Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 666

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&#lt;p&#gt;Everyone shifted their gazes to Elisa. Since the person with the most authority on the topic had already
protested, the people who wanted to impress him would not stay silent either.A young man in his
thirties immediately chipped in. “Ms. Benett, Mr. Anderson is right – we think you’re wrong here. Aside
from capabilities, I agree we should also observe if the candidate is a cultural fit. However, the
candidate the other day was simply odd. Yet, you decided to hire him immediately and even increased
his wage.” He paused. “On top of giving Mr. Anderson a hard time, you even criticized him in front of
everyone. Has he really done something wrong?” Regarding this conflict, the majority stood with Darell,
who was more experienced and capable.The fact that he worked with Wickam Group – a company that
would not tolerate underperformers – for such a long time proved that he was capable. Though that
was the case, Elisa criticized him point blank in the meeting. It was only reasonable that he found it
difficult to accept.Upon hearing that, Elisa looked at the young man in confusion.“Since when have I
criticized Mr. Anderson?”I was just telling them my idea to recruit new talent. I’ve never even mentioned
Darell’s name, yet he thinks I’m criticizing him.Darell’s face darkened, but he remained arrogantly
silent.The young man explained, “You just said that we can’t continue working based on the old
evaluation system, and you asked us to shift from an old mentality to a more modern working method.
Aren’t you implying that we are the problem here?” Elisa was dumbfounded when she heard
that.What? Is he dumb?“Are you sure those were my exact words?” Elisa asked calmly.He frowned.
“How can I remember every single word you said? I’m only describing the gist of the conversation.
Since everyone heard it too, I hope you can explain everything to us.”Elisa lowered her gaze before
taking out a recording pen.The young man’s expression immediately changed when he saw
that.Without any hesitation, Elisa copied the recordings into her laptop. Under everyone’s shocked
expressions, she found the exact conversation and played it to the public.“Even though we had some
difficulties in the interviews today, we did well. The people we are currently looking for are different from
the usual candidates; we need people from the management level to join us. Hence, we have to make
some alterations to our usual recruitment process.”Her voice reverberated clearly in the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;room.Gloominess overtook the young man’s demeanor after that, and there was a conflicted
expression in everyone’s eyes.When he was confronting Elisa just now, some people were unsure of
what exactly happened, while others seemed convinced by him, resulting in an unpleasant impression
of Elisa.Now that the recording was played, everyone realized they had misunderstood her.Elisa
focused her gaze on the young man’s pale face before asking calmly, “You were referring to this part,
weren’t you?”
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