. He could
hear their voices loud and clear.Julia held her phone tightly and spoke anxiously, “Elisa, why did you
leave so suddenly just now? Are you better now? Did that rascal bully you? Tell me, Elisa. I will help
you teach him a lesson!”Julia sounded very concerned about Elisa. Elisa could hear it in her voice.Elisa
answered gently, “I’m fine, Grandma. You don’t have to worry about me.”“You have never acted this
way. How can I not worry?”“I know…… Grandma. I acted too rashly just now,” Elisa spoke softly. But&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her face was clouded in an indiscernible emotion.It was not appropriate for her to act that way in front
of Old Madam Wickam earlier.But she was so overwhelmed with her feelings that she lost control of her
composure.Julia quickly answered. “I know. I know everything, Elisa. Sometimes it’s hard to control our
feelings. But I’m worried about you. Will you still come and visit me when that rascal isn’t here? I’m a bit
anxious now. Can you tell me what happened?”Elisa’s lip tightened into a thin line. Finally, she said,
“It’s nothing, Grandma. You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll still go and visit you.”
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