Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 705

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&#lt;p&#gt;Rose hummed lightly before answering, “That is most unlikely. Nicole is way superior to Elisa in all
aspects. Her values and beliefs will not allow her to do something like this. Moreover, the voice was
focused on Elisa. It seems more like something a love rival would do. But something still doesn’t feel
right.”“What’s not right?” Rose frowned hard. She seemed to be deep in thought. She was not in a
hurry to speak.Linda could see that there were some thoughts in Rose’s mind. She said, “What is it,
Mother? Hurry, tell me.” Rose hesitated before saying, “I remember Elisa’s mother has a huge
family.”They were overseas during Elisa’s wedding, so they had only heard about her marriage. But
when she saw how glamorous Elisa’s mother looked at her wedding, she was envious.Linda was a little
surprised, “What about them?”The three of them had moved in when Linda was still very young. Linda
had never seen Elisa’s mother.She had never cared about what happened to Elisa’s mother.
Sometimes, she would hear her parents talk about it, but she had never really listened as it was
unrelated to her.But something must be wrong since her mother had brought this topic up.Rose paused
for a while, then said, “I’m not certain what happened then. It’s just my guess. Forget it. Let’s wait and
see what that person will do, then decide.” The look on Linda’s face turned ugly. “Can’t you just tell me
about it?”“How can I tell you about it if I don’t know what happened? Let’s wait and see. If that person
holds any grudges against Elisa and can help us, we can work with them. You have the same purpose
anyway. We just have to be careful and not fall into their trap.”Linda frowned hard. “To make it simple,
I’m just worried that by that time…”She was afraid of any possibilities that would harm her. She had
always been bold, and everything went according to her will, including her almost marrying Gareth. But
now…How did my life fall into ruins so suddenly?Yes, it’s because of Elisa!All of this happened
because of Elisa!This witch!I must teach Elisa a lesson!I must ruin Elisa no matter what!The look in her
eyes grew more determined as she thought of this. But before she could speak, Rose spoke solemnly.
“Do not think so much first. Didn’t the person tell us to wait? Let’s just wait and see what he would do
and what they expect from us. We can discuss with them then.”Linda did not answer Rose. She sat on
her bed and continued thinking about it.Rose glanced at Linda and continued, “Moreover, we have&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;underestimated Elisa. We thought she trusted us, but we didn’t even know that she was Iris or that she
was skilled in martial arts. These skills are not something you can attain overnight. She must have
learned it for a long time, yet neither her father nor she told us about it. She obviously had her guard up
against us!”
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