Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 748

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&#lt;p&#gt;Darren was startled by her outburst. “I’m just asking. Why are you getting angry all of a sudden?”Julia
snorted coldly, “Why did you get upset at Gareth for picking your roses? He’s our grandson, not an
outsider!” Darren noticed his wife was unwilling to tell him who the girl was, so he put a rest on his
queries and decided to find out from the servants instead.But… he was still upset! His efforts had all
gone to waste!He momentarily went out to run errands. Look at what had become of his rose shrubs
now!How can he not be upset?!On the other hand, Julia couldn’t help but think about what had
happened yesterday.Although Elisa had filmed a video, she might not publish it. Julia doubted anyone
could make any evidence out of the video. The public would still persecute the girl.She did not wish to
see her granddaughter get ridiculed. Perhaps… she should help Elisa?Thinking of this, Julia decided to
take the matter into her hands!She did not care about Darren anymore. She went back to her room and
started roping in help.At Wickam Group.At the same time as Julia found her resolve, Elisa was still
working in the office.Little did she know her world was going to upend!She was caught in a daze until
her vibrating phone jolted her back to reality.She answered the call. It was Rachel.“What’s
up?”“Something happened! Are you free now?” Rachel could not contain her excitement. She couldn’t
help but interrupt Elisa even though she knew that Elisa was at work.Elisa raised her eyebrow, “Why
are you so excited? Are you getting married?”“Nah! It’s not about me! I bet someone is getting
restless!?” Rachel teased with insinuation. Her prankish humor befuddled Elisa. “What
happened?”“Guess what? You are on the trending topics again, my dear!”Elisa didn’t understand what
Rachel meant.Rachel didn’t clarify her confusion but carried on and said, “I think you may as well start
a career in the entertainment industry. I bet those celebrities must be super jealous of you over the
attention you’re getting from the media.”Elisa was still largely confused.She logged on to Twitter.Rachel
teased, “Look! Did you see that, my dear?”Elisa replied nonchalantly, “I’m checking Twitter.”Rachel
couldn’t hold her curiosity anymore. She probed, “Can you tell me… what happened? This… how did
that happen…?”She intended to keep Elisa in limbo and wanted her to find out what happened herself,
but she was getting impatient to know the outcome.At this moment, Elisa logged on to her Twitter and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;came across the trending searches.One of the recent hot topics was about Gareth’s grandma making
an announcement.Elisa was confused.She ignored Rachel’s probing and clicked on the subject
immediately.Elisa could not wait to know what was happening.But…She got disoriented when a
surveillance video popped out on her screen.Did Wickam Manor’s surveillance system and Grandma’s
Twitter get hacked?But… she was stunned by Grandma’s tweet.What was going on?“Did you see
that?”Elisa hummed as her eyes flickered with nuance emotions.Rachel couldn’t contain herself
anymore. She implored, “Please tell me! Why!! Why did he pick roses for you?!”Elisa just twitched her
lips, “Do you actually believe that?”
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Chapter 748
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