Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 675

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Pull yourself together. Now that you’ve decided to give up on your relationship with Gareth and even
decided that you’d get revenge. Combining the both together could be beneficial to us.”Linda gritted her
teeth and took a deep breath. “Of course, I’m aware of that.” “As long as you’re aware of it. But you will
need to have more conviction. Don’t look back now that you’ve decided to let go. If you can’t let go, are
you aware of what you will face in the future?”Linda looked up at her mother without thinking. Rose
patiently explained, “Here’s an example of what could happen if you don’t forget about him. If we go
through with our plans, and right when we’re about to succeed, he suddenly remembers how kind you
were to him in the past and decides that he wants to marry you. What will you do? Will your heart
soften toward him? Will you throw away all reason and choose to be with him? And then what do you
think will happen to you when he gets to the bottom of this and finds out what you did? He will toss you
aside without a second thought. What will you do?” Linda’s pupils shrank, and she shivered at the
thought.She had not thought about this at all. Her mother was right. That was one of the possible
outcomes of the future.Because even though she was filled with hatred and could not forget, she still
loved him as much as she had before.If she really thought that Gareth would change his mind and stay
with her for the rest of their lives, then this entire situation would be…Over.Linda shut her eyes and
forced down her upheaving emotions. “Okay.”Her voice was much hoarser than before. Not out of
impatience but out of conviction. Rose finally felt relieved.She nodded helplessly. “As long as you’ve
thought things through. We need to turn this thing around. Wickam Group. Elisa. We will have our
revenge.”Linda looked up at her. “Do you have any ideas?”…Wickam Group.The trending search
incident had caused such an uproar that almost everyone knew. Even Gareth had heard about
it.Thomas handed his phone to Gareth, only for Gareth to glower at it.Thomas rubbed his nose and
coughed. “Do you want me to take care of it, Mr. Wickam?”Gareth glowered at the page for a few
minutes before returning the phone to Thomas.“Leave it.” He ground his teeth in irritation.Thomas’ eye
darted to the side, but he nodded. He left after realizing that Gareth had no other instructions for
him.Gareth was the only one left in the office. He slipped his phone out of his pocket and tapped into&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Twitter.His expression darkened with every word he read.Begged?Gareth Wickam, now reduced to
begging like a dog?Was Gareth Wickam actually a beta male?The rows and rows of ridicule darkened
Gareth’s mood to that comparable to a storm cloud.However… If Thomas knew what Gareth was
thinking, he would probably think to himself.Why is Mr. Wickam in a bad mood? Everyone is just
questioning it. The Mr. Wickam they know would never do something like that unless he was knocked
in the head. But why is he still so unhappy about it?Gareth scrolled some more before the storm cloud
above him lifted.That was because…He saw what else was trending.#whataboutmrdarcey?Gareth
tapped on the link. It opened to echoes of netizens expressing their devastation for him. They were all
wondering what Mr. Darcey would do now.
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