Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 689

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&#lt;p&#gt;Carle pursed his lips and stayed quiet. He couldn’t understand the look in her eyes.Sheena knew
things were not going well when she saw Carle’s eyes shift. She couldn’t hold it in anymore. She
sighed, “I like someone. I’ve probably liked him even longer than you’ve liked Liz.” “You…?” Carle was
stubbed.So many years? She’s liked one guy for so many years? How can I not know? It must be
someone we know since it’s been this many years. But how come I never noticed her getting close to
another guy? Sheena interrupted his thoughts as she spoke again, “And I’ve watched as he developed
feelings for another girl. I probably like him the same amount as he likes that girl. I hid my feelings for
him and watched him love in agony. I was in the same agony as well.”Carle’s expression changed. He
could see the emotion in Sheena’s eyes, and it was directed at him! All of a sudden, he came to a
realization!Could the guy Sheena like…He suddenly did not dare say anything. He was scared that
things would get more complicated if he asked about it. He hated feeling like this. But at the same time,
he suddenly understood how Elisa must have felt this whole time.Carle suddenly had a guess about
the person Sheena was talking about.Liz must have felt a lot of burden from me liking her all these
years. Maybe even fear. In the depths of his contemplation, Sheena laughed, “Do you know how hard it
was for me? I loved him so much but didn’t want to be selfish. I knew the person he cared about wasn’t
me, so I couldn’t tell him my feelings. I could only keep it hidden inside me and suffer by myself. At
least, you could express your feelings, but I… I held it in. Carle, do you know how that feels?”Carle
could not say anything. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. He did not know what to do. He
was in no mood to speak to her, but now, if he did not say anything, Sheena would get even more
hurt.Even though Sheena did not specify the man, Carle knew who she was talking about. He
should’ve known that Sheena had no other guys around her. It was only him. It was obvious the man
she was talking about was him.Sheena sighed quietly, “Carle, sometimes the heavens will play tricks
on us. But if two people really loved each other, there wouldn’t be this many problems.”Carle sat in
silence.Sheena sat beside him and smiled, “I would often wish that the girl he liked was me and would
dream about growing old together. But I also know that feelings cannot be forced. Even though I was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;filled with these wishes, I knew it was impossible. So, I decided to let him be happy out of my love for
him.”Sheena put a strong emphasis on her last sentence.Carle’s pupils trembled as he thought about
what she meant.Does she mean I should let Liz be happy?Sheena lowered her head and stayed quiet
for fear of blurting her feelings for him. She had said everything she needed to. There was nothing else
she could say.
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Chapter 689
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