Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 733

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&#lt;p&#gt;It was as though he had been longing for her lips for a long time.Gareth felt a rumble in his brain the
moment their lips touched. Her familiar fragrance seemed to entirely and consciously attack his senses.
He had smelled her scent before, so he didn’t repel it.Thomas, who had always been with him, knew
about his habits. Gareth hated the scent of women’s outrageous perfumes, but Elisa had a natural
fragrance that made him exceptionally comfortable. He could hear Elisa’s sudden and hurried breathing
in his ears.He knew that Elisa wasn’t aroused, but rather her first reaction as she was panicked, fearful,
and livid.At this time, Elisa raised her hands to push the man away.But Gareth grabbed her hands with
his sharp eyes and nimble hands. Elisa didn’t have the chance to struggle. She was skilled in self-
defense but was weak after being held down by this man.Elisa’s expression instantly paled. This made
her feel incredibly humiliated. Gareth had done this deliberately.At that moment, she was about to go
mad from her fury!But the man was holding down her arms on her sides. She couldn’t struggle at
all.Elisa immediately turned around but realized that she didn’t shake him off. His lips followed
hers.“Gareth Wickam! You…!” B*stard!“Mmph…”Before Elisa could finish chiding him, the man
suddenly seized her lips. She had opened her mouth to speak, giving Gareth an opportunity.Elisa
couldn’t close her lips in time when the man breached her defenses. The man willfully unleashed a
storm on her lips. She looked at him, incensed. Her hands and feet struggled with all their might, but
Gareth didn’t give her a way out. Elisa turned her head again, and Gareth lost his patience. He kissed
her delicate neck instead.At that moment, Gareth hadn’t realized it. He had only wanted to punish this
woman, but now, it was a subconscious action. He wanted her urgently!“Lunatic! Wake up, Gareth! Do
you know what you’re doing?”Gareth’s lips were still on Elisa’s fair, tender, and delicate neck. He was
moving incessantly, completely ignoring her.Elisa couldn’t avoid him no matter what, and she panicked.
She gritted her teeth and said, “What did you say back then? You said that anyone who fell in love with
me was an idiot. Only a fool would want to lay a hand on me. Look at what you’re doing!”Gareth
stopped abruptly.The possessiveness deep in his eyes grew more assertive, but he sobered up slightly
at the woman’s words.At the next moment, he suddenly laughed lightly.His laughter was soft and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;gentle. It wasn’t consistent with his sharp gaze and powerful air.Elisa’s body suddenly stiffened. Her
heart was flurried and thumped furiously.What on earth is Gareth doing? Why is he doing this?!He
didn’t answer her. Just as she was about to say something else, Gareth suddenly put her hands
together and held them with one hand. His other hand swiftly gripped the back of her head, and he
kissed her lips again.Elisa was stunned!The humiliation in her heart made her livid beyond words. She
screamed out loud, “Let go of me, scum of the earth!”
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