Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 698

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&#lt;p&#gt;They decided staying on the ground would do them more good than harm. Those that had been
knocked down several times unconsciously turned their gazes toward those that did not retaliate. They
suddenly understood what it meant to win quietly.“What are you going to do?” The boss’ voice grew
more panicked as Elisa got closer. None of his henchmen came to help him as they did not want to
suffer again under her fist.“Look at all these men who do your bidding day-in-day-out. Yet now they look
on as you suffer.” Elisa sneered. The boss was rendered speechless. He was angry and anxious! Not
only were his jewels damaged, but he also had scratches on his face! He was sure he was bleeding in
some places! He had no will to fight. If it weren’t for the fear keeping him awake, he would have lost
consciousness ages ago.Elisa saw his hand below him, in a position to push his body up, and stepped
on it.The man let out a shriek as indescribable pain shot through his arm! Although it was dark, the men
around them could clearly see her step on his hand with her sharp heel! The woman may look light, but
at minimum, she was probably forty to fifty kilograms!They were sure she had broken their boss’ hand
when she stepped down with such force!Elisa’s expression remained unbothered. She pushed more
force into her foot as she watched the struggling man on the ground.“Does it hurt?” Was she blind?
Does it not look like it hurts?! This b*tch!!!The man swore in silence. He did not dare to speak his
mind.He cowered and pleaded, “Ms. Benett! We were blind and couldn’t see how benevolent you were!
Please give us one more chance! We won’t do it again!”At that moment, one of the fallen men saw
someone walking over. He stood up and cried, “Police! Help us! We were attacked!”Two men ran
toward them with their torches when they heard the shouts.“Nobody move!” One of them ordered.Elisa
heeded their words and kept her foot on the boss, Tom’s hand.F*ck! She’s driving me crazy! Tom swore
inwardly.Elisa’s lips twitched. Someone must have called the police. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have
appeared. How dare these men call the police? I can’t believe they will rely on the police to solve their
mess.Elisa scoffed. She pressed down harder on his hand as she went through that thinking
process.His screech became even more high-pitched. The police turned their gaze to the sound and
shone their torches toward them. They saw Elisa stepping on his hand and froze quizzically. They did&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;not shine the light directly into her face.“Ms. Benett?” The police asked when he saw who it was.“Hi,
officer.” Elisa greeted him with a nod.The animosity he had toward Elisa changed to curiosity. Elisa was
a lawyer, so they knew there must be a reason for the situation.
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