Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 721

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Who would I believe other than you?”Elisa pursed her lips and didn’t say anything else. She looked
down and started reading the contract. The contract was roughly ten pages long, and each page was
filled with words.But Elisa seemed to read ten lines at once. She finished reading everything within ten
minutes. Will watched her speed of reading, and he raised his brows.Elisa put the contract down and
said calmly, “There are three loopholes.”Will’s expression froze. “Three?”“Yes.”Will narrowed his eyes
and didn’t say anything. It was evident that he was waiting for Elisa to go on.He wrote the contract with
the elite of his company’s legal department, but now, there were three loopholes.He valued the project
very much, so he was earnest when he wrote the contract.He showed it to Elisa just in case.Of course,
there was another reason.If he didn’t find something for her to do, she would get sick of him. With the
project, she would still tolerate his presence.But he never imagined that…The contract that had been
painstakingly written had three loopholes.He was now glad that he wasn’t enemies with Elisa.
Otherwise, she would look at many things casually, and his company would be in crisis. He would have
to compensate for all projects, or the projects wouldn’t stand. She could pick holes in everything…Will’s
expression was slightly complicated. He looked at Elisa and couldn’t help but say softly, “What dire
situation would I be in if you were my enemy?”Elisa’s lips twitched, and she didn’t say anything.Will
said high-spiritedly, “Just like Gareth. He had to compensate twenty billion just like that.”Elisa was
dumbfounded. She ignored Will and took a pen out from her drawer. She scribbled on a few parts of
the contract and made annotations.“Take this back and show this to the people in your company. They
will know what to amend.”Elisa could have amended it for him directly, but she wanted to avoid
arousing suspicion. If she amended it, Will would trust her wholeheartedly. That couldn’t happen.If she
had a relationship with Will like she did with Rachel, Elisa would have made the changes herself, but
since it was Will, she didn’t.Will didn’t intend to let Elisa amend the contract either. It was mainly
because he didn’t want to trouble her too much. He only brought the contract over as a reason to see
her. It was an unexpected surprise that she noticed loopholes. He wouldn’t trouble her further.He had to
cherish the person he liked.“Alright. Thanks for your trouble.” Will took the contract from her.Elisa put&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her pen back. She looked at Will’s expression and said indifferently, “You trust everyone that wrote this
contract, right?”Will’s expression froze slightly. “What do you mean?”There must be a problem if Elisa
asked him such a question.He stared at her, waiting for her to go on.Elisa hesitated briefly and said
softly, “I’m not too sure of the specifics. Even though the loopholes in the contract aren’t easily
noticeable, everyone in your company is the cream of the crop. Only one of these loopholes should
have appeared. Two out of the three loopholes here are suspicious.”Seeing that Will’s gaze trembled
slightly, she immediately continued, “Of course, this is only my guess. Perhaps it was a momentary
oversight, or it hadn’t been verified by more than one party. You should go back and observe.”Will’s lips
curved. “Alright. I will get people to check. I’m very grateful.”
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